Norwegian Breakaway Tour & Review ~ Norwegian Cruise Line ~ Cruise Ship Tour & Review ~ Enjoy Popular Cruising’s cruise ship review and tour of the Norwegian Breakaway from Norwegian Cruise Line as we evaluate the Peter Max hull art, 678 Ocean Place, The Waterfront, Carlo’s Bake Shop, Dolce Gelato, The Manhattan Room, Burn the Floor, Savor, Taste, Mixx Bar, Le Bistro, La Cucina, Moderno Churrascaria, Cagney’s Steakhouse, Prime Meridian Bar, Ocean Blue by Geoffrey Zakarian, Wasabi, Shanghai’s Noodle Bar, Teppanyaki, Cirque Dreams & Dinner Jungle Fantasy, Breakaway Theater, Rock of Ages, Headliners Comedy Club, Fat Cats Jazz & Blues Club, Slam Allen Band, Splash Academy, Entourage, video arcade, Under 2 Zoo, Aqua Park, water slides, Sports Complex, ropes course, rock climbing wall, pool deck, Mandara Spa & Salon, gym, Vibe Beach Club, Uptown Bar & Grill, Garden Cafe, Spice H2O, Sabrett Hot Dogs, Bliss, SVEDKA Ice Bar, Maltings Beer & Whiskey Bar, Shaker’s Martini Bar, Bar 21, casino, shopping, O’Sheehan’s Bar & Grill, staterooms, suites, Studio Lounge, and The Haven. ~


OldManWiliker z says:

going in july

Ruth Martin says:

Were booked November 2017…YAHOO, can’t wait!!

Valerie Vargas says:

Wonder what are the ages for the kids and teens facilities? I see there’s no space for only tweens like in the other cruise lines you mentioned in your other videos, in the Carnival cruise lines, Club Ocean is for ages 2-11, Circle C is for ages 12-14 and Club O2 (is it) is for ages 15-17 but no nursery for babies unlike in the Disney cruise lines, the Small World Nursery is for 3 and under, the Ocean’s Club and Lab are for ages 3-12, the Edge is for ages 11-14 and the Vibe is for ages 14-17 if I’m not mistaken. If so than that would mean 11 or 12 year olds can go to the Oceaner’s or the Edge and 14 year olds can go to the Edge or the Vibe plus 3 year olds can go to the Nursery or the Oceaner’s.

Barbara MC says:

I just got back from that cruise

Corn Fed says:

Great video. UGLY ship.

Peter M says:

I hated the breakaway.. Prefer allure / oasis of the sea (rc)

Love animaljam says:

I am going in two days I feel like I’m going to BURST

Anthony Fryar says:

I’m going on it
today 2/25/16

MATT says:

Just got off the breakaway in New York today.

Jaren Silver says:

I was on this ship in December. I loved it so much. I basically recommend at least this one to anyone

Santina Rosario says:

Looking forward to sail on the breakaway in October 2015

The Lego Manaic 518 says:

I have a friend who went on this very ship, and he told me it was equal to Royal Caribbean, now that we have sailed on both,

Brady Curelop says:

Going on April 29, hope they are ready for me

Chris Nicholas says:

So, the Norwegian Breakaway is the home of the New York City at sea. Right?

lope 222 says:

I love this ship. Some prefer royal carribean but it just feels like a giant plaza. the breakaway feels like a cruise ship should and you are free to do anything(as long as you have the money!)

A Lone Wolf says:

It’s a nice cruise guys go on it 100% safe everything is so nice

xIzzayyx says:

i went there

Judy Sykes says:

I can’t wait!!

Craig Zorzy says:

are the restaurants inclusive or do you have to pay?

Jack Patterson says:

I liked this ship. When I went during Christmas Break, they cancelled the trip to Great Stirrup Cay and that almost ruined my vacation. I had fun on the ship though. The water slides were awesome and I was having a fun time at the arcade and bowling alley. I loved the buffet on this ship. You can get Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner until 11:30 pm. The only thing me and my family did off the ship was snorkeling at Nassau and that was it. We were planning to jet ski and snorkel on the private island but the trip got cancelled and that still disappoints me. I would go back on this ship to go back to Florida and the Bahamas with no cancellations!

Jack Rinderer says:

I’m going tomorrow

Universe Utopia says:

I have a question: is all this food free once you pay for the trip?

Nodariy Sharifov says:

Going on December 18th, 2016
Cant wait!

rainbowkitty 454 says:

I’m going at the end of march vlogging it so excited

Kaitlin O'Malley says:

I’m going in March and I’m beyond excited:)

Ava Barfield says:

This cruise ship is amazing the service is great and the aqua park is awesome and the ship is kid friendly I went on this ship right after it was built. The exquisite Peter Max paintings on the ship just catch your eyes. Bermuda is not the best, but the extraordinary ship makes up for all of it. If you go to Bermuda be sure

buzzerd48 says:

Norwegian Cruise line is a rip off! Don’t book with a crook. Take my $5000, sell me insurance in case something happens, they mix up the paper work and deny us boarding, after the ship’s gone say should have let us go, they were sorry, but please  get out of the terminal now! Really! No joke. Then find out that the insurance we bought is, GET THIS, OWNED BY NORWEGIAN!!!! No crap, what a scam. So we filed a claim for our money back, and a letter came back from “Berkley Insurance” (Norwegian) stating that it was not their fault for the missing documents, which they had along, and they would give a credit of 75% of the cruise amount, for a 90 day period, to be used on another one of their ships. The $800 dollar up grade they sold me one week before we left was not refundable. Just f in ripped off!!! 

It has taken us 17 years to save and book the time off to get this cruise, getting someone to look after the little one’s, fly someone in, and they had to get time off for us, and well the whole story. We are not retired, so it’s not just that easy just to go at the drop of a hat. Need I say, we couldn’t swing the time off, so all was lost.

 It was already bad enough to not go, to here wife cry because she was so looking forward to go. That is all I ever heard about for years, so I understand her disappointment. To be honest, she never asks for much either. So not to go, and then not refund our money was a real low level move on the part of Norwegian. I am sure they know we were not on board, so they sold our upgraded cabin and hot tub to someone else, and made even more money.  

Just think people, of all the other cruise lines that are out there, you really don’t need these guys. They have no sympathy for anybody at all. It’s all about the money for THEM! They could give a crap about you. Just ask the guy who kicked us out of the terminal, where the closest taxi was 2 1/2 miles away, in 100 degree heat.

For your protection and sanity, and piece of mind, use anybody else BUT NORWEGIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS, it’s been 5 years now, and my wife is doing better!
She doesn’t even mention “Cruise” anymore. That ship has sailed!

onenordsman says:

I call BULLSHIT. I have been on 4 different Norwegian Cruises. The Health Club closes at 11pm and reopens at 6am ( NOT 24HRS, STAFF WILL CLOSE AND LOCK THE DOORS TO THE CLUB ) Also with Freestyle Dining all dining areas close at 10pm, so if your still hungry you must use room service at a higher rate, I found the ship geared for old people, the reason come 11pm it’s dead ..really no activities if your a night owl, unless you want to go gamble at the casino with horrible odds for you. Also I was surprise the ships lack a quality sports bar or a coffee bar. I would research the ship you choose before booking to see if you like the amenities.

Notso says:

never the breakaway in my life

Brian Burgos says:

Maybe I’m going to work there, instead of that I have a question, the instalations are available for the Crew? Thank you so much.

Matthew B says:

Slam Allen’s contract is over he not there anymore

shafanr says:

Goin on dec

Mikey D says:

Cruised on NCL Star and Pearl..Looking forward to cruising on the Breakaway in Oct of 2015.

lima bima says:

Going May 14, 2017 great video thanks!!! Can’t wait!!

xIzzayyx says:

guys oml it looked like the place i went

connorh945 says:

I am going in march and I am so excited. GOING TO BE FUN.

Bunny Wunnny31 says:

does the pool have saltwater? I remember that the Norwegian getaway pool had it

grace keane says:

possibly going on this ship in March but I’m not really sure if i want to as i prefer Royal Caribbean cruises. How would you say they compare.

Matthew Jordan says:

Omg can’t wait 1/4/15 can’t get here any quicker

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