Norwegian Getaway – Review and Ship tour

Best deals here: The Norwegian Getaway is the new construction for Norwegian Cruise Line in 2014. See all the highlights of the Norwegian Getaway in this video.


zmichael11 says:

I just got off this. I absolutely love it. It has something for everybody. It is fantastic.

Jared Mcpherson says:

I want on this Cruise ship last year

El Parla Gomez says:

acabó de desembarcar de este barco y es el peor crucero que hice nunca. de 5 paradas en dos no paro y en otras dos llego tardisimo al puerto con lo que eso conlleva en una excursión programada y pagada.
horrible la experiencia no volveré con esta compañía

Paul Joyce says:

I am preparing for my first cruise which will be on the Getaway.  Thanks for such a great video and review.  I can’t wait to start my vacation on this beautiful ship.

MichaelPlaysCod says:

Just cruised on that ship last week thank you for all the information

Lauren Cephus says:

Thank you for noting what you had to pay for and what was free…that was very helpful.

Rosangel Fernandez says:

This weekend I’ll be there with my family 🙂

Nick Cody says:

Just went on this ship last week and have to say it was incredible!

SolarMoth says:

I love your voice, best review guy ever.

MNM Productions says:

I watched this and I was like ahhh I went on this twice. Once in the carrribian and once in Europe. It’s a great ship definitely recommend it

PersonaG31 says:

The should have made the slide curve over the edge of the ship and have the tub be see through. I would want to get on the ship just for the damn slide!lol

John Amacher says:

Going in 2-days.  March 8th.  Mini Suite #10316 with large balcony.  CAN’T WAIT.

Marcy Loucks says:

I would like to go on that cruise ship one day , the Norwegian getaway is a great shirt to go on

Joe Holguin says:

Great video, thanks for the tour. We will be sailing on 5/14/15 excited.

Tina2tu says:

Awesome accent and awesome review!!

AtlantaVol27 says:

great video – loved your commentary; we are going on this ship during Thanksgiving, 2016.

Acc0rd79 says:

Very good job, Nice hearing a Germany accent again. I haven’t been back to Germany in about 5 years, somehow the gf and now wife kept making me go on all these cruises each vacation… darn her:) Keep up the good work!


how about the fitness center?  From the video it looks really bad

Vince Khiev says:

Awesome ship

linda jackson says:

I will be going on this cruise On May 2014 ,looking forward to Norwegian’s new ship
been on NCL several times. I enjoy your videos,

Cancella CDC says:

Does the Norwegian Getaway chake a lot?

Mark says:

Thank you, for posting this video.  Your a million present rite, the getaway looks somewhat like the Breakaway.  I just don’t understand, why a art gallery on both ships??  Lets not forget the paintings are not cheap, I had seen one go for $12,000.  Taste is a great restaurant and the Garden Café is good as well.  Happy Happy Washy Washy lol.  I’m glad to see that the Getaway has a mojito bar.

Robert Ryan says:

Well done…sailing on her in a few weeks!

hardcoregaming1012 says:

I’m going this Saturday! I’m pumped!

Alonso Carlen says:

Does this have a bball court

sebi rodriguez says:

the teen lauoge is for 12 and older right??

Parker Sciolino says:

Oh wow i just got off the Norwegian epic
It’s very similar. Nice review!

nicholas parisi says:

Just returned from the NCL Getaway cruise ; “9 Day Baltic Capitals From Copenhagen” beginning June 12th. We were very excited about going on this cruise since we recently tried the NCL Breakaway.
Looking forward to our first excursion, Berlin, we were disappointed when we heard that weather conditions, wind, was to severe for the NCL Getaway to port in Warnemunde, Germany, where our first excursion scheduled for Berlin, would begin.
1. We were told the ship had to pick up supplies.
2. We had to pick up 400 passengers, while an additional 400 would be disembarking.
Winds continued ( down to 25-28 knots) and we were told that the NCL Getaway will continue to attempt to port through the night.
Berlin excursions were cancelled… understood. The health, safety and welfare of ALL passengers is the top priority in the decision made by our Captain.
Day 2 winds had diminished allowing the NCL Getaway to arrive at port. All passengers were allowed to disembark and spend a few hours in Warnemunde, German, while supplies were brought on board. We were told it would take 2-2:30 hours to complete. This would allow the Getaway to continue on to Tallinn, Estonia, our second port.
3. Upon our return an announcement was made that our second port, Tallinn, Estonia, was cancelled. There was not enough time to proceed to Tallinn and still make port in St. Petersburg, Russia as scheduled.

Two ports cancelled why?
1. The Captain explained that the NCL Getaway has a tall profile (16 decks) and acts like a sail. The possibility of being blown back and forth through the NARROW approach was dangerous. NCL decided to wait another day and sit it out. This, while a smaller cruise ship could have proceeded to port at Warnemunde.
The NCL Getaway was a new ship in this area, the largest ship to attempt these ports.
2. Lines grew long as many passengers were disappointed having the first two ports cancelled.
We were eventually told that NCL would send a letter in consideration for the disappointing decision to cancel a second port. This was suppose to arrive in our staterooms the last night of the cruise.
3. Passengers who were picked up at Warnemunde,
making the 2 hour trip from Berlin that day to join the cruise, received a letter offering the following:
A. $50.00 on board credit and
B. A credit for 1 day of the cost of the entire cruise.
4. The 400 passengers scheduled to disembark remaining on board until the port was achieved, stayed in their stateroom receiving all the benefits of the cruise. Any airline flight problems were resolved by NCL as well as hotel accommodation.
5. 3,600 passengers who will remain on board to complete the entire cruise, lost the initial 2 port excursions received nothing.

NCL took a hard line to the “BOTTOM LINE”…
Profit… profit over passenger satisfaction.

FACT: 1. NCL’s decision to remain in the Baltic Sea was based on the financial burden necessary to accommodate the 800 passengers. Evangelos Markozannes, Assistant Hotel Director, stated that it cost NCL $500,000 to sit in the Baltic Sea and would cost an additional $1,500,000 to provide transportation to bring the 400 boarding passengers to Tallinn, Estonia, and disembark 400 passengers sending them back to Berlin.
2. NCL made a financial decision that reduced the 3,600 passengers cruise by 33%.
3. NCL compensated the passengers disembarking or joining the cruise.
4. The decision to utilize the NCL Getaway, the tallest and largest ship to attempt these ports in the Baltic Sea, was based on profit… the bottom line.. without any consideration to the passengers experience and financial burden they have undertaken to arrange this cruise.
Disappointed in the cruise, disappointed in NCL not placing the passengers experience over profits.

Matt Redman says:

Not sure which was better: The video, or smiling at the accent! I was crackin’ up!   😀

(aber tolle video egal, haha)

ThePOVguy says:

Once, my mom told my sister, her boyfriend Matt and his kids and I told us that we were going to stay at a farm for a week which made us mad. But it was actually a joke, so the truth was that we are going on the Norwegian Getaway for a whole week this summer of 2016 which made us really excited!!

themichelle NY says:

Just got off two weeks ago. Really nice. The gym should be bigger, but overall, it was amazing.

Sarah Medeiros says:

Awesome job on the video. Im going in January so I wanted to see what it looked like. Do you know if you could pay extra to go into the haven or is it strictly suite only guests

Veronica Sauza says:

Hi Matt:

I’m taking this cruice on september in the bailtic sea. Do you think that is possible to swim?.. are the swimming pools heated?

cuqui Alfonso says:

thanks for sharing wish this video was updated 2016-

hardrum100 says:

Just came off that wonderful ship. Must go again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ava Peoples says:

This looks really boring. Can anyone help, what is there to do other than the restaurants and the little casino? Doesn’t seem to compare to Royal Caribbean’s new ships. Help please

Ashton Ball says:

Great Review! If you had to pick, what was your favorite restaurant, your favorite bar, your favorite entertainment, and your favorite spot to sit on the boat to relax?

Lots of questions! but it help me gauge what things to check out first!

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