OVATION OF THE SEAS: Complete TOUR & REVIEW Cabin/Food/Activities

Brand new full ship tour and review of the Ovation Of The Seas by Royal Caribbean International. I’ll go over the food, activities, entertainment, facilities and cabins. Watch this, and then you’ll know everything you need to know before you step onboard.

This is the video that took me literally six months to make. I should now be uploading more often now that this video is gone, I no longer have this video to worry about. I want to start uploading fortnightly with all the New Zealand videos, even if I finish a video early I’ll still schedule it two weeks from my last one. Here is all the upcoming videos, in the approximate order:
– Emirates A380
– Air New Zealand A320 Queenstown – Auckland
– Air New Zealand 787
– Kiwi Rail Tranz Alpine
– A look at new Zealand (not confirmed)
– Air New Zealand A320
– North-South island ferry (not confirmed)
– Things to do in Wanaka
– Things to do in Queenstown
– Things to do in Queenstown
– Sea Princess

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‘Take Me There’ By Burton Lauren
‘Summerbreeze’ By Deep Chills
‘Work Life Imbalance’ & ‘Match Cut’ by C418
‘When Birds Fly’ By Ultimate


Frank Z says:

horrible edit. boring voice. Common.

Karen M says:

When you say book for say the North Star or the Ifly and other things do you mean book and pay extra or book and it’s included

Hetzer 2000 gaming says:

Deffinately middlefinger the loosing money and age restrictions part but let’s shove everything in the ship warning casinos and bars or aka pubs are 18 to 21 and over the age limit. I do like the celebrity solstice cruse and ovation of the seas and other cruises that I forgot that I went on during 2003 to next year.

Jenny Bentancort says:

Do you had to pay for your drinks at the bionic bar?

Aussie Rider says:

my parents are on this ship as im typing this. Good review

Jenny Bentancort says:

We travel to NZ in 14 nights with the Ovation and it was wonderful… I guest they could better with the food.. and perhaps with the times of the shows… we had to eat and run… it was good in a way we lost all we eat and had to have more after the shows and dancing.. before going to bed… 😉

Jenny Bentancort says:

Wich ship will you rate 10 out of 10?

Tony Mancini says:

Good overview review

Ron Bell says:

What is the wow band? Doing this cruise in Nov 18

MrGreninja O P says:

Hi dad

Madvic says:

I just played a ton of table tennis there.

Jenny Bentancort says:

Do you have any more videos… love to see them… and also how many days did you spend in the Sydney to Tasmania ? oh! and yes I do agreed with you food is not the best at all….it was very poor…. very …. Last years we went to the Pacific and the food was exceptional and the restaurants had different menus and very well served too.

Bryson R says:

haha “The Sunday roast we had on Monday.”

Amy Bogaski says:

Great video, you covered everything and your narrative skills were very informative with not much talking which to me is important because a lot of these videos that people do they don’t stop talking and go into so much information that isn’t really needed you kept it short and sweet and that’s what invited me to continue watching right to the very end.
I to am from Sydney and I am in the process of planning my next cruise and you have given me a very in-depth look at this particular ship and it will make my final decision a lot easier thank you so much and I look forward to watching more of your videos in the future

Jenny Bentancort says:

I love you video – very well explain.

Liscris Productions says:

“The Sun, The Sand And The Sea”

Jenny Bentancort says:

Wich shows you have to book for? Jenny, thank you … we leaving for NZ on the 4th God willing… that is…

63Tartar70 says:

With so many passengers, how difficult is boarding and disembarkation? How crowded do the buffet lines get? Do you feel the pinch of having so many people on board? Thanks for your comments.

Mishu Nott says:

Do they have a fridge inside the cabin??

mad i son says:

Washy washy

Karen Carnovale says:

Do they do Bingo

Jenny Bentancort says:

PLEASE answer me …

Liven65 says:

Do anthem

Infinite Flight Reloaded says:

Harmony of the seas also has the robotic drink bar too

MrGreninja O P says:

Ur AWSOME love yr vids

Jenny Bentancort says:

Yes I do agreed that the beds are very hard

Ships and Champagne says:

Great video tour, thank you. It’s an incredible ship.

Maria de Fatima de Souza Ignacio says:

Dream that I will hold in November now!

Cody Rogness says:

Hey, thanks for the ship tour. I’ve done a few ship highlight videos and yours reminds me a lot of mine. Looking at taking a cruise on Anthem next year and found your video helpful. I subscribed to your page, if you wouldn’t mind checking out mine and possibly doing the same. Nice video.

Siena Di Loreto says:

The best part was sea plex and ice cream by the pool. Sadly on the last day I was booked for ifly/ripcord but it was too windy same with the rock climbing except we didn’t need to book

Stewart Knight says:

Great review, very comprehensive indeed, thanks for sharing

superemoji499 says:

YOU MEAN 10/10

Liscris Productions says:

“The Sun The Sand And The Sea”

alfeo estabillo says:

My dad is working there he is a waiter

MRS BS says:

Excellent video!!

svdfxd says:

Awesome video and review

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