Holland america cruise ship Eurodam review – cruise ship Eurodam 2018

Holland america cruise ship Eurodam review. Some times Holland America get’s overlooked for the bigger cruise lines. does this mean the cruise line is not worth taking a look at. No, Holland America has some great ships and some very good reason to sail on the. Let’s take a look at the Holland America cruise ship Eurodam and see if it might just be the right ship for your next cruise.

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TheMommuh says:

Thank you for reviewing a Holland America ship! We’re going on the Westerdam to Alaska in August and it’s nice to hear you’ve enjoyed their entertainment and food.

danmi wuma says:

You hit the point exactly!!! Very impressed with your deep knowledge.

We tried Holland America Maasdam last summer, even though all the adults enjoyed it (great service and fantastic food), our kids (age 10) thought it was extremely boring: kids’ club is too small and all activities seemed to be a bit too relax.
Anyhow, I wish that I had watched your video earlier lol

We will take Norwegian Pride of America this Christmas and do appreciate that you can provide some advice.

Kimberly Hudson says:

maybe alaska in august 2018 !!

Ottawa Homes says:

really enjoyed my last cruise on Holland America

Rochelle Williams says:

My mom has been on me to go on a cruise with her. We’ll be taking this ship at the end of May. Your videos have been very helpful, I’m looking forward to this trip! We do have dinners book for both the steak house and an Italian restaurant.

QualityChildcare1 says:

How are you doing Don? Nice Ship too.

Luifer says:

that pool in the spa, forgot the name… is it free to use ??

Bobbie Hofer says:

Looks like my kind of cruise

Kawanna Hardy says:

Looks like a really laid back and relaxing ship. Tfs

April Jolly says:

This is another Alaska cruise ship I was looking at LOL. I am trying to decide between H&A or Princess.

jason B says:

got you email today about the group cruise can’t wait

Movie_Show_TRAILERS says:

Hi Don. Have you ever cruised South America?, specifically through Cape Horn. I am just wondering how does this compare to an Alaskan cruise. I know you would see glaciers in both.

Steven 666 says:

Thanks Don! We’re going on Eurodam’s sister ship, Nieuw Amsterdam, in April and this video makes us look forward to our cruise even more as we look out windows in Port Elgin and see snow!

Alex Nagornyy says:

don do sell cruises to people in california or only Canada?

Alexandria Rojas says:

My family and I are taking this cruise to Alaska in June/July. We are so excited! Thank you for all of these great videos. We have never been so can’t wait!


Cool. Can you do a video in the future about how the major cruise companies deal with their old ships?

CourtingChaos says:

Don, first off I just wanted to say I’m so glad your health has improved and you look great! Love the hair! Thanks so much for mentioning Holland America.. It’s not a cruise line I would normally look into but after hearing your review it really sounds like something that might be a nice change of pace for me and my teenage son when we travel. I usually go for “fun” ships like Carnival in hopes of giving him things to do, but they can be pretty loud and crowded (especially in the evening after people have really started drinking) and he hates kids clubs… so in the end he usually just wants to explore the ships with me, watch the ocean, and try new food. Sounds like this ship would be perfect for that. 🙂

timothy gates says:

I love HAL. NO KIDS. not a party boat. Great food.

Paradise.Food. Love says:

16 Luxury Cruise Ships…. Subscribe for more

Sylvia says:

Hi Don! In the dining room can we reserve a private table for two on a few nights? (or each night for that matter? lol)

Libby Shaw says:

It looks like it’s quite long and narrow like the Caribbean Princess.

Felicia Dyer says:

Great video. Also, Eurodam is the only ship that has gotten 100% on every inspection in its 10 year history. Not even any six star ships have this rate.

And in my opinion, HAL has the best french fries on the seas. The Dive In is a great, free restaurant with awesome fries!

Sue loves cruises says:

It’s been a couple of years since I was on a holland america ship but I thought they were quite nice

Jennie Spooner says:

Thanks Don , another great lesson in cruising !

Katie Marie says:

Fancy dinning and good food…I’m in. 🙂 LOL. Nice job at presenting this, Don. I like is not overcrowded as well. This will be one of my bookings in t h e f u t u r e. 😀 –Thanks, and YOU have a GREAT weekend !!! 🙂

aero5712 says:

We sailed on the Eurodam last Summer and enjoyed our cruise tremendously. Grrrreat dance floor with lots of good rock and roll music. The Dive Inn Hamburger place has the best and most generously made Hamburger I have ever had. The Hamburger was cooked to perfection with only a very small pink center and the meat was over a 1/2 inch thick and tasty. Holland America Line is chosen by everyone from Professionals to dirty farmers. The word must be out about HAL as there were Mainland Chinese and Japanese cruisers aboard our cruise. There are conferences for Doctors on board that my personal Doctor has attended. I would NOT put Princess line in the top three, but rather the bottom three, have found the decor drab and Princes ships feel cold to us. Have four more Holland America cruises booked for the next two years.


thinking of using this ship to head to alaska!

Joe Allen says:

Eurodam is a great ship. My wife and I love it.

Vicki Goodolf says:

Thanks for the video. We’re going on this ship for the Alaskan cruise in June… can’t wait! It’s our first cruise, so I’ve been watching all of your videos and they’ve been really helpful.

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