Take a tour on P&O Pacific Explorer!

On the 16 day Fiji cruise I wanted to give you guys a little more look into P&Os Pacific Explorer.
Fiji videos coming next!
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drone footage done by Ollie.. aka Rungungriff

insta = whereisdannyblack


David Jones says:

Don’t let your travel agent talk you into Covermore travel insurance. They will walk away from any and all claims.

SML says:

Great job Danny. Love the tour and the way you edited it. Sorry I’m late. I’m about to do a marathon of your recent videos

FunkyMiller says:

Awwww, now I wanna be back on the Explorer!

MackAttack says:

I love your videos Danny! I’ll be on the Pacific Explorer in April, hope to see you there!

David Jones says:

Don’t let your travel agent talk you into Covermore travel insurance. They will walk away from any and all claims.

Fan Zhanhui says:

Is there a designated place to accommodate the kids? I didn’t see any in the video, thinking about booking a holiday on this ship.

Timothy says:

wow, hit me like a lightning bolt “that’s where I have seen him” … https://youtu.be/AIVo89tqPXk this was my review.

brittany cahill says:

You were amazing Danny! Thank you for entering everyone!

Wendy Herbert says:

See you on !!!!the 17th Dec

KHut says:

I hope to see you on board in april

Emily Elizabeth says:


steven mccloughan says:

Yeah sneaky drone footage finally who did you bribe for that lol

malimonkee123 says:

I literally just got of it then it was so much fun the water slides where also rlly fun

Josh's Adventures,Music and More says:

Nice Video Mate would love it if any of you guys could check out my Video


Dan Deleon says:

Awesome tour!

GivesAMinute says:

MAN!!!! this is AWESOME!!!! Love this complete run down of the ship boat!! So cool!!

MuiTube says:

Secret bar!!!

Asher Brown says:

Thanks for your videos man! I just signed a 6 month cruise contract and I’m totally stoked. Question – have you had good luck traveling with your guitar? I see your Taylor is in a padded gig bag – no issues with airlines or anything?

Ikon MicDrop says:

Omfg now I’m even more exited because in September I’m going on it

Kayla Briana says:

Hi! I’m gonna be on the Pacific Explorer pretty soon for the Production Shows. Could you show us any of that? Or, is there anything at all of the Pacific Entertainers that you could show us?

Adam Bilsy says:

Just booked this for my bucks!!!!!

vanionsteele says:

Thanks Danny

Riley Szirom says:

Ive been on this ship a couple of months ago it was awesome

Vlog From The Bog says:

Cool video Danny looks like a lovely boat so much to do on their

Hip Hoop Hooray says:

Joanna is the best Cruise Director ever!

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