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Let me show you around the cruise ship I’ve been living on for the past couple of months! This tour includes both guest and CREW ONLY areas cause you’re so special 😉 For anyone wondering, this cruise ship is P&O Australia’s Pacific Aria. It’s a pretty small ship, but gorgeous nonetheless! Enjoy! 🙂

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Andrew Montes says:

What kind of fun stuff that you and Randy like to whenever you’re not working or writing songs?

I’m really glad that y’all are having a really great time.

BroughSistah2629 says:

Love the layout of the ship! I hope you’ve been having a blast there, Bailey!

Dan Black says:

I wonder if the guests at your performances realize how good they have it!

Mmm, Cadbury Flakes. Though I think the Aeros are even better! I get them in a local place that imports a bunch of stuff from the U.K.

8:10: Hah, perfect!

Alex Salgado says:

Hi from Honduras!

Wallace Nock says:

Great video guys, really brings back memories of my ship days last year. We were more fortunate that we had passenger cabins and dined with the guests. Its am adventure i must admit, but i have had enough of ships for a while. Thanks for sharing

rourke says:

Didn’t realise you were in Aus! Got excited for a second thinking I might see you on my cruise in June but it’s with Princess, bummer!

The Roka says:

hi baily pelkman how are you? I hope you are good there wherever you are? and I watched your video a lot . I like all of them .. if you don’t maid you can make one nice song and you come in nepal to make video… and here you will get beautiful mountain ..seen.. nature… calture…

Robert Pizor says:

Thanks for sharing footage of your adventure with us. Sounds like life is never boring for you guys. Look forward to more music when you can share it. Keep safe!

Alltogether with Zishan Khan says:

bailey its my dream to come in your home studio ..and sing hindi and English song together like Rockstar for my YouTube.. thanks to you ..you are very good singer nd good teacher to me god bless you

Geoffrey Schotte says:

Doesn’t look like that cabin has a whole lot of snuggle space.

Dave Harley says:

Pretty cool seeing parts of a cruise passengers don’t get to see. Hope you are enjoying your time there.

big C 73 says:

The ship looks amazing, hope you’s are enjoying the experience xx

superhunk1989 says:

You’ve been living on for the past couple of months… what does it feel like? Does it feel like work or vacation?

Jose Jr. Canillas says:

Very nice video & beautiful, I love it. Be safe always, God bless your travel in the high seas.

snoproblem says:

Since you’ve been aboard for some time now – any “interesting” stormy weather stories? I’m sure you’ve heard about Ontario’s extend-a-winter by now. 🙁

You both picked the right time to work away, believe me.

Mr Bear Lee There - BearRon says:

Working Cruise. Way cool.

Lokesh Kumar Bishwas says:


Tom Marvan says:

Flake, yes! Try Cherry Ripe, too.

Dave Cross says:

Are you just carrying the camera? You have a very steady hand.

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