Why I’m So Excited About The Brand New Norwegian Bliss

My first cruise through the Panama Canal is going to be on a brand new cruise ship: the Norwegian Bliss. Combining the best features of the Norwegian Escape with some new innovations, NCL’s newest mega ship looks like she’ll be one of the best cruise ships in the world.

In this video, I’ll explain what it is about the Norwegian Bliss that has me so excited, including an amazing thermal suite within the spa, a diverse array of specialty dining options, and the best waterslides you’ll find on any cruise ship.

I’ll be on one of the first cruises… as NCL brings their newest ship to the west coast of the United States for Alaska cruises, Mexican Riviera cruises, as well as Caribbean cruises during the winter months… thanks to the new expansion of the Panama canal.

In this video, I mention three or four times that we’ll be doing a 14-day Panama canal cruise on the Norwegian Bliss… but it turns out that I didn’t have the facts totally correct on that. It will actually be even better than that: it’s going to be a 15-day cruise.

On other bit of “fake news” on the video is where I mentioned the Brazilian steakhouse. There will be no such thing on the Norwegian Bliss. It was rejected in favor of the Texas smokehouse.

Once I complete that cruise and have time to edit all the photos and videos, look for a comprehensive review of the Norwegian Bliss on my web site at www.jimzim.net as well as several videos about Norwegian Bliss here on my YouTube channel.


Pauline Potts says:

I have booked a Spa Mini Suite on the Getaway in December. I am so excited.

USSVoyager5 says:

Im more FAN of the DISNEY CRUISE LINE of the Disney Wonder ship, Disney Cruise Line is the best

Sylvia Elena says:

Great video, so many tips, thanks Jim! I just suscribed to your channel. I´ll be on the same cruise as you and your wife on May 10th, I can´t wait, so near now! I´d like to ask you a question about the insurance. I passed on the $ 400 insurance, since I have a good insurance through my Visa credit card with Universal Assistance. But a few days ago I received an email from NCL offering me the Essentials Travel Protection Plan for $ 25. Do you know anything about it and if it´s worth purchasing it?

USSVoyager5 says:

Disney Cruise Ships the Disney Dream and Fantasy has the best Slides than Norwegian it starts from 1 funnel and goes through the 2nd Funnel much better than the N Bliss

ynot nova says:

Just found out the the go-kart track and the laser tag will cost about $5.00 on the cruise

Michael Morbach says:

Jim, I met you on our CCL cruise. We went to a private beach in Mexico. I had just retired from the fire department in Florida. I will be out your way in October. A good friend of mine lives in San Diego and we will sail the Bliss out of LA. This is my first trip out west other than Vegas so upon return I am driving the PCH up to San Francisco. The Bliss looks amazing..

idiotic person says:

We booked ours for Bahamas March 2019

Audra Abbott says:

See you on the Bliss in May Jim!

Andi S says:

Is there Chinese food in Norwegian cruise?

Karen Miller says:

I am excited, we are taking our 2nd cruise ever at the same time as you, Jimzim..Hope it as spectacular as you make it sound.

Andrew Tai says:

would you recommend to buy the “Booksafe Travel Protection” its almost another $400 !!! doesn’t my credit card already have that?
i mean, if NCL decided to cancle the trip wouldn’t NCL give us a refund?

The Tyler Show says:

ovation of the seas Alaska 2019 Lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sean Wilson says:

Wish I could go

Midwayguy24 says:

I have been on the Norwegian Breakaway(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JguB3ZaUZQ)

Lance B says:

Thanks for the encouraging peak Jim! We’ve done Escape twice and are booked next October on the Bliss out of LA to Mexico. It’ll be nice to grab a $12 Uber ride to port vs. the $1,000+ flight to Miami to finally have one of the newer, bigger ships right in our backyard!

amnistar says:

i live by two ports one is in bayonne in nj the state im from and the second port is in nyc

Tim Moore says:

Great video! Will be on the Bliss in May for the Panama Canal Cruise. Looking forward to it !



Valentina Lamons says:

I’m going on this cruise too! Can you make a video about your trip please!

Paul Ulloa says:

I will be on the Panama Canal Cruise as well.

Lorraina Allen says:

Did you say the Alaska cruise season is 3 months?  Nope, it’s a full 5 months May – Sept and getting longer as we speak.

Kevin Rietveld says:

I am on the same cruise! Very excited!!!

Melanated Loc Goddess says:

We are booked for December 2018 Caribbean cruise. I am so excited.

Sally Smith says:

Hey, Brother, bring it on! I challenge you to a gocart race!

Austin’s Awesome Roblox says:

I’m going on it

Patti Byrski says:

See you on the Panama cruise; and in the Thermal Spa. TY for the great info.

dianapuse says:

too bad that your Instagram account is not really active. nice video! I work for NCL. Joining the Bliss in May…see you all there!

Terry B says:

Absolutely wonderful video and description of NCL Bliss! We’ve never cruised but are sailing for the first time on the Bliss to Alaska September 2018. Everything about this ship looks even more amazing through this video even though we’ve seen a lot of photos. Also thank you so much for NOT highlighting that Laser Tag game which really seems totally out of place for any ship really but especially one that was specifically built for the quiet, serene peaceful beauty of Alaska. This seems like a classy ship that really didn’t need something so barbaric. But again, my whole reason for posting was to say thanks, your videos are great and this one tops the cake!

Brad Johnson says:

I will be on the same cruise May 10th 🙂

Kaitlyn Moore says:

Going to Alaska in June on this ship!!! Anyone else??

Kevin Jacques says:

Just want to let you know celerbity reflection was awful. Stay with royal

Derek Del Fante says:

Excellent video, Jim!

i love cheesecake says:

2 WEEKS WOW lucky.

Dylan Bish says:

I will be traveling on the Norwegian bliss in November 2018 to the Caribbean

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