GoPro For A Cruise – Review

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Hi Cruisers, it’s Sheri, back with another CruiseGear episode. Should you buy a GoPro for a cruise? Today we are taking a look at the KING of action cameras.

Let’s start with the basics. The GoPro is a small, mountable high-quality video and still camera. It was originally marketed to extreme sports enthusiasts – you know those crazies that ski down erupting volcanoes and stuff, but because of it’s quality and versatility it now has a much broader appeal.

One of the things that makes GoPro a great fit for cruisers is its size and durability. It travels very well. The small size, rugged cases, and the fact that it can be mounted just about anywhere make it our go-to excursion cam. Many cruise destinations offer activities and conditions that are a perfect match for the GoPro. We’re not going to take our DSLR or Handycam to the beach, but I wouldn’t think twice about tossing this little guy in my daypack. It’s perfect for that, and other things, like biking, zip lining, and snorkeling. It can even handle snow.

If you’re going to use it for extreme conditions, you will have to put it in the appropriate case door. There are lots of options. Some offer impact resistance, while others are waterproof.

So here’s what we like about GoPro cameras. Given the right conditions, the video is just stunning. The GoPro loves the outdoors, especially a bright sunny day. We bought our first GoPro specifically for the beach, and it didn’t let us down. We also like the rugged waterproof cases. We have no worries about taking it snorkeling, or even handing it off to our 7 year old for a trip down the waterslide.

And here’s what we don’t like. The prices for these can be a little steep. Now to be fair, it really is a high-end camera stuffed into an incredibly small package. Quality gear is not cheap. We get that, and ultimately we feel like it’s a good investment. Gotta capture those memories, right? But still, the initial investment can sting a little.
Remember I said the GoPro loves the outdoors? Not so much for indoors. It does okay, but it’s just not as good as the outdoor quality.

Depending on the model you get the menu system can be challenging for some. The Hero 4 for example has no touchscreen, so options are selected using these buttons, and this little menu screen. They make an add-on touchscreen, but it has to be purchased separately. Speaking of add-ons, there are probably hundreds of accessories for the GoPro. Get ready; the initial price of this baby is just the beginning. My husband has bags of this stuff!

This is a great little camera and a terrific cruise investment. While the camera and the gear can be quite costly, we highly recommend it for active cruisers. Picking the best model can be a difficult decision. We have the Hero4 Black. It can do 4k video, but it has no built in touch screen. If you have a 4k television and don’t plan to do a lot of editing, it might be a good option for you. On the other hand, 4k video takes up a lot of storage space and can be difficult to edit for some. The lower models do 1080p and some, like the Hero Silver and Hero+ LCD, have built in touchscreens. Unless you are really into 4k, we recommend getting a model with the built in screens.
Competition in the action cam market is pretty fierce these days. So if GoPro seems just a little too pricey you may want to look at some of the lower price competitors. The quality with some of these competitors has gotten quite good. We’ll post a couple on our website, to get you started.


Celine Ellis says:

Will be taking my Hero4 and Hero3+ on our cruise in a few weeks time! its coming with us up Dunns river falls, Stingray snorkelling, Jetbike riding and more. On the steady gimbal it is great for doing ship tour walk around videos and I will be time lapsing a few sunsets/sunrises on our trip as well. A perfect video camera for a cruise in my opinion!

Crazy Life says:

I like go pros but i love my Nikon D5500 for cruises its amazing even with the kit lens it is £570 but its $899.99 in us dollars sorry I’m British so idk where u buy cameras from in the us but on the nikon website thats the price! if anyone is looking to invest in a brilliant camera i highly suggest this one!

Jason Extreme Movies says:

Hi Sheri can you tell me where you buy the waterproof thing. Thanks.

thejokerspeaks says:

I’ve got a Hero 3, but I need to brush up on using it before the next cruise. We’re going to island hop to St. John and St. Barts, which probably haven’t been filmed as much. I hear that the Polaroid Cube is cheaper and works off a magnet system rather than a screw attachment.

phillip devoll says:

what about the go pro app

Maria COPHER says:

I got my boyfriend a go pro for Christmas so we can take it on our cruise later this month. My question is… Since the cost of assessors is a little pricey, what would you suggest would be the two that I would or should start with or what two would you consider a must have?

tanzania93 says:

Using my IPhone 7plus with an attachment like the go pro

Michael Arnold says:

You should do a budget GoPro knock off or just action cam.

Habitat for Happiness says:

I totally agree with your review. We love using our GoPro on excursions and on the beach but we rarely use it indoors. We bring our Sony RX 100 for most of our vlog footage on the cruise ship and a combination of the Sony and the go pro for outdoor cruise activities. We find the Sony is great for up close shots and the go pro is awesome for wide angles!

JDogProductions says:

Great advice! This is a great video! Keep up the awesome videos! 🙂

Jason Extreme Movies says:

Thanks sheri

HappyZorro says:

The GoPro is groovy. I also like my Re Camera. It’s under a hundred bucks 720P waterproof sd card with its own wifi (for use as a monitoring camera) and does time lapse.

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