Oasis of the Seas Review

Oasis of the Seas Review for 2018. The Oasis of the Seas holds a special place in my heart as the first mega ship I was ever on. The Oasis left me in wonder at it’s shear size and venues on board. let’s review the Oasis of the Seas for 2018 and see if it will still impress us.

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ae4xo says:

Freedom of the seas is awesome too

pomfret and pommes frites says:

I live by the Welland Canal and we love our “boats” and call ourselves boatnerds

Mike Harms says:

That gyroscope and stabilizer is a great idea the only thing is when it’s closed for the day they should be able to remove that equipment and lock it up because that same equipment can be used to guide and ICBM into a Target and we do not want Rogue elements getting the hold of that technology have a great day

Mike Harms says:

The only thing I can say about the actual structure of the hall itself is about should have been in Long gated so they can put two 200-foot Launches on either’s side for the purpose of using them as tenders to bring passengers from Port to the ship in vice versa reason why to have the space for a 200-foot tenders they’ll be a lot smoother and rougher water have a great day

Mike Harms says:

I will give all your Travellers one warning about Johnny Rockets do plan to eat there the food is delicious but it’s so high in cholesterol you really don’t want to eat there too often and the reason why I know this is because one time I made the mistake of eating at Johnny Rockets in the mall where I live at and then going to donate plasma and the centrifuge got out a quart and a half of grease out of my blood from that meal that’s why I will not eat Johnny Rockets but every once in awhile and that might be two times a year have a great day enjoy Johnny Rockets is one of the lower-priced specialty dining’s of there but realize it should be a treat and not a mainstay have a great day everybody is watching Don’s family vacation video and Don himself

Marc Philippe says:

Been on her once and yes, she is a big one. Lots to do but I do prefer smaller size ships. I truly enjoyed the evenings on the promenade having a drink with returning customers and crew. Lots of stories and experiences. Thanks for the flash back Don!!!

Mike Harms says:

So on the following ships from The Oasis class have they made that Improvement on the Windjammer Marketplace by making it larger or is the Windjammer Cafe the same whether you’re on the Oasis of the Sea or the Symphony of the sea?

Valerie F. says:

I love Oasis too! I am sailing on Allure in two weeks. I am really looking forward to it.

DGB149 says:

We sailed the Allure of the Seas and loved it. One of the neat things was getting more healthy eats at the Spa area.

Charlene Otoole says:

Hi, from Ottawa Don! I am going on the Oasis in November and this will be my first cruise!!! Thanks so much for all the great info!

PST National Network says:

Why not Symphony of the Seas

Maria Thrash says:

Hey Don ! I was wondering how to get a upgrade?already booked for September 2018 in a balcony room. This will be my 3rd cruise with RCCL

Michael Veltman says:

My wife and I, along with some friends will be on the Oasis again for Halloween. Love this ship.

Tony Cianciarulo says:

Hi Don, really like all your videos.
Is there any reason why the oasis class ships only have 7 night cruises, with port days is this enough time to explore the whole ship, given their size?

desiree lockett says:

Sailed on the Oasis of the Seas 2016, Harmony of the Seas 2017, and I’m going on Symphony of the Seas in 2019. Oasis so far is my favorite ship, it set the bar very high for me, and I will compare every ship to her. I’m not a buffet kind of girl, I preferred to eat in the dining room, or go to the specialty restaurants. Royal Caribbean has beautiful ships and I love ❤️ the Oasis Class ships, it never felt crowded to me. Love your reviews, keep up the good work.

Dicky Knees says:

Bigger is not better, it’s further to walk if your cabin is at the front or back. Middle might be ok. Foods no better, entertainment is no better, getting on and off is no better. In an emergency it would be much worse.

Clouder says:

I’m going on the Oasis on september 2nd. It was made in my hometown and we even have a small statue of it in the middle of a roundabout leading to the shipyards 😀

Matthew Peiser says:

BTW oasis-class is too large to tender into any port because it would take 3 hours

jdoggg1119 says:

Hi Don, I was thinking about taking a poker themed cruise on one of the Oasis ships. I was wondering how big the conference areas are. I figured they would stage the tournament in the conference rooms.

mrsnetrix says:

Thanks for sharing, looks huuuuuge

lawrence wei says:

Forgot the bionic bar!

Nick Rocci says:

Ur always great with ur subscribers

Mike Harms says:

Well if they can’t find anything good to eat on the Oasis of the Sea then at home they must be eating pot roast everyday. have a great day

Mike Harms says:

If it’s 5400 based on double occupancy went Royal Caribbean get fined for overloading the ship if they put any more people on it?

Bob Smithereens says:

A bigger ship means more noise.  No thanks.

Mike Harms says:

The only immediate Improvement I could see could be done to the Oasis class ships is Central Park the boardwalk and places like that to have a glass top that one slide out over to enclose it for when it’s raining those places are not getting exposed to the rain and people can walk around freely without having to carry an umbrella on nice days that glass retracts into somewhere and then you have a completely open area to the ocean breeze is in the sunshine it would make it so the Oasis class ships could also be used in cooler climates have a great day PS I also think there should be two indoor pools aboard those ships for when the weather is just totally horrible and people still want to swim

Gon Gaming says:

Do they have any water slides on it?

Mike Harms says:

Isn’t the Oasis of the Sea now about 10 years old isn’t in due for a bit of a modernization you bringing computers up to date putting some of the more newer and manatees that are on the latest of that class which is Symphony of the sea also when looking at that ship I have counted six funnels four of them are hidden but if you know where the look you can see them and then the other two are a port and starboard with the Royal Caribbean logo on it now you’re going on the Queen Mary 2 like two weeks before Christmas try to figure out how many funnels that ship has and now it’s just not the one big red and black one

Mike Harms says:

Is the Oasis class vessels coming to the end of the run for introducing new ships in that line are they thinking about the next class of vessels that they’re going to build because I mean these things are awesome so imagine what the Next Generation of Royal Caribbean vessels are going to look like they might even fly

Ted Stark says:

Hey Don, I ‘m squeezing one on to the Oasis in Jan 2019! 😉

Steve Sanders says:

Holy cow!

Gayle says:

Thank you for the video! My sisters and I were lucky enough to book an aquatheatre suite in September of 2016. This was our first Royal Caribbean cruise since the 1980s so things had definitely changed. We loved the ship and the service and accommodations truly spoiled us. If you can swing a royal class suite (I think that’s the highest level) I strongly recommend it.Our next adventure is to Alaska this August on the Ruby Princess….will check out those videos as well!

Mike Harms says:

Well the Windjammer Buffet should be enlarged the only way I can see that would be the take out a few cabins on the port and starboard side that are right next to the buffet and push the wall back because that is a huge ship and them only ships like that they should know that when people get on board the ship for the very first time they’re going to check their stateroom out first find out when the muster drill is and then attack the buffet I guarantee you they would probably no more Eatery that’s more prepped and prepared than the buffet on boarding day I know that’s what and most likely that’ll be the first public amenity will be used on the ship will be the buffet Royal Caribbean needs to talk to their architect to see if they can enlarge the Windjammer Buffet on their Oasis class ships now I don’t know if the later models they did do that but on that model it can be retrofitted in in fact I’ve seen on The Sovereign of the Seas they actually added more deck length for the Windjammer Buffet Now The Sovereign of the Seas just called The Sovereign for Pullman line but they actually added some length to the deck itself to get that done have a great day everyone

Jason Holmes says:

Have taken many Carnival and Princess cruises. Taking my 1st RCL later this year on the Allure and one next year on the Ovation when it comes to Alaska. Your video pushed me to check it out. My wife keeps trying to get me on a Disney cruise 🙂

whippet0 says:

Your review is spot on. I’ve been on about 15-20 cruises and Oasis Of The Seas is my favourite cruise ship. I really like the “central park” in the evening because it is a nice, quiet place to have a drink. 🙂 Even though it is a large ship with alot of people, it does not seem crowded because of how the passengers are dispersed around the ship.


nice ship. thanks..

Kim Heins says:

Hello Don.  Oasis of the Seas is one of my favorite ships as well.  Cruised on this ship in 2017 and will cruising again August 2018.  I disagree with you about feeling crowded.  I never had any problems finding a lounge chair by the pool. Because they hold the contest (belly flop, etc.) at the aqua theater, it really helps disperse the passengers around the ship.  Thank you for your videos.

Dawn Clark says:

There are a few reviews out there that say the kiddie area closes usually around lunch or just after lunch for several hours or even the rest of the day. 🙁

Jason Holmes says:

Were taking a cruise on the Allure of the Seas later this year. My 1st RCL cruise, I can’t wait, but have an Alaska land/sea with Princess 1st.

bgregg55 says:

last april on the oasis we didn’t pre book any shows & just walked in. the only venue we could not get in was the comedy club, which is quite small. we didn’t really care for Cats though.

Mike Harms says:

There’s only one more authentic English pub on the sea then the Oasis class ships have and that is the queen Mary 2 Golden Lion Pub in the only reason why because it’s an English operated ship it flies the Union Jack off its turn and the crew is mostly English but also the prices of the Queen Mary 2 or quite expensive even for an inside stateroom have a great day everyone

The Cruise sisters U.S.A says:

Went on oasis and loved it. I like the larger ships. I feel more stable at sea

klc317 says:

Having been on about 15 cruises over the past 12 years, and all but one on RC, we have yet to go on an Oasis class size ship although we may in the next year or two…..having children in school now and wanting to take them with us kinda has us limited to summer months, a bit higher prices, somewhat shorter cruises, and not having unlimited funds…..lol. Good video though…..I’m impressed with the absolute sheer size of these Oasis class ships and all the things to do. But still, even when we show up at the port I’m still impressed with a ship the size of Majesty of the Seas and still have a good time even though we’ve cruised on her 4 times.

Valerie Foster says:

I’m still shell shocked by RCCL handing of Hurricane Harvey last August. I felt horrible for the staff answering the phones, they were only allowed to sound like automated recordings, and even though the port of Galvaston had been closed from Thursday thru Tuesday, they refused to allow us to cancel or reschedule our trip. Dozens of people became stranded in Galveston and Houston because they were forced to fly out before the storm made land fall. Lots of people were negatively effected including those still in the Liberty of the Seas, because of the fear of loosing money. Well, they by choice lost ours, especially after offering us a discount, yet never being able to book a trip. It’s as if we were flagged.

RJ says:

Don, you are the man! Just stumbled upon your channel while prepping for my first cruise ever to Alaska! Planning on going on the Allure of the Seas next year, and this was a great recap of the pros and cons of “mega-ships”. Keep up the good work!

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