Crew Cabin Tour – Royal Princess Cruise Ship

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Julianna Quinn says:

Are you an employe

Hannan Rahman says:

Wow your well pretty you have a sexy force and wish I was with you beautiful xx

Johan van der Werff says:

Hahahaha, there are some shocking room mates out there

Yogesh Joshi says:

how can I apply job in cruise

MRrMrTARANTULA1986 says:

So many safety failures 😀 😀

pacluv says:

What kind of speakers are they? You said they were good but never said what brand they are

TheYeti000 says:

The handle in the shower for rough seas? You are on a cruise ship with stabilisers, you probably consider a 5 degree roll rough!

TA Lindsay says:

More space than I had on ship in Navy. Do u always have a roommate?

victoria xox says:

Did she really just expose where her key is at lol

Chas Sinclair says:

I’d like to take a shit in her mouth.

A Jaunt With Joy says:

I work on Princess too! As a seasonal youth staff! About to head to the Ruby for a week of spring break! 😀

chitop bin says:

what a messy girl!

Bullet-Catcher says:

$10 Dollars – you tight gits – modern day slavery

Captain says:

Up in hea the door open in hea the drawers open in hea keep my makeup on hea jewelry hangin up hea pitchas from the ship

Bryan A.Cal says:

Vegemite and womens underwear i luv to wear both. jk.

victoria xox says:

I was debating working on it, but fr after this video heck no lol selfish roommate plus It’s so little

5argeTech / says:

Vegemite!! Nòòòoooooooooooooooooooooo.?

Nicholas Bloxxer says:

What the fuck is wrong with these horny bastards in the comment section??

Emily Meggy says:

Aww just refound your channel. I remember watching your videos 4 years ago!

Elizabeth White says:

Do u stay on the cruise

Spencer Lyman says:

Looks pretty much identical to most of the rooms a had on Ruby

Mia Black says:

Are you aloud to use the guest pool?

Becky Kramer says:

LOL I have a food and underwear drawer and I live in an apartment!

Andy Murray says:

Not the first women to take vegemite out of her bra before…I bet

Ruan Dyssel says:

Where u from?

Graham Wormald says:

Go down stairs with high heels on or flip-flops on x

TheLifeOfElizaJoan says:

what happened to shell? i miss her videos so much hopefully someone can tell me

calim shannelle says:

that is wear my dad works

Steven Liszkai says:

Absolutely, completely useless – people want to know about the room, not your stuff.

Mark Miller says:

damn you are a slob, how do you stand living in that much clutter? I could not stand it if my cabin had crap in it.

Yogesh Joshi says:

how can I apply job in cruise

SwedZ KingZ says:

heeeeea LOL

deez nuts says:

your cabin looks like my balls so big and so much room and theres beds awsomes

Katie Lee says:

I went on that cruse and saw you

Niuean Laho says:

wow you are very pretty…………

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