First Time Cruise Celebrity Solstice South Pacific

First Cruise and I have to admit I was reluctant. I’m usually a land lover and the thought of going out to sea for days on end freaked me out a little bit, but I had a great time. Enjoyed the whole experience. The Island visits were beautiful. The entertainment every night was enjoyable. Food was a pretty good standard some of the meals were hit and miss but overall good.
Would I go on a cruise again? YES 🙂

Let me know in the comments if you have ever been on a cruise before and if not, would you?

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Keisha Marie Vlogs says:

Your husband should do a taste test video with you…and love the vlog looks like you had lots of fun.

Nick Lambert says:

great video – thanks for sharing…. we were on Solstice March / April 2018 from Sydney to Port Douglas and back over 12 nights. Like you it was our first cruise and we loved it…
People we spoke to onboard said we’d chosen the best cruise company to go with.
We found the food in the Main Dining Room to be great as well as the buffet and spa cafe…
We loved our cruise so much that we booked another one for 2020!

CanOf Peas says:

The ocean scares me..

pippa newman says:

I love that we get to finally meet your husband and family

Nickpass says:

He is definitely your brother…and like you, he is also funny. A great trip. Loved this.

ThatsMySay says:

Glad you enjoyed your cruise despite the weather. We have been on a heap of cruises and love them.

fulluvjoy says:

Thank you for sharing your cruise with us. Never been on one and probably never will be unless it is a Bahamas cruise or something. Even then, doubtful. I had no idea that the ships held so many stores and stuff. Wow, amazing.

Penny's channel says:

Thanks for sharing your vacation. I’ve never been on a cruise and it great to see what happens on one.

Lucinda says:

Really loved your scenic shots! <3 Beautiful!

Val Rigoli says:

Great vid Tam, I really enjoyed it, something different and really well put together and good to see you having fun with your family. My wife and I did basically the same cruise out of Brisbane back in 2010, and while we did enjoy it a lot, I think I will stick to traveling our own country in our campervan, we have so so much to see right here in Oz 🙂

keeleeng says:

You made it look so much fun.. you made me want to go (but never wanted to do it)

Wendy O'dell says:

Thanks for taking us along Tam. I really enjoyed the scenery and the rest of the video.❤

Jamie Shaw says:

Hope you enjoyed it my family cruise all the time and just got off one half an hour ago and my sister got married on it last Wednesday

Caras Life on the Farm says:

Some enchanted evening….

marshmallow says:

That room looks really awesome! I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise!

Ron Day says:

Thanks for sharing the cruise footage. It was lovely.

bigvirgotube says:

A.) Glad you took a cruise, Tam! B.) Somehow, I got unsubscribed from you! It’s been about five months! What da heck have I been missing?!?!?!

paperweightgirl says:

It looks like you had a wonderful time. The food sure looked delicious.

Scott Brodie says:

My wife and I are going on an Alaskan Cruise on that exact ship in July and I’m under the impression the Grand dining room is complimentary and is not extra

noswonky says:

Looks like a nice ship. We did one cruise and it was great. I like when the weather is rough.

Mega Poo88 says:

Thank you for taking us inside your vacation. This was wonderful being able to see some of your family, your hubs is handsome!

Parmesana says:

thank you so much for sharing. I don’t have the guts to do a cruise. Scared of water. Your husband has great screen presence. You and your brother have similar laughs. You looked great in all your outfits..The green shift looked oh so compfy.

proto8432 says:

Tim and Tam? Really?

giftforacoach says:

great video tam and has brought back many memories. we did the Noumea cruise last year and had the same problem of the cylone.. dont worry nobody has sea legs.

the video has given me ideas for when we go back.

we dined in the grand epenay on the trans pacific cruise and we had a balcony cabin just like you. it is something special.
keep the videos coming.

Lexi Phelps says:

Oh Tam!!! How lovely that you shared this with us. I have been on a cruise many many years ago. I did not have any choice in where we stayed or where we went but still had a blast! Thank you so much for sharing, what a blessing to have 22 minutes of you and your husband and family!

Damian D. says:

And Tim finally dared to speak to us. Thanks, Tim 🙂 Nice to see you 🙂

Donna October says:

Aww, I used to work on a ship, and this video made me miss it… I mean I quit cause it was slavery, lol, but still, good times. <3

It Starts With A Step... says:

Very cool room I love the fact your sipping champagne and looking at art haha brilliant. The theatre looks amazing very choppy there. Omg 28 for toblrrone wow. Shame the food is just ok. I think I might find it all too much on a cruise but feel like I should experience it once at least lol isle of pines look so cool great video tam x

David Roberts says:

Well, this is odd. I just finished watching videos of people on cruises with rough seas/hurricanes and then Tam has a video of a cruise! Gotta say, though, a bit anticlimactic…lol.

Amelia Craigie says:

I saw that first show, when I went on the ship!

jim kempf says:

The wife and I will be going on this ship next March , your video was very helpful and we are looking forward to going ,( better weather hopefully )

Rose says:

Loved the vlog, looks like you had a great time! Long time watcher but never commented xx

Nathalie Magnus says:

I bet you went back to that bufee 3-4 times 😛

Greg Stroud says:

That toothbrush,I got one exactly like that one in Hospital. HAHAHAHA.

Balinda Barks says:

That was the best. So glad Tam that Tim is getting comfortable in front of the camera. You guys make a cute couple indeed!!
So glad you had a good time and thanks for taking us along for the ride !!!

bookwrm4evr says:

As fun as you guys made it look, I’m still kind of weary of cruises. Ironically, it seems a bit claustrophobic to not see land, i don’t know, I’m weird lol. I’m glad you guys had a nice time & I hope Ben didn’t cut himself too bad on that coral.

Obiwan-in-a-pudding says:

I’m so jealous.

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