Adonia Tour & Review ~ Fathom ~ Cruise Ship Tour & Review ~ Cuba ~ Cruise Review [4K Ultra HD]

Watch our review and tour of Fathom’s Adonia and its Cuban itinerary (Havana, Cienfuegos, Santiago de Cuba) including the ship’s accommodations: Balcony Cabin, Inside Cabin, Outside Cabin, Suite and Penthouse Suite; activities: atrium, reception, Explorers, Impact Travel, shopping, photo gallery, library, card room, curiosity boxes, The Crow’s Nest, Oasis Spa & Health Club, pool deck, foosball, table tennis, sun deck, jogging track and sky deck; dining: Lido Grill, The Conservatory, Raffles, The Pacific Restaurant, The Glass House and Ocean Grill; and entertainment: The Curzon Lounge, film screenings, live music, dancing and Anderson’s. ~ Visit Our Website:


Robert hunter says:

I will never do business with Fathom again. The most expensive tour in Cuba was, I my opinion inadequately explained and misrepresented, In spite of speaking with the captain– a very nice guy– the “explorer” desk was not only unresponsive to my complaint, voiced angrily, a woman, in effect called me a liar when I told her the captain had told me to speak with them. She said she did not believe I spoke with the captain. Next came a big guy who told me he was ending the conversation, and withdrew the woman with whom I had been meeting. In my view she had no interest in hearing me out, nor offering any resolution– and I did not even ask for a tour refund! She seemed only interested in refuting what I reported. From then on Trevor , the Captain was unavailable. One can only assume his gatekeepers would not share my visit with him, and as we prepared to dock back in Miami, I was told he was to busy to speak with me. The ship and crew were great, but not the tour people. The “meet and greet ” smile was, in my view, for show. When push came to shove, I was essentially ignored. My remark that I would provide my complaint via social media, was called a “threat”. Want more details. Tell me. I’ll provide them.

Xtract Gaming says:

1st yes

Keys Too Travel says:

Different and something for everybody. Enjoyed the video, thank you.

Willie Peck says:

I was recently on this ship and I can say it was amazing! I had a balcony cabin C061 to be exact. I instantly fell in love with the small size and the beautiful woodwork. I especially loved the impact activities they have in Dominican Republic. way different than the standard tourist cruise. like you mentioned the food wasn’t the best but it was good. probably one of my favorite things about the expierence was the patrons were encouraged to talk to each other. everyone was very friendly and willing to have a conversation. I would go on the cruise again if I could!

Pam Thomas says:

loved this. I think this ship is for us old timers. I don’t think the young people would enjoy this because this isn’t your typical cruise with entertainment.

1000 subs without a video says:

It’s going back to p&o where it belongs

Robert hunter says:

Who has the Captain’s name? Trevor? How to reach him?

Brice Bokesch says:

In my opinion the Disney Cruise Line is the best!

David McDonald says:

P&O food, which as you mentioned the crew and ship came from, is notoriously bad. This is why we would never go with them again.

The under seasoning for the British pallets is just an excuse for them to serve terrible food and it a really old stereotype about British people. We brits like flavour, in particular spice, just as much as Americans.

Your experience sounds similar to P&Os main ships where the only way to get anything decent is to pay extra for it.

We have been able to visit Cuba several times, coming from the UK, so glad you that you are finally able to experience it. Havana is my favourite destinations in the world.

AngelOfTheNight2007 says:

Enjoyed your cruise video very much & appreciated your honesty about the underwhelming food. I still would try the cruise because it travels to Cuba, and I would count on much better cuisine in Cuba. They say the best restaurants in Cuba are the ones in citizens’ homes. When I’m able to travel to Cuba, I’ll try a Fathom Adonia Cruise! Muchas gracias!

Jamie Dodge says:

Great job! We went the Fathom Adonia and had a wonderful trip. To be fair, the food was much than your review indicated and we have several picky eaters. That was a pleasant surprise for us.

karismatichick says:

Very well done video! I love the ending, Cuba is beautiful


no more adonia, going back to p&o

hilstorm3 says:

Does the ship offer bus tours? Is there assigned seating for the main dining room?

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