Jim Zim’s Full Cruise Review of Norwegian Bliss

It’s one of the best cruise ships in the world, and in this video I explain exactly why I feel that way.

We had a fantastic 15-day cruise on the Norwegian Bliss as Norwegian Cruise Line brought her through the Panama Canal for the very first time.

In the video, I show you all the things I loved about the ship… from the gigantic observation lounge with spectacular views ahead of the ship… to the amazing go-kart racetrack… two of the most fun waterslides at sea… the huge variety of entertainment options… and the fantastic food onboard, not just from the specialty restaurants, but also in the buffet.

I also compare this to another brand new cruise ship, the MSC Seaside… and explain why you’d be so much better off to book a cruise on the Norwegian Bliss instead.

I also let you in on a little bit of the fun that I had sailing not only with my wife on this cruise, but also with one of my sisters.

I give you a look at the food at several of my favorite dining venues onboard: Cagney’s steakhouse… Los Lobos, a Mexican restaurant… La Cucina, an Italian restaurant… Q, a Texas-style smokehouse bbq joint… and Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville restaurant.

Finally, there’s a glimpse at a portion of the time-lapse video I shot as our ship went through the Panama canal.

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Mason Kufahl says:

I just had one question. If this boat is supposed to be heading to Alaska, then why have the water slides outside? Love the channel

Steffen Deul says:

Great video for a great ship. Thank you.

Sumedh Bharadwaj says:

Jim, you are a very good YouTuber!

Mardine Wolf says:

Hi Jim :), We just got off her this morning, Everything was wonderful, though they have a few bugs to fix, but I loved everything about her, mainly her Solo, Studio Lounge and Studio Rooms. 🙂 I know you never got to see them, I have pictures of the Room/Bathroom and parts of the studio lounge :).

Anthony ././ says:

I absolutely love your reviews
You don’t take 45 minutes to explain every detail but you review enough so I know what to expect
Great job Jim, have a great day

Aimee Rogers says:

Great and very thorough Vlog on the Norwegian Bliss. I can’t wait to try her someday. Just curious, have you ever cruise out of Galveston? If so what ship were you on and what was your opinion of the port.

Alex Nagornyy says:

the video is amazing Jim

Dharmik longhand says:

How big is it

Emily Mockler says:

Was interested in your review until you compared it to MSC, if the Bliss was the best cruise ship in the world, then no need to put down another cruise line down to make Bliss look better. IMO. For the record, I have never sailed on MSC

CodingTuts says:

What’s your shipmate username? I’d love to add you as a shipmate.

That Black Guy with a Drone says:

Taking a Thanksgiving 2018 cruise on Bliss. Thanks for the reviews….it helped me decide between Bliss and Symphony of the Seas.

Glen T says:

My only complaint about Seaside was that the Specialty restaurants were so expensive. They always seemed empty. We did a back to back Yacht Club. The buffet on Seaside was very poor. As the reviews pointed out, they had too many burgers and pizza. I think they changed the entertainment, as the shows in the theatre were amazing! No opera at all.

Jeffrey G. says:

The perfect review for this massive awesome ship! Thank u so much Jim. You’re the best! Awesome video and photos and everything description and comments and reviews. Of all the videos i’ve watched about the Bliss, yours is on the top of em all!
Man! i can’t wait to try her in March of 2019 out of Miami.
And we booked one of the Haven Cabin! Wooohooo!

Flawless Void says:

Thank you !!!

Amy Okxg says:

Jim you should go on carnival horizion

blarkin524 says:

Nice video!

MIKES0029 says:

Jim, my wife and I have been waiting for your full review! We really enjoy your videos. This will be our 5th NCL cruise. I even proposed to my wife on the Breakaway in 2014! Keep up the good work!

Josh Myers says:

Excellent video!!!

Kevin Jacques says:

wow. Im inpressed. we have sailed on royal carribean, harmony, Oasis etc, but this looks awesome.. great video

Evan pedvis says:

i went on seaside in march and i did not fell as the ship was built for the eurpion market. I’m from Canada and i felt that the ship was catering a lot to the North American market. msybe some changes after you got off.

Derek Del Fante says:

Great video, Jim! I’ll be sure to try those volcano nachos when I get on the Bliss in October!

Book. Cruise. Repeat. says:

Great review as always Jim. Glad you enjoyed your cruise.

Scott Weber says:

I am so glad this ship comes to my home port the money I save on a flight I can upgrade to a suite.

Travelling with Bruce says:

Wow Jim, your video is just fantastic! I get asked all the time on my channel about your take on these cruise ships, and I really liked how you compared the Bliss to the Seaside as both of these ships have been the talk on my live shows. I was on the Epic for a 7 day caribbean cruise with my wife and I just loved the spa area at the back of that ship, so I can relate to how nice the spa on the Bliss must be too. Thank you for your great work on youtube. Regards, Bruce

Flawless Void says:

Hey Jim I’m going on the bliss in August to go to Alaska for a week, My mom said the other day the laser tag and race track coast money now. Do you have and details about that??? Thank you

Brad Johnson says:

Excellent video as I was on this same cruise! Now I wish you had tried (or did you?) FOOD REPUBLIC. It was my favorite on The Escape actually and is where I ate on my first night here. Soooo good! I noticed you didn’t mention The District Brewhouse. It’s a very nice bar (across from Food Republic with an interesting draft beer selection) and speaking of your spot on internet comments, I spent a very pleasant time one afternoon there catching up on e-mails. I did the same thing and upgraded to the best package and yes I was impressed as well with the speed.

I wish too that you were able to visit and video the Studios and Studio Lounge where I stayed. They have also taken this a step further on this ship with the design in that all the studios have a virtual window….and the Studio Lounge’s design is most interesting. I’ve stayed in every type cabin from an inside up to a mini-suite and I have to say I LUV the studios best of all and that is from many Studio stays on The Epic, Breakaway and Escape. (and now The Bliss)

Again, awesome video, thank you and yes indeed the Observation Lounge was amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere before. I was in awe and LUV’d the way it wrapped around too. 🙂

Karen B says:

You seem to have a real vendetta for MSC. I went on the Seaside in March and had an amazing time. I’m definitely going back. One of my least favorite cruises was on the Norwegian Getaway. I was nickeled and dimed to death. The crew was rude to us and the bathroom in our cabin leaked the whole time we were there. Despite several complaints no one ever came to fix it. I’m going on Symphony of the Seas in December, it will be my first RC Cruise. Fingers crossed.

The Tyler Show says:

Hey Jim Great Video I Did One On The Freedom Check It Out And Let Me Know

Aliabdul2003 says:

So happy my family and I decided to book the Bliss over the Seaside. Thanks Jim!

CodingTuts says:

Fantastic review!

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