SECRETS and TIPS of Cruising

Want to get the most from your Cruise Holiday? watch our ‘Cruise like a pro’ series for the best tips and secrets of cruising. This is for everyone, from new Cruisers to seasoned Cruisers. Unsure what to pack for your cruise? Check out our Cruise Packing List here:

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Stefan Hofmann says:

Wow this is a great series, loving it!

Zhar Zhar says:

here’s a few suggestions for spending less on cruises
Look for restaurant special deals. Askonboard or keep an eye out for the occasional alternative restaurant deal to save money on a special meal.
Do not over tip. Most cruise lines add to your cruise bill a service fee that covers your cabin steward and dining staff.
Go on your own on shore trips. Cruise lines offer a variety of shore excursions in every port of call they visit but charge for them.
Save on your bar bill with discounted packages.
Don’t waste your wine! If you order a bottle of wine with dinner and can’t finish it, ask your waiter to cork it and save it for you for another night.
(Reference: Arack ship tips site )

thatsJ201 says:

I have a question can’t I take the harmony of the seas Florida ? Bc I don’t want to go to Europe

Richard Kirk says:

just a quick question i don’t suppose you know what the disabled options are like do you

cijmoalbal says:

Re: decorating the door. When that was suggested to me I thought it sounded naff, plus I had a very easy room number to remember. I travel solo so a lot of the quirky things people do I don’t bother with. But it worked because my door was the only one in the corridor that WASN’T decorated LOL.

attackdog210 says:

Remember you will be on “ship time.”

Mark Wolters says:

nice job guys

Boat Lover says:

Tons of great advice! You both should be travel agents if you are not already.

Mark Rubin says:

Save money. Don’t bring your wife.

Mitchell Gibbs says:

i must be a pro! im aware of all these tips!!

Donnell Noble says:

I just love these guys.

joseph dunn says:

I’m a former travel agent and one recommendation is bring some diphenhydramine (benedryl) and keep this with you at all times as it does conquer your sea sickness/nausea. As soon as you start to feel sick take 50mg and make sure you’re near your cabin cause, it will knock you out and that’s what you need to happen and as soon as it knocks you out, you must sleep even if it is for 1 hour. You wont believe that 1 hour will do you wonders and it will give you extra energy especially if your sea sickness/nausea should happen in the afternoon/early evening so if you conk out at lets say 2pm and you wake up fully refreshed at 3pm take a wake up shower and get dressed for dinner and you wouldn’t believe the energy you’ll have that evening that you’ll probably have the energy for the midnight buffet. One thing I wish is that there would be a cruise line(s) that include every thing including unlimited soft drinks for those who do not drink alcoholic beverages. It seems to me after you board your ship, they’re still dinging you for every thing. My wish is once you’ve paid for your cruise the absolute only items they should bill you for are port excursions and things of this nature. The gratuities, soft drinks should be inclusive.

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