NCL Bliss Cruise Review | Cruise Q&A

Sean & Stef review and talk all about their NCL Bliss cruise. Let’s talk everything Norwegian Bliss!!

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CruisingWithTheHawbolts says:

Another great video Sean & Stef!! You guys never disappoint! (=

JWedgewood says:

The new carnival Mardi Gras sounds like its going to have some cool features. Maybe you will book that one when it sails.

BusyMomma Parayno says:


JWedgewood says:

NCL has the best food

zz vlogs says:

You may have mentioned it, but can you buy the pass online before the cruise? Do they sell unlimited go cart and laser tag options together? Simi look dr to MSC fun pass? Where do you buy the pass once on board? Thank you!

JWedgewood says:

Enjoyed your review of the Bliss. Normally I get a notification from YouTube when you’re going live but I didn’t get one for this so wasn’t able to catch it live.

Carolyn G. says:

I loved this review and now I’m super excited!We’ve done the Getaway and loved it, but now it’s just 56 DAYS TIL WE SAIL ON THE BLISS!!!

Wild1995 says:

I love your channel. I am amazed how many cruises you guys take. Not to get personal or specific but I assume you guys work for yourselves to get so much time off to take cruises? I just admire and sort of jealous of you guys for always traveling 🙂

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