The 10 Cabins To Avoid On A Cruise. How To Choose A Cruise Ship Cabin!

How do you choose the right cruise cabin for your cruising vacation? There is more to deciding between an inside, ocean view, balcony or suite. In this video discover the ten types of cabins that you should avoid to ensure a great cruise vacation. These tips from Gary Bembridge, cruise expert and author, apply to all grades of cabins and will help ensure you select a cabin that will provide the most enjoyable time in board. You will discover areas to avoid, things to watch out for some unexpected issues to consider.

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Sudhar Sanam says:

Yeah avoid all the cabins as he said and book a life boat, good for everything..

Barb Larkin says:

Bring a good blanket and sleep on the lounge chair. According to this guy almost no good rooms for a cruise

Richard Ertter says:

Okay, let’s sum this all up. Avoid a cruise and go by plane. I got it!

cubicofmusic says:

Here is the resum version ….Basically dont travel on any cruise

Dew War says:

I looooove your channel

Lewis Michaelson says:

There are still plenty of rooms left if you avoid all of these areas of the ship – in fact it should be the majority of rooms – but it’s why it’s advantageous to book early when there are still a lot of choices. Could not agree more with his recommendations. Generally I look for a room that almost no one has any reason to pass by except for the people staying in the few neighboring rooms around me. That’s why I tend to like dead-end halls.

Keith Pymer says:

I am going on my first cruise in 6 months. Do you get a choise of cabin?

PattyHP says:

I must be weird because I love it in the lower deck, the price is great, love the coziness and don’t mind hearing the ship noises when docking. The feeling you get in lower deck cabin is that of a waterbed.

Peter Mann says:

Carnival Cruises provided me with a room that included smoke stack fumes coming thru the air conditioning ducts. The crew was notified and after 2 days they moved us to another cabin. They denied that the fumes were there! Bring a carbon monoxide alarm to put in your room.

John Sharp says:

I thought this was ten cabins, not ten areas

Kainotes Shaphrur says:

Funny guy asked if there’s any cabin left? He’s funny.

Chrissy Jansen says:

So what’s left? Oh Dear just avoid the entire ship

Chris james says:

Who’d have thunk it, the most expensive rooms are the best!

ed vincent says:

Good Day all: I have been on 8-10 cruises in the last 30 years. I have never noticed any issues with noise from a deck above or below my cabin.

InfiniteFlightGlobalPlayer - IFGP says:

Thank you for the vid m8!

Paddy Wood says:

Thank you so much. Very helpful indeed.

Paul bakker says:

I couldn’t agree more. My wife and I have experienced most all of the Problem cabins you listed in your video. In fact, we just had some problems with noisy partners in a cabin that was adjoining ours. I had to call them two separate nights and ask them to take their 3:00 AM party to some public area. Won’t book that type of room again.

sasquatch1 **** says:


S Kxoxo says:

If you are that worried about noise then maybe you should avoid cruise ships altogether and vacation somewhere else

Hades Daughter vengi says:

So basically stay on land don’t take the cruise lol …ridiculous

wobble108 says:

Think it’s all dependent on the ship your sailing on but I think it’s pretty good advice I never took this into consideration when I booked for a cruise thankfully I didn’t have any issues. Chose when you go as this reflect howany people are on the boat. I did transatlantic on late Oct and the ship was half full .

WJ Handy Dad says:

those suggestions all sound very logical, however after hearing all of them, I am left wondering, are there any cabins that don’t violate one or more or those?

Justin Krezelak says:

“Get off my lawn!” All I learned from this video is that this guy is a grumpy old man and to not go on cruises at all if I have to deal with some random guy who thinks he owns the boat.

Tricia Schwitzer says:

Useful. Thanks!

inasntkobe says:

You should get your own boat

Karl Jacobsen says:

Sounds to me that you just should NOT go on a cruise because you have this weird expectation of quiet and privacy which anyone taking a cruise is NOT looking for you stuck up snob

Jack Sparrow says:

Oh 1 more thing…….I never take the MX, NX, BX, DX any X rooms! These are the rooms the cruise line guarantees your placement, but they pick the room for you. Generally these are listed in the cheapest category. It’s a crap shoot letting the computer or the cruise line pick your room. It generally in not in a prime location for the lower price. So spend the $50 bucks each more per person you won’t regret it. There are websites that allow you to see the area of the ship where your room is located. hope that tip helps.

Mike Minh Phung says:

Oh my God! This guy might as well stay home and enjoy the comfort of his bedroom. Why waste his money on a God damn noisy ass cruise where people like to have fun!

Kainotes Shaphrur says:

What is your suggestion ? I’d like to hear from you.

Major V retired says:

Best deck on any ship is the last deck before they start stacking. This is the best….no noise from above or below. No rock and rolling in rough seas. Personally, my wife and I like a room on the rear facing Aft. On the newer ships you do not hear any engine noise. Nice views.

Bravo Luca says:

You’ve mentioned every part of the ship. What’s left?

christine cunningham says:

I was an RN on Royal Caribbean Ships…stay away from cabins on the upper decks…they are the first ones to get sea sick with any extra movement!

Greg's a Tourist says:

Very insightful! In case you do get stuck in a room near noise (or have a snoring roommate, lol) the main desk on Royal Caribbean has free ear plugs.

TheSavagePringle 101 says:

Well let’s think I’m On a cruise right now yes RIGHT now and I’m under the pool deck and we don’t get ANY noise and I’m under windjammer a restaurant

Imgonnagogetthepapers getthepapers says:

1:57 I spy a VERY nice ass in a white bikini!!

Edward Cameron says:

I just came off a fantastic 9 day cruise onboard Queen Mary 2. Your videos were great to watch before hand and I really enjoy them. I really miss the ship now and watching your videos takes me back.

Travis Zachery says:

I wouldn’t mind being next to a laundry room. Those machines would be white noise to sleep to.

shadowcattz1 says:

#1 rooms with bunk beds.

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