NCL Drink Packages Explained

Drink packages for cruises can be hard to understand. In this video ( ) we explain the difference and similarities of the 4 drink packages offered by NCL!!!

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Wild1995 says:

I just booked Encore and got the beverage package with booking. I am not a huge drinker but never knew sodas were included. I thought they were excluded and you needed to buy the soda package. Thanks for informing me of this. I will confirm with my NCL PCC. Great news!!!!!! You guys must be excited boarding Bliss tomorrow. Bon voyage!

Amanda Seymour says:

We traveled on the Escape and did not get any free at sea promotions. We paid per drink throughout the week. We found out mid cruise that you can purchase a bottle of alcohol directly from the bar and carry it around with you, it includes 6 cans of pop. We paid $90 for 1 liter of vodka and mixed it with juice from the buffet.

Carol Mauriello says:

Do you ask the bar tender if your brand of choice is included in package?

Gizmos says:


Colleen H says:

OMG you are adorable! I love your videos. Thanks for the details on the drinks! We are going on the NCL Escape in 30 days and did pick the ultimate beverage package. Good to know whats not included. Do you know if we can bring bottled water on board?

ExtraordinaryLiving says:

Hey, you forgot about the Bottled Water Package.
And, as of today (9/23/2017), NCL has done away with the kid’s (under 13-year-old) soda package, and now they have three, yes, three Bottled Water Package options.

I will be going on the Escape June of next year, and dig many features provided by NCL (free-style cruising, solo traveler friendly, fun & thrilling on-board activities, etc.), but I do think they are nickle-and-diming their cruisers too much.

Her Royal Squirrelness says:

So, we’re staring planning for an ultimate honeymoon.. YEARS ahead of time, might I add lol. Your channel is such a glorious help! Thank you! I’ve not needed my wheelchair in months, but we’re always left unsure. You guys are awesome!

T M says:

Grey Goose is definitely included. For example, I was drinking Bombay Sapphire gin but you had to pay $2 extra for Hendricks. Also, if you book as a group and get 7 cabins, gratuity is included so your drink package is absolutely free if you can do that.

amyy164 says:

No bottled water included? So we have to buy water in addition to the large prices for the drink package?

Arthur Nobles says:

I am so glad I found this video. My partner and I booked on the Norwegian Escape. We picked the UBP as one of the free offer and was wondering how it worked. Thanks for the insight

Janet Tiff says:

Good one, Kevin! Wow-I am in sticker shock at price point of ultimate beverage package-$79/day + 18% I thought that I was overpaying with RCL for $59/a day for all drinks including bottled water, cocktails, beer, shots for up to $13 plus Internet (and of course 18% grat.) I feel better now. I opted to go for it because I don’t want to worry about it at end of cruise. Mark got soda and Internet for $18/day+ grats. It’s nice that we didn’t both have to buy the same package. Of course, the skeptic in me thinks NCL has priced the package to increase grat. to passengers. But $15/day is pretty reasonable in my humble opinion.

Stacy Younger says:

HAHAHAHA I love your outakes!

djatrain says:

Thank you breaking the packages down. Great video.

mary peeden says:

I don’t drink alcohol and I’m understanding coffee and bottled water aren’t included in the Ultimate beverage package so I would be better off buying a soda package than choosing the beverage package as a perk?

Daniel Harris says:

6:20 Vending machines are in the limited access studio solo traveler areas. Basically they have vending machines in the solo access only studio lounge and in a vending room in the solo hallway that offer bottled water and pop. Other parts of the ship may not have them?

Robert Greenhouse says:

When I went on the Epic early this year the DSC was $13.50 but it changed to $13.99 in April. When did it go up to $14.21?

Gary Payne says:

So if we have the “Ultimate Beverage Package”, cocktails up to $15. are included. If a cocktail is $18. do we pay $18. or do we pay the difference of $3.? Also – how do we “tip”? We also have a gratuities included perk, but assume we somehow have to tip the bartenders???

ChoccoLot says:

This is my first time watching your channel- awesome information! My only critique, and please take this as constructive criticism, is the constant pausing during your speaking, almost like a comma after every other word- constant pausing. Other than that, you guys are fabulous! Keep up the great work!

Elena Vitug says:

THANKS FOR SHARING!!!!! I’m about to go on my first cruise with NCL and this helps out a lot!!!!!

Evelyn Ceballos says:

Hi you guys have gone to st Thomas right? Any suggestions on what to do there we are going in Decemberas well as San Juan Puerto Rico we want to have some fun

Stephen Border says:

With the soda package you have to wait a minimum of 5 minutes between fills.

Thomas Mann says:

We are taking a cruise on NCL next year. As our “free” add-on, we chose the Adult Beverage Package. I wondered if that included soda or just “adult” beverages, so I tried to inquire but they will not return my calls! I drink a little, but not enough to justify an adult-beverages-only package. Even though it’s (NOT) free. Do you, or any of your viewers know the answer to this question? I would appreciate the help.

Lozibiza resident says:

NCL now all inclusive but I booked my next cruise before this.. UBP is excellent, I chose it as a Free at Sea and it included every drink .. Fab! OOh and barman made my vodka and tonic with Grey Goose, maybe my tip helped! x

Laurie Freese says:

Hi Kevin ! Who receives the gratuities?

Rasheedah Nuriddin says:

Hey love your videos!! Can you do a vid that talks about the food on each cruise line? Like the difference in upcharge restaurants, buffet foods and if each line has 24 hour food. I know that Carnival had icecream, pizza and drinks available 24 hrs a day. Thanks guys

Lozibiza resident says:

Thanks so much guys, I removed my previous comment regarding NCL charges as I was wrooong! Indeed I did pay my charges up front and am doing so on my next NCL cruise which I booked before they went premium all inclusive. Love your videos, you two are amazing and such great fun! Keep up the good work! L xxx

momof4nicole says:

Hey, I’m nicole, I just adore you and the hubby’s channel. I’ve never been on a cruise but I so want to plan going on one. I have learned a lot for your channel. Not sure if u made a video on this and if not I’d love one. I was pricing a cruise and I notice all these different rooms, upper level, lower level what’s the difference? Can you please do a video on different room types. Also do yall bring cash or use credit cards while on a cruise? As far as food, what’s the average meal price for a dinner or a lunch? Do yall bring your own snacks? I’m sure I’ll have more questions for you later. Xoxo from Texas

ladydruyear says:

Do they have a soda/juice package?

Carol Mauriello says:

Love you guys !

Steven Moser says:

Good clarification.. thanks for the heads up

Eric Schaeffer says:

is that 15$ limit per order? Example, can I order a 12$ drink at one bar and immediately walk over to another bar or the same bar and place another order?

Carlos Rivero says:

Hi! My wife and I just booked with Norwegian and got the Free at Sea promotion with the ultimate drinking package. We were wondering, is there a time frame or any limit on drinks per day? Are there restrictions on how often or the frequency of getting drinks? Thanks, your video was really helpful!

roachtoasties says:

I would rather drink toilet water than pay for one of those drink packages. $7.50 a day just for soda is huge, compared to how much it costs at a grocery store. A two-liter bottle at an average supermarket in California is probably about $1.50, so 10 liters for $7.50. That’s a lot of empty calories. Even if you were a dinosaur, you couldn’t drink that much.

bonnie bergstein says:

Good one Kevin!! I’m glad that I usually only drink water (I will buy one bottle to use in the cabin to take me pills), and I am perfectly content with hot tea, regular coffee & maybe one ginger ale (or one virgin Strawberry Daiquiri) per cruise! Just wondering, does NCL have a specialty coffee card like Princess does (for cappuccinos and lattes and specialty hot tea flavors)? I’m not really into any of the fancy coffee drinks – but I know people who love them, and on Princess – one person in the cabin can purchase the card – but it can be shared!! I guess I’ll probably never go on an NCL cruise – the beverage policy is much too confusing (and my cruise friend is a Diet Coke addict, she wouldn’t let a Pepsi pass her lips)!! Anyway – thanks for an informative video (and the outtakes were priceless)!!

debra jenkins says:

Thank you for saving me from selecting the “free drink package” that is not free.  The outtakes were hilarious!  I cried I was laughing so hard.

J Dura says:

Fun. Fun. The drinks package says no more than 2 drinks per order. I assume that means when I making the request not per dinner order or lunch order. We got this as it made sense for the free at sea. Would not purchase for that $$$

Rick M says:

Thank you. New subscriber here, enjoying your videos. We are going on the Breakaway last week of Feb. My 2nd time on it and 1st for my kids. I have a question, if I were to decide, with 4 days left on cruise that I want a drink package, will they bill me for the whole week or what’s left?

James Ellis says:

If you order the ubp do you get the free cup for soda lol I’m sick a kid

kristov29 says:

The biggest issue with the drink package is that Norwegian can raise the prices of individual drinks at will and you’ll suddenly find yourself outside of the $15 cap. I took a cruise early last year where Woodford Reserve bourbon was priced below the $15 cap but when I returned for another cruise in December the prices had been raised so that Woodford now cost $17 meaning that I now had to come up with $2 out of my own pocket for each drink. Not a huge amount, but it adds up. If you think you’ll make some of it up in soda be sure to understand that NWCL is a “Pepsi ship”. Personally,  I’d rather die than drink Pepsi Cola, in fact one of the first things I did upon going ashore was to buy a Coca Cola! If you like Pepsi then you’ll do fine, but if you are a Coke drinker then you’ll suffer throughout the entire cruise and not find any real value in the drink package unless you guzzle down drinks below the $15 threshold.

veronica beck says:

We don’t drink so we would be purchasing the soda package. Do you have to carry around the free mug to get your drink (I’m imagining carrying a 7 eleven big gulp mug 24/7)…so new to all this

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