Jan 2017 || Celebrity Solstice Cruise Tour & Review || New Caledonia

This is a full tour of the Celebrity Solstice Cruise ship on our trip to New Caledonia… enjoy!

I’m Sophie and this is an overview of our family holiday in January 2017. My family (me, my older brother, younger sister, mum and dad) went away with Mum’s side of the family (my cousins Morgan and Max, Uncle Simon, Aunty Sarah and our Grandma) and my best friend (Joey)

Snorkelling footage is at 6:19

Medical Emergency…
Long story short, Joey got severe stomach pains really suddenly on our second night. We called the cruise hospital straight away and they said to bring her straight down. They couldn’t officially diagnose her with appendicitis because she couldn’t get an ultra sound (obviously, because we were in the middle of the ocean).
Unfortunately we still had 2 more full “sea days” before getting to the first port in Noumea, which would be the first opportunity for Joey to get a proper medical check with an ultra sound, x-ray and the works. The medical team on the Solstice were incredibly helpful and heaps of fun – shout out to Dr Jennifer!! So they decided to pump Joey with antibiotics and fed her through glucose syrup yummmm until we got to Noumea.
So that was a fun couple of days for both Morgan and myself and for Joey… Morgan and I got to sit in the hospital 3 times a day for about 3 hours each time whilst Joey got pumped with the good stuff and Joey got to watch everyone else go swimming and dive face first into the buffet while she was on her glucose syrup diet
Anyway, Joey’s dad flew to Noumea to meet us there when we arrived, which was a massive surprise for her! I should mention that her parents were supposed to be on a Royal Caribbean cruise by now, making her dad the true MVP for sacrificing his holiday for Joey (aaaawwwwww I know).
Again, long story short, the antibiotics had killed the infection in Joey’s appendix by the time we got to Noumea and she could get an ultra sound – but they did confirm that she definitely had appendicitis, the Solstice medical team were just so amazing that they took all the right steps to control the infection until then. We’re all so thankful that God kept her safe and healed her so miraculously, given that all we had was antibiotics and pain killers.
More good news… Joey’s dad managed to fly over to New Zealand in time to meet Joey’s mum for the remainder of their cruise.

The moral of this story?? GET HEALTH INSURANCE!!!!!!


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Those underwater shots were amazing! What camera did you use

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