Pacific Aria FULL TOUR/REVIEW – Cabin/Food/Activities

Welcome aboard the Pacific Aria, this review will give you a tour of the ship, cabin and a rating. Any Questions?… Please ask in the comments, I would be more than happy to answer any questions 🙂

If you liked this, I promise there will be more coming, they are booked!


Ship Details
Name: Pacific Aria
Operator: P&O Cruises Australia
Passangers: 1260
Crew: 700
Decks: 14
Cruises: A616 & A617


– Morning Glory

Capo Productions
– The Beginning

Meri the Lapis Demon
– Celestial Void

Kevin Mcleod
– Kawai Kitsune


Helen M says:

I didn’t see any footage of the Oasis bar and pool.  Any reason you missed this area?

D Greaney says:

I love this video

Ross Paxton says:

you are a snob wanker

Dung HuFlung says:

great review, well done, thanks for sharing

XxAquaPlaysxX says:

Aim booked for 2016 October 17th! I’m so excited 😀

Dog Dim Sim says:

Picky Bitch!

bee lynch says:

Y did u go on it then

Chocolate Tulip says:

first 🙂

D3CO says:

Overpriced, that’s premium ice cream from New Zealand

Jeremy King says:

You sound like one weird mother fucker, the fact that our sewage system is filled with your filth feels like a burden on society.

PranksterGangster says:

i have studio

Tasmania Aviation says:

Awesome Report!

Taylah L says:

Your standards are way to high what a snob with a weird voice you are

karen th says:

Hello, the Aria goes into Mare for the day.  The only tour that seems to be available is to Yelunga Beach.  Is there somewhere to snorkel there, can you see fish or just coral?  Would I be better off waiting until I get to Vila to go snorkling if I want to see fish.  Snorkling in Noumea is not an option as the ship is only there for approximately three hours daylight time.  Thanks.

Perth Aviation says:

Awesome video mate! I have never been on a cruise but that ship looks pretty average. I can’t wait to see your flight reviews too. Liked 🙂

PranksterGangster says:


Luke Dawson says:

I booked the Penthouse bc I’m rich of course!

Gemma Leigh says:

The aria is amazing

Lily Bowman says:

Your so ungrateful

YouTube John says:

OMG that was my cabin 9022 on the aria on christmas 2015!!

Tracey's Happy Place says:

went on the Aria December 2015, thoroughly enjoyed it.lovely decor, never had a meal i didn’t like, never had problem finding a seat in the pantry. only thing that i didn’t enjoy were the whingers on board, would happily travel on again.

Shea Te Huia says:

Loved this review! I’ma going on this ship in April. I can’t wait 😀 Great work

Manfred Kriechbaum says:

Will be on this Ship in March for 2 weeks. Wy Wifes and I’s second Cruise with P&O. First Cruise was with Pacific Jewel.

Ryan Auger says:

you sound like a 5 yr old hahah

Ivanovich Biggenden says:

waa inngg go the neggggitive……………………….

Lola Delandemare says:

You can not say that the cruise was not good ! People put a lot of effort to give you food or water, please consider that people actually tried to make you happy. I have travelled plenty of times and the cruises were magnificent. They put so much effort in what they do to make us happy and I appreciate that. This cruise was wonderful

Rohnski says:

Oh god, what have they done with my beautiful little Ryndam…

Apple Aday says:

We went in July and you were far more generous than we would be in our review. It was our first cruise and we still knew the food, service was not up to scratch. Thanks for your honesty. Wish I had watched this before booking.

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