Princess Cruises Tips : 5 Things You Need To Know Before Cruising

In this video I talk about the 5 things you really need to know about Princess Cruises before you cruise with them. The most important things that will help you decide if they are the best and right line for your cruising vacation. In this video I explore everything from who they are, what class of cruise line they are, what they do best, the fares (including inclusions and exclusions and some tips on saving money) and cabin options.

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Colin Ely says:

I have been twice with Princess from Melbourne. Once was a two night mini cruise to Sydney and the other was a 13day return cruise to New Zealand, Would go with them again 🙂

Fawaz Hamoui says:

Well done video. However, I wish you stated how bad the internet speed is as this would have been a factor for me to cancel the cruise altogether. I took this cruise on December 19, 2017. I did find out that this ship had ALWAYS had a VERY slow internet speed. I had measured the speed several times throughout the trip and the average speed was about 0.5 Mbps. That’s shocking considering that I have been on other ships that had well above 5 Mbps or better speed. Note that the wifi coverage was good throughout the ship. Unfortunately, with a slow internet, the wifi coverage is also useless 🙁 I wanted to work on sea days and that was impossible as syncing files or sending and receiving any attachments was ridiculously time-consuming. $400 (2x $200 internet Pkg) down the drain… Please note that otherwise, the rest of the cruise including the food, shows, and other activities were fantastic. Additionally, the staff on the ship (all of them) were absolutely GREAT!!

RODALCO2007 says:

Great video. My wife and I will be going with Princess Cruises for the second time leaving from Auckland, New Zealand.

person on the screen says:

Great information. I have been on 6 cruises with my family and this upcoming August we will be on princess for the first time. Looking forward to it. Nice video very well put together and very informative

mom3832 says:

As a travel agent, I too enjoyed your video and love to share these tips with my clients!! I plan to view more of your videos.

girlupNorth says:

How much does the average excursion cost? approx

jayze10 says:

This will be our 40th cruise on Princess. We’re going to Alaska soon, then in November to the Panama Canal.

Storybook Stitchery says:

My husband and I took our first ever cruise on the Ruby Princess in April of 2017 to celebrate our 40th anniversary. Can’t say it was enjoyable. Our friends gifted us with a $100 gift certificate to a restaurant on board and Princess never told us about it. They also refused to give them a refund when we returned and found out about it. Meals at the buffet were like cattle calls. We would get our food and then had to walk around forever trying to find a seat. When we did find a table, people would come and sit with us without even asking if we minded if they sat down. It was very uncomfortable eating with strangers. There were long lines for everything. We went to tea one afternoon and even though we got there 30 minutes early, there was still a line way down the hall. The one excursion we got to take was poorly organized and we spent more time waiting for cars than actually doing anything. But the best bit was when I woke up sick on the third morning. By afternoon I was taken to the infirmary where I got to spend the night. They decided I was too ill and would need to be disembarked the next morning. They charged us $3000 for one night in the infirmary, which we had to pay prior to them letting me off the ship, so they stripped our checking account clean. This left us with about $150 cash and had to figure out how to get home on our own. Yes, they would have helped us if we paid them too. But since they already took all of our money, that wasn’t an option. Once they decided to take me off the ship, they gave my husband about 10 minutes to go pack up all our stuff and meet us back down where the tenders were loading. There were long lines of people waiting and I got pushed to the front in a wheel chair and people were not happy that I got priority. Nice. I made it into Santa Barbara and the waiting ambulance. My poor husband had to schlep all of our luggage himself onto the ambulance. We were taken to Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara where the ER doctor ran some tests and informed me I had Shigella! I had never heard of this before but it comes from a contaminated person going to the bathroom and not washing their hands and then touching the food. I remained in the hospital for 3 days and on the second day there suffered a heart problem due to the extreme dehydration I had suffered from this infection. Princess cruise lines did call to say they hope I am ok, but that is about all they did. Thankfully, the people at the hospital were a wonderful lot. My daughter and her husband had to drive up from Temecula to Santa Barbara to pick up my husband and then drive him down to LA where our vehicle was parked. He then had to drive back up to Santa Barbara. We had no money left for him to rent a hotel room as we needed our cash for gas to get home, so the hospital let him sleep in the chair in my room. I will never cruise again and I am very disappointed in the treatment we received from Princess Cruises. Beware if you decide to sail with them. If you get sick, you will be sorry.

ShadowGundam1989 says:

Hold up Princess Cruises is in California i thought only Carnival was the only curies line in California.

Noelleen Subloo says:

Fantastic video… My husband and I have always been big fans of the Princess Lines, we only cruise with them. My very first cruise was with Regal Princess the 1st in 1996 I think the year was or there about, she was a beautiful ship, been on several other Princess’s since. Cheers.

May Wong says:

Great summary about cruise lines. Princess cruise has always been great for the money !

Rachael Roth says:

Thank you for this video! We are scheduled to go on our first Princess cruise in Spring 2019 so this is quite helpful.

Coover says:

The one thing I would recommend to anybody sailing on a Princess cruise is really think twice before booking a shore excursion through Princess. With a wealth of information on the internet, it’s easy to book and plan your own tour. The Princess tours are way overpriced and scare you into the “if our tours run late the ship won’t leave without you”.
Here’s a couple of examples I recently experienced on a Sydney-Yokohama cruise.
In Darwin Princess were selling tours of the Jumping Crocodiles tour for about $170. On shore at the tourist office, you could buy the same tour with the same tour company for $85. You even get on the same bus as those who booked through Princess Shore Excursions.
A $100 four hour tour of Port Vila or Noumea can be arranged on shore with local taxi companies for about $30-$50 (that’s for the taxi, not per person price).
The Princess Cruises Shore excursion we booked in Hong Kong ($ 105 per person for a 4 hour tour using our on board credit) was so poorly managed, we felt like it wasted half of our day in HK (one of our stops was a jewellery factory and not one person on the tour was the slightest bit interested).
Princess Cruises do look after you, but unless you like the concept of being herded around in buses like cattle stopping at places with not enough time to really enjoy it, and paying twice to four times what they’re worth give Princess arranged Shore Excursions a big miss.

Grace Deng says:

Last time I went of the diamond princess in 2016 this year I’m going on the regal princess!

Jonas Jonasson says:

Me and my wife going with Princess Sapphire 8december 2018 from Singapore we are new on cruising, had one cruise with MSC ones b4 …Thanks for the videos!!

Milagro Elguera Yllescas says:

Very helpful video!

Poppy RVing says:

extremely helpful

Jeffrey Peikin says:

Excellent presentation.

Aegon Conqueror says:

here’s several things for spending less on cruises
Watch out for for restaurant specials. Ask on board or keep an eye out for the occasional alternative restaurant deal to save money on a special meal.
Book spa treatments on port days. Spas will often discount services on days in port or during other slow times.
Go on your own on shore trips. Cruise lines offer a variety of shore excursions in every port of call they visit but charge for them.
Look for drink specials. If you don’t drink enough to make a ackage pay, look for special discounts.
Bring your own drinks. Many lines are won’t let you bring alcohol onboard (or they’ll charge you a corkage fee), but a few let you bring on soft drinks, juice, bottled water and iced tea.
(I read these and the reasons they work on Voyage Magic Method website )

Sebastián Flores says:

¿Does he have british accent?

Robert Barnier says:

By the way ,I’ve done many cruises & have watched two of your videos & learned something from each,thanks

jean sun says:

That’s very informative, are the gym and yoga classes free? Is there limits to how often one can use the gyms?

Bruise Knee says:

is there is particular section of the ship that’s best for someone easily sea sickness?

Hannah Cochrane says:

I leave on a Princess Cruise in 5 days… but I was looking forward to the fluffy robes and branded toilet supplies. That’s all my friends talk about when they come back from their cruises, the animal shaped towels

Robert Barnier says:

Princess is for me the lowest category – tiny cabins that never have a sofa & if you want a comfortable lounge on deck you have to go to the Sanctuary & pay for it. Definitely not my favourite

bobbie Krost says:

Dr graybill

Rosalina Contreras says:

Princess is my favourite Cruise Ship Co.

SandMan Jono says:

Always travelled Celebrity- tried Princess to Russia – very disappointed- rude crew, poor food, ship poorly kept. Only thing better than Celebrity was the theatre – superb – otherwise VERY disappointing & NOT using Princess ever again !!!!
Great vid btw 🙂

lintzm says:

Thanks for making this. It’s very informative and helpful. My wife and I are considering a med cruise and we’ve never done a cruise so I’m looking for all the info I can get. Thank you again

Stewart McManus says:

Going on the Golden day after tomorrow and when we come off, we’re Elite !!! Whoopee.

Phyllis Davis says:

I find your videos to be very detailed oriented, well organized and most informative on things people want to know. Your experience shows in your presentation, great visuals, good anticipation of what travelers will question next. Your videos are extremely useful, and provide great guide lines for all travelers. Weeks Prior to every trip, my group and I watch your videos just as a refresher on what to expect, & what to avoid. EXCELLENTLY!

Jennifer Beckhurst says:

I am very pleased with princess cruises. Have been on three cruises now, and had a great time.

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