The 5 best new cruise ships entering service in 2018. Including ships with aqua parks, race tracks, 10-level-high slides, robotic bartenders, parks, ice bars, beautiful aft pools and much more…

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MFZT _Pwxh says:

Carnival horizon

Robert Whatley says:

The new Celebrity looks lovely! Civilized travel, vs. maddening crowds and all those kids!

disney pixars coco says:

Titanic II

MXA Mannequin says:

I’m going on the Norwegian Escape tommorow

Levi The Gamer says:

Of corse number 1

Planet Cruise says:

2018 is going to be a great year for new ships that come out 🙂

Träumereisen durch Ägypten says:

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Noelle L says:

IT YEAR 2018

Ahron Tanalas says:

I think aida novida is bigger than oasis

tea says:

Harmony of the seas is hands down the best cruise ship for families or for yourself. It has everything to fit your needs and its huge. It has amazing restaurants, some of which are free to eat at and there are specialty restaurants. There’s 5 water slides in total and one nonwater slide, which is the tallest slide at sea. Harmony of the seas is the second largest ship in the world and for a time was the largest. Symphony of the seas is the largest but is only bigger by 2 inches so you aren’t missing anything. The places Harmony goes to is amazing, they travel Carribean islands and what I love about it is every week they change destinations so you’re always getting something new. They mostly go to Nassau, Bahamas, but as of May 2019, they will be going to Cococay, the Bahamas to a waterpark that is the tallest in North America and traveling through Mexico. There is absolutely nothing to complain. The best part is a sense of pride in your ship. When you pull into ports next to other ships you can’t help but feel so…. proud? I don’t know there’s something that you feel when you see it compared to other ships, trust me. Harmony is well worth the money, best vacation of my life.

Matthew Krawchuk says:

What doesn’t the symphony of the seas have like geez

Crash3x says:

You might want to rethink adding MSC seaside to this list…YouTube reviews from guests say it’s terrible and can’t get rid of bad smells

Michael Myers1031 says:

Carnival elation was heaven for me what are some cruises you’ve been on

The Noctum Yt says:

i think im going on msc cruises

Chopstixs 101 says:

I just got off the adventure of the seas

Cátia Relvas says:

MSC ship is called the Seaside and not the Seaview and it’s at sea since December 2017.

Bill Lawton says:

Floating condo barges. Not ships. Ships are seaworthy.

Jackson Smith says:

Wow!!! After seeing this video, I wish to visit in cruise ships once in life. It would be an amazing travel.

Richard-Anthony Gilbey says:

How can you claim these are modern boats when they are all Diesel electric ships, made obsolete in 1980. Just more traveller lies there’s any sort of party on those boats.

Milk chemistry says:

Bro I’m trying to get my teacher (who is 34 ) to go on symphony of the seas but he thinks it will be like a prison

Gianluca Badejo says:

Royal Carribbean always put the competition to shame. I don’t know why the other cruise companies bother to stay in business.

Cruisedaily says:

Watch the NEW (2019) version of this video here:

LNER 377 says:

Is it me or do these ships just keep getting uglier . What the hell are the designers thinking especially for that msc and that edge one , uuurrr.

Alexis Sursock - Cruisedaily says:

Symphony of the Seas is stunning! When is it coming out exactly?

Xavier Mathews says:

I’m leaving in a few hours to voyage symphony of the sea. Pretty excited.

John Lewis says:


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