Norwegian Getaway Cruise Review & Disembarkment (NCL)

A short and sweet review of the Norwegian Getaway while disembarking in Port Miami. This cruise line is amazing, I would recommend that everyone try this cruise and ship. We had a blast, it was fantastic!


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Amanda Hall says:

What time did you disembark of the ship?

slumnote says:

Next time youre going to cruise on this ship again, ( mine twice Feb 2015 and Jan 2016 diff itineraries) try the illusinarium, if you like vagas style magic and or magician, you will like illusinarium. its i think $30 pp but that includes a 3 course meal, drinks and the entertainment. we went for the experienced. It was entertaining and worth the experienced. Also, if you want to treat your mom/dad, you can purchased the mandara spa package. ours was $199, unlimited use, for the next 7 days, therapeutic pool, jacuzzi, hot tub, whirlpool, salt bath, steam room, drinks, heated lounges and a one time 45 min swedish massages. thank you for all the videos.

El Parla Gomez says:

acabo de desembarcar del getaway y puedo decir que es el peor crucero que hice.
de 5 paradas dos no las hizo y otras dos llego tarde.
el peor viaje de mi vida gracias por arruinarme las vacaciones.

guccijoshie says:

Great video dude! I’m going on this ship this coming summer which is including stops at Denmark(it leaves from there), Russia, Estonia, etc… Very excited, so thank you for giving me even more of an excitement boot!

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