P&O Britannia – ALL the premium dining, Spa and Retreat REVIEWED!

Can you have a full on luxury experience on board a large mass market family ship? We travel on and review P&O’s flagship Britannia with an open wallet to see wether we can replicate the six star opulence of smaller much more expensive ships. Did we succeed?

To find out more about P&O, here is an excellent article by some friends of ours – https://holidaysatsea.co.uk/why-choose-a-po-cruise

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Carl Twyman says:

Spot on review, we went on a Cariebbean Cruse on this ship last year, it was more like a holiday camp on sea, if you want a better experiance you do need to pay for all the extras which are not included in the price.
PS our friend became ill with Pnumonia, he was put ashore at the first Island, him and his wife recieved very little help from Cunard, so the morel of this story is, if you get ill dont visit the ships hospital unless you are desperate.

Anthony Parker says:

zombie cruise with Jayne McDonald i don’t find that amusing and disrespectful to Jayne McDonald and to P&O Cruise line and i could hardly hear your voice

Mark Blackmore says:

I’m reminded of our first trip on Azure a few months after it went into service. We had the spa package and were able to spend time in the retreat and have exclusive access to the spa pool. A sizeable pool with a pair of hot tubs. Sadly more recently the spa pool is no longer restricted to spa and retreat customers. But we had a good time despite the woo pedalled by the spa team. £200 magic shoe insole, no thanks.
The days we have developed a quite severe aversion to P&O. I’m not entirely sure why. I think it is just a marked preference for RoyalC. Their entertainment is better and the staff are more cosmopolitan. P&O seems staid.
Anyway I’m about to hit subscribe and I’m very very fussy with subscriptions. Worth it for the smooth voice and very thoughtful insight into potential future cruises. Keep up the good work.

Dannyjhb says:

The snobby!

Benwjl says:

I think you just had a bad experience with the peninsula because I’ve been on 16 p&o cruises and when I’ve had a great experience in the peninsula and the other similar restaurants and the waiters have been great

okaynaxalie says:

I went on this ship two years ago and I burst out crying because I miss it so so much…

Louise Harper says:

Haha loved this! Only been on Britannia once before and that was for a taster cruise. I agree about the food though, I do prefer the Celebrity ships for standard dining. We are booked to go on again next year, this time for 13nts and with the kids…will be interesting to see if the longer stay makes a difference..

Anthony Parker says:

there are worse ships than p&o that have far worse facilities

CarlWiganer says:

Looks great and fun to me. Roll on July.

Born 2 Skydive says:

Loved this. Your deep thoughts of the flag waving made me look forward to being equally bewildered and bemused when I experience it cruising with P&O in the future. The hints on the retreat and spa were great as well.

Max Richardson says:

I really enjoyed! Any other p&o reviews ?

Discovery Attraction says:

people waving a British flag on a British ship, what a crime! :/

Angela Apparicio says:

I watched your video two days before sailing, I thought oh my god what have I booked. I have now been totally and utterly surprised. Food in the Meriden restaurant absolutely first class (I’m a previous Cunard sailor) staff so wonderful, kind and helpful nothing too much trouble, food so far as good as Cunard. Horizon for late lunch was as you would expect a busy canteen type eatery to be except much better, if you choose to eat there. Every single member on this ship has done their job above and beyond. Our cabin steward wonderful kind and informative. Yes there are people from all classes on the ship, but the ship is big enough to find a secluded corner. I have nothing but praise so far. The staff 5* Meridien dining experience 5* cleanliness 5* you don’t have to join in the ship away, not my cup of tea, but lovely to see people enjoying themselves.

Frank Young says:

Laughed and laughed. Have to love the gentle English wit. This is why I change all the voices on my electronic devices to English and “certainly not” American.

Matthew Chaban says:

Great video… cheeky wording paired with what I would call ‘phonetically emollient’ voice notes. Look forward to more reviews, great job!

Algernon De Rushbridger says:

Thank you for a suburb video. You are absolutely hilarious.

john wheeler says:

Done it, but never again, tooo old

barz4dayz says:

White people really do prefer presentation (and nutrition) to TASTE, when it comes to food……not being racist, just a well-tested and proven observation. Their palate is very bland.

alan lisle says:

Mmmm, although I wouldn’t call myself a hell raiser, I’m pretty sure I’d rather spend a few days with the people waving the flags (even though I probably wouldn’t be waving one myself) than the person that put this together. He obviously thinks very highly of himself but unfortunately only comes out as a smug bore. Oh I won’t be subscribing “old bean”.

Sally Parvin says:

Loved the video, myself and my husband are cruising for the first time on Britannia this summer – We were nervous about booking a cruise let alone on a big ship having always travelled independently. Looking forward to booking The Retreat and we won’t be packing flags!

okaynaxalie says:

So did 9:29… oh god here I go again! I still have that flag! I kept it fir the past 2 years, I’m never getting rid of it

Jonathan Thorpe says:

I have been on most cruise lines now and I must admit I like the larger ships but some companies do this better than others. Royal Caribbean, Independence of the Seas wins by a distance. Maybe because for a Royal Caribbean ship it’s actually medium sized! Having said that I have never been on a ship I haven’t enjoyed (Oceana was the closest). Also, I agree that speciality restaurants are almost always worth the extra money, maybe not every night as the cost can add up but they are so much better than the regular dining so it’s good to try. Anyway thanks for the review.

The Business Network Peterborough says:

Really interesting video. We are going to the Fjords on this ship next year so am exploring the options. Yours was particularly helpful and makes me think we should do some speciality dining and use The Retreat. Keep up the good work. Have subscribed as requested.

Augusto Lugo says:

Love your video, seems the people outside the doors were having a blast. 🙂

Jacqueline Arnold says:

Just back from A cruise on Royal Princess and was curious to see how she compared to Britannia..thanks for this over view a fair and frank review.
Think I may stick with Princess.

Gregor Cameron says:

Good review. Been on Britannia once for 7 nights round the Caribbean at Xmas and going again for Xmas 2019. Being Scottish I am not a huge fan of the Great British Sail Away parties myself but there are just a bit of harmless fun and apparently P&O have been doing them for years. I am sorry your experience in the MDR was a disappointment. Been on 4 cruises with P&O and while I wouldn’t say every single meal in the MDR has blown me away, overall the quality has more than met my expectations for such a large mass catering service. Spot on with the select dining venue reviews. All are well worth the money and the Epicurean is an entire evenings entertainment in its self. For anyone going to the Glasshouse in future I can recommend Neptune’s feast for 2 (or 1 if you are really hungry)

A Greene says:

I sailed many times on Canberra and the original Oriana of P&O Orient Line but these cruise ships are no more than giant container ships

Vanessa Clottey says:

What luck to come across your video, I spotted someone familiar frantically waving a flag at the sail away, yep turns out I was on this cruise with my mother.
Loved your video & voice over, so funny, I think I have a similar sense of humour.
We treated ourselves & had an aft suite & only dined in the specialty restaurants, cos once you try them your hooked & just have to go back.
Excellent video!

wendy smith says:

thankyou for your video it was very informative and your voice over was very relaxing

okaynaxalie says:

7:54 touched me so hard! I’m crying so hard right know

margaret jackson says:

Well just booked this ship for a 7night cruise never been on p&o only celebrity hope I haven’t made a mistake.

Sharon Blairs says:

Can’t stop laughing. You get what you pay for. It was like an episode of grumpy old gits. Bet you are a real pleasure to go on holiday with. I’ve travelled both six star and four star, which this ship is and have expectations accordingly. However, enjoyed your Victor Meldrew description of your holiday. I have an image of you in my mind looking on at people enjoying themselves and saying to your partner, “I don’t believe it” in his exact manner. Waving flags! What next : ))))). It is the Britainia after all.

biker mike says:

WOW! thats some amazing looking food!! Someday I will treat myself to a cruise! thanks for posting! SUBDDandliked286

Hilary Paterson-Jones says:

@visitwithus ….. What cabin number were you allocated?… I’m on G deck 330 this October for a Caribbean cruise… thanks for the film loved it. You also say P&O are not to fussy about you bringing alcohol on board, we have been told it’s a strict 1Ltr in your hand luggage. Do they scan you large cases? Any other hints or tips …Thanks Very much I’m a Newbie, this will be my first ever cruise. Last questions (if you have read this far) How much extra are the Epicurian and Sindu Restaurants and the retreat area per person. Thank you. 🙂

tom m says:

another great video review……..so informative & entertaining. Not sure I’d be a happy camper on the Britannia.

THypher1 says:

The vibration if from the propellers (not pods in this case) could be due to a less than ideal pitch setting if they are controllable pitch (CP) propellers as this happened on QE2 in her aft section several times when onboard for several voyages over her latter years. If this is the case the vibration is caused by the extra bubbles in the water and extra hydrodynamic forces/energy causing hydrodynamic shocks that affect the ships hull if I remember correctly.

1973Washu says:

A large ship can offer facilities and excursions that are not economically viable (or simply impossible) to offer on a smaller ship.

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