Pacific Aria – the ship itself – a tour and review

This video is about Pacific Aria – the ship itself – a tour and review


Taylor Power says:

If that is high school tuck shop food I would have loved to have attended that high school

Stu Kreidl says:

I’m going on this Cruise in May

Pu Koh says:

One of the best travel review videos I have ever come across. Thanks!

meat axe says:

You’re a sook. You get what you pay for.

Jake Richie says:

I was on this cruise too and disagree with you on so many levels. We had a party of 4 and had no trouble booking into the restaurants. We ate at all of them several times, and the food was absolutely amasing (Even the pantry did good breakies and lunches). While Angleo’s and Dragon Lady were quite popular you need to understand that they cant talk to 50 people at once trying to book dinner when they open at 8am. So instead of winging like a 2 yr old throwing a tantrum (and even filming it!) maybe you should have followed my lead and walked there to book in person, easy as. That would have also saved you from being a rude assh*le to the reception staff member in your other video. The staff on this cruise were all new and haven’t worked together before. In any business it takes time for the staff to get to know each other and work efficiently so some patience is required on the first cruise which you didn’t have. I honestly had a blast this trip and I feel sorry for you that you can go on a holiday like that and come back underwhelmed. You should have actually got off the boat in Vanuatu and see how the locals live/eat to realise how lucky you are.

Ash L says:

I have to agree with the video about the quality of the food in “The Pantry”. It is very basic food food akin to that found in a cafeteria. Now compare The Pantry to the equivalent restaurant on any Royal Caribbean (which is a buffet called the Windjammer). The food at this buffet is light years ahead in choice and quality over that offered by The Pantry, more akin to a buffet offered at a 5 star hotel. The desserts offered at the Pantry were just dreadful cubes of cake, and cubes of fruit. Compare this to royal Caribbean , where you had multiple hot desserts at every sitting.

Andrew Newell says:

Very insightful

Margaret T says:

thats bullshit. I was on the same cruise and we had a fantastic time and never had to wait for a table and the staff were wonderful. this must be your first cruise. you’re a knob and I hope I never see you on any of the P & O cruises.

Shay King says:

Worst review of a Cruise SHIP I’ve seen on YouTube

Madison Window says:

i went on the pacific aria two months ago and the food was horrible we will be going on a carnival next time!!!

XxAquaPlaysxX says:

I’m booked for this cruise 2016 October 17th! I’m so excited don’t make the pacific aria sound so bad..

noah court says:

He went on it only for 3 day I went on for 13 and I think it’s great like his problem is he saw its for 3 day that’s not a lot

kaylee wright says:

I think you a spoil brat because I just got off the pacific aria yesterday and I loved it it was the best ever better than the pacific dawn

Jeff Dooley says:

chronic whinger!

john mcnelley says:

the review is a bit of old cobblers … its all in the attitude. I went on the Pacific Dawn, an older ship … and the buffet bit … food was great, staff very helpful and friendly, relaxing as soon as I was aboard. Wonderful trip. I am going on the Pacific Aria, next Feb, probably going to be just as enjoyable and just as relaxing. Cruseing is probably a cheap holiday seeing as what is included. Great holiday. Ignore any review .. [including this one of course]. I loved it.

“Tuck shop food?” … Baloney!

Dung HuFlung says:

very interesting, was on the pacific Dawn 2 weeks ago, Pacific Pearl 2 months ago, did hear from passengers that Aria was not as good in comparision. Was on the Royal carribean Allure of the seas recently too

GetDatPromo says:

I really don’t know what school you went to but if that was the food at my tuck shop, sign me up. You do know there is this thing they call a cruise planner online where you can actually book restaurants before you leave for your cruise, so we don’t have to listen to persistent whinges like yourself ! I just disliked your video for constant annoying complaining.

rayden lowry says:

I just got off this ship today and I know it has changed a fair bit since then but you’re putting it down way more than it deserves. It was my first cruise and I thought it was a great holiday.

Tracey's Happy Place says:

there have been some wonderful reviews of both restaurants and food since this cruise so they have obviously improved. I am going this monday and as long as I don’t have to cook, can relax and have some fun I know I will have a wonderful time.

Yanevernoinoz says:

The Pantry doesn’t appear to be self serve. Can you confirm this please? I imagine that if it’s not self serve, the wait times to get meals would be longer as you wait for someone to decide then articulate what they want then wait for the dish to be served to you?

Graeme & Tracey Kelly says:

What a loser, My wife & I have traveled with P & O over the last 25 years and every cruise is better than the last.
We will continue to travel on P & O.
Mate I suggest you get a real job & Life

Kate McLean says:

It’s a ship. Not a boat.

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