Norwegian Bliss Cruise Review – Day 2 vlog

Hi Cruisers, The Norwegian Bliss is just awesome. As you may know I was fortunate to be invited to sail on Norwegian Bliss’ inaugural cruise out of San Pedro. Our first day aboard Bliss was crazy, and now we are heading into day 2 of our Bliss cruise. You know things never goes as expected on a cruise, and I’m always ready for that. However, I wasn’t ready for my son to suddenly fall in love with the kids club. He has never stayed in a cruise ship kid’s club for more than a few minutes. Usually he goes in and comes out in less than 5 minutes. Norwegian Bliss’ kid’s club (Splash Academy) grabbed his interest and never let go. Seriously it was hard to get him to even come out to eat. I had planned all these mom and son activities, but instead I found myself wondering the ship for hours looking for things to film (and a drink here and there). I did get him to come out long enough for a few trips down the waterslide. And speaking of slides, Norwegian Bliss’ waterslides are totally crazy. We’ve got about two minutes of slide footage in this video. If you’re interested in seeing how the slides are on the Bliss, then you’ll love this part of the video. If not, just hit the fast forward for two minutes (we don’t mind). If you’re planning your own cruise, don’t forget to check out the’s ShipMate app:

If you want to see a full cabin tour, you can check it out here:

If you’d like to see the Bliss Kids clubs, check out the full video here:

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Denise Matos says:

Great filming

Just sparkle says:

So glad this was a longer video! Love the vlog style video and you guys in general!!!

Steve Roth says:

As we watch this, it is 5 months to the day until we board the Bliss! We’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! 🙂 P.S.- Thank you for the footage of The Humidor! I know where I’ll be going with my Padron and Oliva cigars! And Shannon loved the views of the Cavern Club; can’t wait to check that out as well!

melissa fierro says:

“The Splash Academy was Awesome!” from my 12 year old son.

Autobot Diva says:

This was really nice. Gotta definitely go on this ship now

boots-n-bling4me says:

Sheri you brought up the cutest memory for me when you said ” Jr editor is up and at em this morning’. When my son was his name I would say to him ” up and at em” and he said ‘ mom.. why are you calling me Adam?” LOL! Ship looks amazing!

WickedWonder1979 says:

Look at Jr Editor, all snazzy with his hat! Looks like Bliss is a fantastic time. Thank you for all the great videos!

dar dink says:

That slide looked awesome

CC Kids Channel says:

It looks like such a great ship!

Cruise Online says:


Ang Bee says:

Brings back such fond memories of our cruise on the Escape. My husband and I felt like young kids again doing that tube slide over and over again. SO fun, isn’t it?! The Bliss looks just as amazing as her sister ship. My bucket list cruise is celebrating our 25th anniversary on the Bliss in Alaska … have 2 yrs to save up. lol! Glad you and Jr. Editor had a wonderful lil cruise together. 🙂

ExtraordinaryLiving says:

I will be on the Bliss too … going to Bahamas in 2020. 🙂
Yea, while researching for my own cruise on the Escape this past year, I did come across some feedback from NCL guests that NCL kids club staff does know how to engage the kids … good for Jr. Editor. 😉
That dropping waterslide … do they have any minimum weight limit? On the Escape they did (must be more than 99lbs to ride … so I couldn’t go. :- )

Joe Trickett says:

You deserve more subs. Thanks for the great content

MsKestrela says:

Haha! Such a cute and out-of-the-ordinary review! I love that it pretty much centered around Jr. Editor. You handled the go karts like a Mom on LA freeways. Like. A. Boss! The final shot of Jr. on the ramp says it all.

bishy960 says:

OMG, those slides look amazing and love the restaurant options so refined and classy. Not to worry about showing us the Haven, im sure you will revisit the Bliss in the future.

Jenny Joy says:

Would love to book on this ship someday! I love the touchscreen. I got lost so easily my last cruise lol. Were there more of them throughout the ship?

angela brooks says:

omg i just love the Burberry smartwatch

wendy smith says:

that view when you pulled the curtains back was gorgeous , and the job you did of filming the rest of the ship was perfect. i think i need to go on her

D Lynn says:

Such a lovely ship!

Rodney Morgan Brown says:

The Bliss is a great ship, I’m waiting for it to come back to Miami before I book it though.

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