Norwegian Jade Cruise – Greek Isles – Tour and Review

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7-day Mediterranean cruise on the Greek Isles
Venice – Corfu – Santorini – Mykonos – Katakalon – Venice
Cruise taken in May 2014

– TV in room has news channels in several languages, and movie channels
– Alcohol is priced similar to big-city bars
– On two separate days, you will have the option of sending a bag full of laundry for a cheaper rate than individual items.
– 24/7 room service is free of charge with limited menu
– Pizza service ($) was rated low by our fellow passengers
– Best dining room: Grand Pacific
– Best speciality ($) restaurant based on fellow passengers: Cagneys
– Speciality restaurant ($) that needs improvement: Sushi Bar
– Best show: Roberto and Dorota’s acrobatic show
– Best port: Santorini (get your ticket for the tender EARLY or you will lose time in Santorini)
– Best dessert: Self-serve ice cream at the buffet
– We did not take ship-provided excursions, and heard from fellow passengers that they are good for guests that need additional help, or don’t want to bother arranging their own transportation. Otherwise, finding cheap/convenient/reliable transportation at ports is super easy.
– Don’t forget to pack for the white party
– Behind the scenes tour of the ship is expensive ($80). You can view the bridge from behind a window for free.


howdo iloveme says:

thank you for sharing… i am taking this cruise this September
i am so excited, i have already started packing… lol

Katsumi W. Morales says:

she looks like Katherine Avery from Grey’s Anatomy

jasminpminor says:

Do you need additional paper work beside your passport

Candi M says:

So glad you posted this video!! The fiance and I are looking into going on another cruise and i chose this one but i was interested in seeing the ship. Well this video did it! Definitely looking fwd to the trip on this ship now! Thank you 🙂

Laura Hargreaves8812 says:

thankyou. loved the vídeo. going on the 19th September.

what_what says:

I am going on the same cruise in 5 weeks and I am so excited. Even more now after watching your video! You did an excellent job reviewing the ship. I would appreciate it since we will have the same itinerary, if you could provide some details as to how you got around in each of the stops, especially Corfu and Olympia. It would help me plan better. Thanks so much!

Tim Kerwin says:

you guys looked like you had a great time;  I am looking forward to doing a b2b on Jade next May.  I have been to most of the ports; but have not sailed with NCL yet.  Did you arr in Santorini around 1pm?

rmmontes3493 says:

That sounds los of fun, actually looking for a cruise line for the Greek Islands.

arpita patel says:

+Sanjay Christo ..things to do in corfu…santorini. ..mykanoos. ..olympia…well we wanna enjoy the beach along with our cruise trip there so do we have enough time to do it. ..thanx

Mariam's Diary says:

Did you travel from USA? If so how was your commute. Is it important to stay in hotel night before. I’m planing to travel with a 4 year old so would you reccomend this cruise. Sorry for so many question. Also how was commute in Santorini from the port. Did u have hike up stairs to get to the top or is there easier way. Please advise. Thanks.

sheils peter says:

Hi, thank you both for this review. I have been deliberating for quite a while now, as to what Cruise Line to cruise with this summer, having already cruised with both Princess and RCL, I was unsure about ‘Norweigian Cruise Line’, from your video it appears that it is of a good standard and you two certainly appeared to have enjoyed yourself…. liked the little comment about the use of an ‘iron’ which was not available on RCL (you had to give your ironing to the steward for a charge each day!!, much prefer to iron myself……..
Will share this with my other half, and hopefully make a decision, once again thank you (from two elders!!)

F Silver says:

Thanks for your wonderful video!  My sisters and I are taking this cruise next May and it was very helpful.

G.D. Romanov says:

You guys are too cute!  Looking forward to our trip in September.  Cheers!

arpita patel says:

Hey sanjay….super amazing …this is arpita dhartis cousin
Thanx for the vidio …planning to go this july
Any tips apart from what u have said on santorini….woulb b great help….so hope its worth the money we spend…and places to se in Italy as we would have 5 days in hand after the cruise…thanx in advance. ..Arpita (mumbai)

Laura Hargreaves8812 says:

thankyou. loved the vídeo. going on the 19th September.

spiros zervopoulos says:

Hello Sanjai
Thank you for the beautiful video and the comments you post .You look very nice together !!! wish you always happiness
I work the last 18 years for Norwegian Cruise Line and i leave in the island of Corfu. We are the only cruise line offering free style cruising ,meaning you are on vacation and you choose your own time for everything..!
Corfu is the most green Greek island with over 4.500.000 olive trees …and great music culture
Thank you again and i am looking forward to meet our new friends on board the N Jade

Alejandra7182 says:

I was on the same dates on that boat

PTSD 'It's Only Me' says:

Thank you for sharing!! Looks amazing x

Matt Mayovsky says:

What an excellent video! I came here to learn about the Jade, but found you two to be equally awesome! Thanks so much!

MrSharonanderson1 says:

Thank you Sanjay & Dharti…beautiful video xxx My Hisband & I all booked with another two couples to go September 2015. :)would you mind if I used this on my small independent Travel Agency Facebook Page? wwww.facebook/BonnyTravel

CyPerri says:

That was a fantastic review. I was really looking forward to going next week, but now…… I can’t wait. That was entertaining as well detailed.

sandeep singh chauhan says:

Thanks a lot Sanjay and dharti for such a great review,

TeachinTV says:

The chick is pretty funny. Good video.

Fisette Benoit says:

Thanks you for this great video. I will also book the same cruise. Just one information, did u see the sunset at santorini ?? Have a nice day ! 

Daniel Suarez says:

We love, love your video

Virán Tilakdharie says:

Amazing! Such positive energy, fun and great video editing and beautiful photo’s! You guys are crazy and I love it! Thanks for sharing!


i have saw this ship in Piraeus in 6/12/14 behind submarine ΠΑΠΑΝΙΚΟΛΗΣ 2

BravoHiking17 says:

Your husband is a lucky guy, damn you fine

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