Norwegian Dawn (Bermuda) Cruise Review


TheRealJordan says:

YAAAS! I went on this cruise the last 3 years and im going again this Friday. Your review is so accurate except for the seafood part cuz I love seafood haha. But fun boat, but it gets boring after doing it over and over and over haha.

Tyler Caram says:

im from mass to

Wendy Meuret says:

So why didn’t you just make a standing reservation for each night at the same restaurant? That is also part of the Free style dining

kram svrev says:

Hi, nice review…..change your smoke detector battery, it could save your life!!!! 😉

Randy Scott says:

Just did the Norwegian Dawn Mexican cruise out of New Orleans, you nailed it about the shows ! Six flags/Worlds of fun shows for the first two days. It sucked to sit there and watch them. They sang off key big time ! I loved the tiered decks for laying out in the sun by the pool . Excellent cruise Director Gio or Gino what ever the hell his name was . Wait , don’t go ,, there’s no paper in there ! His jokes still crack me up ! Were doing the same cruise again in August with the whole family .

Tyler Caram says:

i go tomarrow

Maria Parker says:

i had a miserable time on the norwegian dawn. went out of boston to bermuda also. the food was mediocre…well, it was actually gross to me. i was so unimpressed. the walls are paper thin so had to hear our neighbor coughing for 2 hours straight. we were put in a room under a restaurant and in the middle of every single night they kept sliding furniture around and banging stuff. it was horrible. we complained a lot. they gave us a free meal at one of the restaurants you have to pay for and once again it was gross. and they gave us a $200 voucher for on the ship that we used to pay for the COMPLIMENTARY food! everytime you eat at one of the complimentary restaurants they charge you like $13. isnt complimentary supposed to be…complimentary. also, i got sick so i was even more miserable. i couldn’t wait to get off the ship and will probably never go on a cruise again. it’s just not for me. bermuda was nice though. the shows were good, but food and rooms…horrible.

Adam B says:

Norwegian cruises are too expensive in my opinion, what do you think? Also are you going on a cruise March 2017?

Get Fit With Jess says:

Thank you for your review. My husband and I are going on a western Caribbean cruise on The Dawn in February from New Orleans. I’ve read a lot of mixed reviews about Dawn, and I’m getting a little nervous about it. This will be my husbands first cruise. Ive been on Royal Caribbean years ago. I felt like we’ve spent a pretty decent amount of money on this upcoming cruise, so I’m getting concerned about how well we will like it…I know you refereed to Carnival a lot and comparing the two. I”ve not heard great things about Carnival, so that is concerning me as well. I’m really looking forward to the cruise and all of the stops we will be making. I hope we feel like it is money well spent. Any extra input you have would be great. Thanks!

JulieOfficial TV says:

Just wanted to make this clear to everyone before I keep getting rude comments…I LOVED the Norwegian Dawn it was an awesome cruise with so much to do such great entertainment and such a great port and itinerary. I would HIGHLY recommend this cruise to anyone! People are getting caught up in the thumbs down I gave which was for the food. The food was not bad….but personally for me it was blan and repetitive. You guys have to remember that my cultures food has lots of flavor so thats what I’m use to. But I did enjoy the food I tried a lot of new different things that I wouldn’t normally try including some seafood ! 🙂 So YES I DID ENJOY THE DAWN IT WAS AMAZING

Jamil Wilcox says:

Nice your very beautiful

Tracey Keith says:

Hi … great review… I have been on Carnival twice and I really enjoyed them but I was looking at the New ship Harmony of the Seas vs. Carnival Vista… The reason why I am asking you is because I have two teenagers.. girl will be 14 and boy will be 17… Why did you not like Royal Caribbean? I would of thought it would have more for teenagers… Did you go to the Teenage club? I thought you would give some good advise 🙂

Walnut Watson says:

I love carnival too

Anthony Borgonzi says:

I went on but they had a Mexican restaurant, Asian, Aqua, Venetian, le bistro and much more

Adam B says:

When’s ur next cruise

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