Cruise Review/Recap | Panama Canal | Coral Princess

In this video I’m recapping our most recent 10 day cruise to the Panama Canal on the Coral Princess. I’m answering your questions and sharing about each port and the ship itself. Princess Cruises:
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Vicki Heiskell says:

Thank you so much for the info! We are actually taking this cruise in 2 weeks. They have substituted Grand Cayman for Jamaica at the end.

lety reyna says:

Thanks for vid pretty lady

Ashley says:

Did this with Disney cruise line in 2008 hands down my favorite cruise

Lily H says:

Do a grocery haul please!!

MsKristinn321 says:

I love hearing you talk about your cruises! I don’t know how I missed the vlog. We are planning another family cruise for my youngest son’s 30th this year, any recommendations? Off to watch the vlog xoxoxo

ChoosingTreasure says:

What cruise would you recommend for a first timer? I’d like to go out of the east coast or close to it. 🙂

Melissa55 says:

Oh you must do your recaps! We love them. Your eyes look amazing today and your skin looks flawless. Doug always says he wants to retire to Costa Rica. This was really interesting and thank you for taking the time to tell us everything. Much love Melissa

Emmylovesmakeup says:

Hi Crystal, for someone who has never been on a cruise what would be a great first time place to go. I don’t think I could do a 10 day long one, to start with. XO

Isabel Sweet says:

Thank you, your reviews are awesome!

Joan Erdelyi says:

Hi Crystal,  Have you and your husband ever eaten breakfast in the dining room.  We have done that on the last couple of cruises and like that very much.

C. Smith Upschick says:

Love all the info for this cruise….. My husband would like to go to Panama since he watched your video… me, not so much…..We cruise quite often and 7 days is enough time for me on a cruise… but who knows … LOL

Donna Zazzali says:

Thank you for the great information. I watched your Vlog as well. We will be going on this cruise in a couple of months so it was great to see the ship, the places we will be stopping, and your thoughts. I will now bring a rain jacket as we will be doing a cruise in Costa Rica. Thanks!!

Sheri Lum says:

Haha..I felt the same about going to Dunns; holding on to strangers hands as a chain. We were just there in January. We did the Blue Hole first and it was AMAZING. We had enough fun there that we decided not to go to Dunns falls. If you find yourself there again, try the blue hole.

joyvrolyat says:

Yay! So glad you did a review. I just started to look at doing a transatlantic, everyone says they are a lot of fun and glad you had a positive experience. Do you think 10 days was too long of a cruise? I love 7 days cruises, but wonder if you get board on that long of a cruise. Glad you guys had a great time and I love all your videos!

Lightning Rod says:

My husband and I love cruising and have considered the Panama Canal cruise. He enjoyed your vlog as much as I did. This is another video I will share with him because you gave such a great recap. Thank you for taking time to make this. I love your channel!

Sharon C says:

Hi Crystal,
I’m enjoying your cruise series, and I remember that you had mentioned if we wanted the name of your travel agent. I would like to go on a cruise in September (Royal Carribean – Pacific Coast Cruise) but am thinking I would benefit from a travel agent. Would you be able to share yours if you like her? Thanks so much!

Jo Ann Foster says:

looking forward to our panama canal cruise in February of 18 on Coral Princess from California to Florida..We did sign up for a trip in every port; It is a 15 day cruise and I love to lay out by the pool and work out in the gym. love the days at sea in-between the different ports in our schedule. thx for your input. Jo Ann

wisconsindieter says:

I’ve been waiting for this!! Thanks!!

Claudia E says:

I really want to take the Panama Canal cruise through Disney cruise line. It looks like a lot of fun

mdm_ RTV says:

Could you do a video about the makeup that you packed for your cruises? If you already did, could you direct me to it?

ShesInLosAngeles says:

Hi Crystal, I really love watching your videos about cruising. This last one for the Panama Canal (especially the locks) was just so interesting. Even my husband watched.

We are not cruisers, rather we take lots of motor trips up the California Coast, the Gold Country or the National Parks such as Yosemite or Moab in Utah. We will splurge on nice hotels and, as retirees, just wing it as we go.

But I really love listening to your stories and living vicariously through your vlogs. Keep it up!! Jane

Barb Robbins says:

Thanks for this thorough cruise review!

Megan Peterson says:

Thank you for doing these Cruise vlogs and recaps- I’m a huge cruiser but have only done Western Caribbean on carnival so I would love to try other cruise lines and locations!!

Tammie S says:

Great review Crystal…we just returned yesterday from the Regal Princess 7 day Western…the ship was everything you said it was!

Kelli Goodman says:

We are looking at doing the same cruise next March. The only difference is that it will do Grand Cayman instead of Jamaica. Your videos are a huge help!

Marjorie P. says:

Great recap!! Would love to try a Panama cruise however my hubby is not keen, he prefers the Caribbean, what is your preference or do you have one? Great vlog as well! Thank you!

Maia Ritchie says:

Hahaha, I checked out your first video sand that was great! This great! Recap it! Your so lovely, enjoying you always 🙂

BusyBeingMom says:

Great recap! Thank you!

Mary Christopherson says:

These videos are great for anyone who wants to go on a cruise. Good info. I have only been on one (Norwegian Jewel- W. Caribbean ) and was disappointed with a few ports and only took one excursion. No beaches unless you took taxis. My friend won our tickets so didn’t really have much choice on the ship. Would love to do a different one sometime. * Just getting back with you since I moved and lost my youtube account. How is your thyroid doing?

Cadwaladr Thomas says:

Thank you for all the excellent cruise vlogs. I also like how you are doing a review of each cruise a while after you have returned and had time to gather your thoughts on each one

pjreisa5050 says:

Thank you so much! Any plans for your next cruise? Patty

SwapSeasons says:

Thx for your review of the Coral Princess. My husband and I are doing the 7 day Alaska cruise on this ship departing Vancouver on May 28th, for my BIG birthday. So excited!

Shida Styles says:

I love all your cruise videos my family and I will be going on our first one next month!! Can’t wait!!

chestnut638 says:

The few cruises I’ve done we opted to do a few excursions. It was worth it. But I get the time factor issue. Your lips look great!!

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