Norwegian Epic cruise ship – Norwegian Epic review

Norwegian Epic cruise ship, Norwegian Epic review:

With it’s unique design the Norwegian Epic stand out from all the other cruise ships in the Norwegian fleet. But is it a good ship?

let’s do a quick review of the cruise ship the Norwegian Epic and see it’s it’s worth sailing on.

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Tony Antonio says:

I agree with you on the space.  We wanted to relax out on the deck and use the water slides.  There was no space available.  We ended up riding the slides a few times and then went back to the Haven to relax.  The Haven area has a lot of places to relax without being crowded!

KarrenK says:

still like this ship had a really great cruise back in 2014

Ginger Rogers says:

Postive thoughts all the way

Glock2201 says:

Another great video. It looks like this ship and ships like the Bliss and Getaway are designed so they have a lot of rooms with balconies.

Jennie Spooner says:

I think we all need to do a group prayer here for our great friend Don ..there’s power in prayer…..sending a group hug here too coming your way for a speedy recovery …Your a great Travel agent and you know all the things a person needs to know to have the most fabulous trip …..well be waiting for you ..I hope you have some pretty nurses ..and not some …well never mind from us all <3

Donna Joyce says:

Really like your channel Don. Best of luck with your surgery. Please keep us posted. Thanks!

Terri Zielke says:

I would never recommend the Epic. The cabins were awkward and small feeling. But what I liked the least was how it seemed there were always so many people everywhere. There was always lines for whatever you wanted. Forget getting close to the pool. I felt like cattle.

Sally Hoffman says:

Checked this video out since my friend just got off the Epic yesterday. I really enjoy your videos! We are in Buffalo…so glad I found your channel.

Matthew Hoffman says:

Congratulations on your quick recovery from your surgery and may you continue down your path of continuing good health. Appreciate all your helpful information and tips. It makes the cruise experience that much more enjoyable and stress free. Just got back from a 7 Day Western Caribbean Cruise on the NCL EPIC out of Port Canaveral and stayed in the solo cabin. For a single traveler there was plenty of room in the cabin although the space for the toilet was extremely tight. The shower had a nice glass enclosure rather than just a shower curtain so that was very nice and the bedding was marvelous. Slept like a baby. Enjoyed the bowling, the water slides, and the entertainment (Priscilla Queen of the Desert/Burn The Floor and a cover group doing the Beatles nightly). Would definitely take another cruise on the EPIC.

Sherla Dixon says:

I’m sailing on this ship this Saturday. I feel a vacation is what you make of it and I am super excited about this cruise. Thanks for the review. God bless on your surgery praying for healing

Michael Farley II says:

Thank you for doing this review. I wanted to go on the Escape in Feb of 2019 but that ship is booked clear thru oct. so i was looking at Epic and doing some research to see how people liked it. One thing im glad you mentioned was the solo cabin since I will he solo. No other reviews talked about solo cabins for this ship so thanks again !

Denise Allen says:

Had the worst cruise ever on the Epic in December. Horrible customer service. I contracted the NoroVirus. NCL will not return a call. Completely unacceptable.

Robert Sedlak says:

I just booked for March 2019. Excited.

Will Dumont says:

ugliest ship on Earth

Canadian Vlogger eh says:

it look like they added units on top of a cruise ships. It does look a little odd

Peorhum says:

Nice video but I would avoid the distorted images in future, as it give false impression of dimensions.

joecichlid says:

Sending my best and wishing you a speedy recovery.

Wendy Murphy says:

Hope your surgery went ok today!! looking forward to more videos when your up to it!!!

jason B says:

another nice review. I like how you don’t get bogged down and just tell it like it is some good some bad

gnrands50 says:

Thanks, Don for another good vid, but you neglected to
mention the biggest difference between the Epic and every other ship:  The cabin bathrooms.  They put a separate toilet stall (with a
glass door) on one side of the entry way, the shower stall on the other side,
and a tiny sink out in the main cabin by the mini bar.  If I’m cruising with a casual friend or have
visitors in my cabin there is very little bathroom privacy.  I don’t know if it’s only the balcony cabins
that have this bizarre design, but I’m glad the newer Breakaway-class ships
returned to regular enclosed bathrooms.

Losnam07 says:

Don worry Don you gonna be here for a good while!!

Jennie Spooner says:

Thanks Don another great one …and we always just love to see you …I was on a Norwegian Spirit …very great time ….I love the idea of the solo rooms on the Epic ..i just might have to try that some day …. Have a good night …

Voice of reason says:

nice review Don good luck with the operation soon

Ottawa Homes says:

love that restaurant

Carolyn Gardner says:

They are call productions shows

Movieboys says:

Good luck Friday Don

Nick Axsom says:

Hello Sir, I have prayed for you on your upcoming surgery. I absolutely love your content , my favorite channel on YouTube!

Robert Sedlak says:

Thanks man. Good luck.

Southern Peach Homemaker says:

I will be praying you have an uncomplicated surgery and a speedy recovery.
This is a great review. I will be sailing on the Epic next month and can’t wait to get away from this cold.

Lozibiza resident says:

Love the Epic, doing the repositioning cruise in November! Hope you are recovering well, Don and thanks for the upload!

Boat Lover says:

Hi Don. Good luck with your surgery, get well soon. I have been on this ship 3 times and really like it a lot.

If you are looking for more quiet space, the top deck forward is the place to go. You can get there using the forward stairs or the stand alone elevator just outside of the buffet on the Starboard side. The very front has nice padded lunges and chairs that are only completely full about two hours a day. There aren’t a lot of amenities up there but they do set up a small bar during busy times near the elevator. There are also a couple of showers if you get hot. The rest of the area is usually wide open.

Most complaints regard the room with the opaque shower doors. This really is not problem unless you are traveling with a friend or sibling IMO. They have added a curtain between the sleeping area and shower/toilet. I do like the sink in the room so two people can work on getting ready at the same time. I actually did not mind the curved walls as they gave you more clearance to get past the bed.

An embarkation tip if you get on fairly early is to eat in O’Sheehan’s. Free sit down meal with bar service without the first day panic of the buffet.

I do, personally, find the NCL specialty dining to be excellent and reasonably priced. I think they also have the best loyalty program by far!

jackiedanny1 says:

All of these new big ships don’t seem to have balconies overhanging the water so you can watch the waves go by, the balconies seem to look down at deck or worse other people’s balconies

Gail Abert says:

Interesting video, Don, I’ve never been on an NCL ship. Thank you and please recover from your surgery quickly, we will miss you! 🙂

Veranga says:

I was researching Norwegian recently, and it seems even the most expensive drink packages didn’t include specialty coffee?

Taylor Ference says:

Love your videos Don! Hope your surgery goes well! Have you ever been on a cosplay cruise? I’m going on one next month in February! What are the main differences between carnival and royal?

Robert Greenhouse says:

I did a studio room on the Epic last January. Loved it!

Harry Axe says:

A Square is the greatest floor area (to wall ratio) compared to any non square rectangle, Architects start with squares when designing building space.

Gwen Hebert says:

Thanks for the great update of this ship! But what about the Carnival valor will be traveling in 2019 from New Orleans port. Can you give an overview of the ship and it’s amenities! After your surgery if you have time ! Good luck will be praying for you!

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