Norwegian Cruise Line – The ULTIMATE Guide

We take a look at staterooms, cabins, entertainment, the different types of cruise ships and let you know what’s included and what’s not such as beverage drinks packages and excursions.

Including information about the NCL Epic, Bliss, Escape, Getaway, Breakaway, Jade, Gem, Spirit and many more.

Information in this video is correct at time of filming. For the latest details of pricing and ships see

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Steve Roth says:

This is a fantastic overview of NCL; great job, gents! My wife and I sailed the Star in 2015 and were so impressed by Norwegian that we booked the Escape for 2016 just weeks after returning from the cruise aboard the Star. We are now booked on the Bliss for Jan. 2019 and can’t wait. The crew, food, entertainment, and ships themselves have made us fall in love with Norwegian and have made us loyal NCL cruisers.

There are just a couple of small things that you forgot to mention; namely, NCL’s ongoing “Free at Sea” promotions and the ability to make the specialty dining and show reservations online ahead of your sail date. Regarding the Free at Sea promotions, NCL is almost always running these, with guests having the option of picking from five different included “perks” at the time of booking (the Ultimate Beverage Package, Specialty Dining Package, Internet Package, Friends/Family sail free, and Shore Excursion Credit). The amount of perks you can select is based on your cabin type, with Studio and Inside Cabins being offering a choice of one of the perks, Oceanview, Balconies, and Mini-Suite cabins having a choice of two of the five, and Suites and The Haven cabins allowing the choice of all five perks. This can really save people a lot of money, particularly with the Ultimate Beverage Package (you still have to pay the gratuities, however).

With regards to specialty dining and show reservations, NCL will allow guests to make the reservations online up to 90 days ahead of your sail date (and, I believe, 100 days ahead for guests in The Haven). And while you are 100% correct in that it is kind of a pain to plan out your show and dining times on an otherwise freestyle cruise, you can save yourself a huge headache and disappointment by making said reservations ahead of time. This is especially true on NCL’s large ships, where the shows and most popular restaurants fill up quickly.

Anyway, thanks again you guys, and great job!

ecoRfan says:

I went on the Jewel in July 2011 and am going on the Spirit this June into July. A little disappointed that I am going on an older ship, but no days at sea this longer cruise. Hoping for a good experience.

Rosalyn Schmidt says:

You said in the “cons” entertainment is extra. I thought it was included? Can you clarify please.

Cassandra F says:

My favorite cruise line!!! Great job guys!!

Mark Misewicz says:

Outstanding information….very thorough. We typically have only cruised with Carnival, but scheduled our first Norwegian Cruise as well as first Alaskan Cruise for September 2019. I absolutely appreciate this video.

Andrea Rivette says:

Which ships have an adults only area?

Carol Rogers says:

Been on the Sky, Spirit, and 2ce on the Dawn. Loved the layout of the Sky best, and like the smaller ships.

Minna Moonsammy says:

As a disabled cruiser,  Norwegian is one of my favorite choices.  I travel with my service dog and they are incredibly accommodating.  Thanks for the great information.  Cheers!

My Budget Channel says:

fucking pair of gays

Jim Sinnett says:

Thanks for the great video guys. My wife and I are cruising on the NCL Spirit on 25 March out of Barcelona- our third Spirit cruise and fifth NCL. Can’t wait for the next video!

Cole Tanner says:

If you’re asked to leave an area for construction improvements or if sawdust gets into your drink from the constant upgrading power-sawing or if you’re asked to make way for construction workers who have to move things through your area to access areas they need…you’ll get a 25% discount on your next cruise!

D F says:

From a former travel agent for 19 years, with a specialization in cruises… I have to say, guys are awesome. You do really informative videos that are great for new cruisers as well as experienced ones. Keep up the great work!

John Scott says:

Best NCL video I’ve watched, thanks.

egregg57 says:


Rebecca Link says:

Me: Oooo there is a new video up by Honest Cruising, let me tell my husband (walks upstairs )
Husband: (already watching the video) Did you see there is another Honest Cruising video up?

Apparently your video was a top highlight of today for us to watch :-). Keep making your videos we love them.

Josefina Hilomen says:

I went on Norwegian Jewel.

Tony Antonio says:

Great video on NCL! My partner and I love NCL. We’ve sailed in the Haven on 5 of their ships and are set to sail the Getaway out of Copenhagen in the Haven too!

James Bolger says:

I love your videos, but this one reads like a commercial. Disappointed.

Aimee Rogers says:

I love Norwegian. This vlog makes me want to book another one. When will you two be taking your next NCL Cruise and which ship will it be?

Tommy Brown says:

You two are awesome! Not only honest and very informative, but funny as hell! Keep the videos coming!!!

My Budget Channel says:


Brendan Becker says:

As per the norm, a wonderful video. Although my husband and I have only been on one cruise with Norwegian (with another pending in August), I’ve done extensive research and would be happy to help anyone on the Americas side of the Pond with possible details that our fine hosts may not know about. (There are inclusive packages to choose depending on the cabin selected, for example.)
But again, most importantly, this is a wonderful primer for those thinking about NCL. As for Tony and me, we’ve drunk the Kool-Aid and can’t wait for our next NCL cruise.

Viviana Corina Castro Garcia says:

What about parties in the cruises?clubs and stuff…

Glock2201 says:

Great video. Very informative and detailed. We have only been on NCL Dawn and Gem so we only know NCL and the freestyle cruising. We loved it but can’t really compare to having times and location set for us. Some people I have talked to like being with the same people every night. We are going on RCCL in 2019 but our group chose my time dining.

We have been fortunate that our first cruise we had 2 upgrades available and we chose the beverage package and 3 nights specialty dining. You still have to pay the 20% gratuities on the beverage package but you can easily cover that if you drink at all. NCL calls it Free at Sea and they offer it on the majority of their cruises.

Cheryl Young says:

The Breakaway O’Sheehan’s is not serving anything at night. In fact you can’t find anything to eat at night except some rolls and coffee in O’Sheehan’s. I went to get coffee and the staff seemed annoyed and bluntly told me there isn’t any food at this time before I even asked. Putting that aside I had a great cruise no other complaints other then false advertising here about food all night. I loved the crew they were on the whole awesome except that one time.

soulfullmusic100 says:

The best cruise vloggers on the net by far.

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