Cruise Ship Cabin Comparison, Inside vs Ocean View vs Balcony, Very unOfficial Travel Guides

A decision that everyone booking a cruise must make: inside, ocean view, or balcony?

Norwegian EPIC Balcony Cabin tour:

MSC Magnifica Balcony Cabin Tour:

NCL Studio Cabins for Solo Travelers:
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New Yorks Finest says:

We just booked a cruise and chose the inside previously and we slept a d slept cuz it was sooooo dark and not knowing what time of day it was annoying so this time we cooked thru Costco and got a sweet deal ( better than the carnival website directly) for an oceanview room. We will see how it is in November.

Tara Gruber says:

What ships have these private balconies? I wish mine had had that. On my last cruise, on Celebrity Silhouette, my cabin neighbors were able to constantly stick their heads around the corner to say “Hi,” “Good Morning,” etc. I know they were just trying to be friendly, but It was annoying! Every time I’d be taking a video of us leaving or entering port, they’d loudly ask “Are you taking a video?” Argh!


Only have a balcony if the weather is mostly nice, otherwise it’s a waste of money

Alex Perez says:

Took my first cruise this past summer with a balcony room & was instantly hooked. Loved every minute. I loved just looking out & enjoying the view especially unwinding with a bucket of beer & music next to me. I busted booked my next cruise for Jan as a balcony

Jannie Anifowose says:

We have only cruised once on Royal and had a Large Ocean View. I just could not justify spending an extra $800 on a few extra feet of space. We were hardly in the room, and it was nice being on the deck at night watching movies etc. I have thought about booking an inside, but not sure if I can handle the Closter phobic feel.

Jennie Spooner says:


This Is for school says:

I got an upgrade on the celebrity solstice from a interior to obstructed balcony.

Ryan Barbarow says:

I just discovered this guy!  I love him.

iyvh says:

Thanks. I totally agree with you.

TheLadynecromancer says:

Balcony only because we will be traveling with a young toddler. I rather be able to sit outside while he naps or nurses

BMH1965 says:

Sometimes it is more about personal preferences/not wasting money. From personal experience: a balcony is nice for about 3 hours during a 1 week cruise – is it really worth paying the extra for half an hour each day? Personally, and something the presenter totally overlooked, I think the smallest suites with access to restricted club areas are the best option.

Nelphoto says:

I personally like interior cabins myself. Much cheaper and because you are never in your stateroom much anyways, what’s the point of paying more. I feel like if I want to see the ocean I can go on the deck.

Michael Bradley says:

For me it’s a choice of balcony (on a higher deck so no lifeboats outside the window) on the port or the starboard. I look at the route and see which side will have the most views if land, e.g. going anti clockwise around New Zealand makes the port the preferred choice. I love relaxing on the balconies watching the mountains glide by, Alaska was my favorite trip so far and we just did Cape Horn. This Christmas it’s off the New Zealand! Yay, I love NCL.

clicksandcrochets says:

I totally agree! Inside or balcony, window view is a waste of money! We leave for our carnival cruise this month and we got a balcony room 🙂

GixxersShadows says:

As for me, Balcony is the best, yes it’s more, but you do spend time in the room. Every morning, coffee and views for an hr or so…

RageTheMan says:

I went on 7th December to Sweden on ship, I have cabin with window, I loved this cruise alot! It was amazing I had an amazing time with my parents and my friends I even posted video about it! You can go check it out! It was amazing! 😉

Rebekah's Videos says:

By the way I love your videos; you are hilarious.

Chris Betancourt says:

Stayed in an inside cabin once. HATED IT! I felt like Harry Potter sleeping in the closet room. Window room or balcony cabins only! Unless the ship has a very nice inside cabin at a great price

Truth, Balance, Oneness says:

Youre great bro. love how well you explained everything and just a cool personality.

Miranda Brooks says:

Very good advice. Can you take a plug in night light for the inside cabin?

Ritercrazy says:

You sound great!

Paul and Carole Love to Travel says:

Good tip about the candle light as inside cabin are so dark. Virtual cabins seem strange but a good concept. We love a balcony but unfortunately not always in the budget! Have subscribed, we love cruising too so hope you check out our channel too 🙂

Jessa Aldridge says:

I just got an interior room with portholes, so my bf and I don’t feel claustrophobic

Dwight Looi says:

I don’t know why people pay more for Oceanview cabins. I can understand paying more for a suite because it genuinely gives you a more spacious room. But Oceanview? Who cares? You are not going to spend much more than your sleeping hours in the cabin anyway. The observation deck or any number of places on the ship has a hell of a lot better view than the port hole in your room. I have always done insides except for instances where they have some special deal where you can get 5 people in a suite for about the same money or I am forced by odd numbers in the party to take a triple occupancy room which usually are not the inside cabins. My biggest gripe about cruising is the lack of single occupancy rooms — even tiny ones. I don’t want to pay double unless I can find an even number of people to go. It’s not just about one man cruisers. A lot of time you end up with say a son and his parents, or a married couple and the wife’s sister or something like that. They don’t want to bunk together. I don’t mind paying 30% more or 50% more, but double? That is bullshit because, yes, you are taking up twice the space but you are not eating twice the food or generating twice the other costs of the cruise.

Josh Welch says:

In opinion when I cruise and 3 cruises are under my belt. I’ve learned to be content with inside rooms.
Two things I can think of in the category of Affordable: At least I know I’m going on the cruise and I can invest in other ship wide stuff. Although yes from time to time I do wonder what it personally might feel like in the other rooms do come to mind. What tends to win is knowing that first and foremost I got my feet on the ship and that I’m going. dep nar says:

What floor for ocean view balcony cabin in the symphony of the seas is high enough for unobstructed view to the ocean you think?

Laurie Eheler says:

i just went on the carnival liberty inside stateroom. i loved the inside & the dark was amazing! 😉

Viv Thompson says:

Magellan looks lovely. Im booked for may to norway. Cant wait

Farooq Ahmed says:

We know that Ocean view and Balcony rooms/cabins are more expensive but it not make is sense that we are travelling in cruise and not have ocean view!

Lucy Brayton says:

Personally I only use the room to take a shower, change clothes, and sleep so I don’t feel like I need a balcony or anything special.

PrettyGreenMaiden says:

Oceanview is the perfect balance in my opinion. Balconies make me paranoid and interiors are too closed off. Oceanview is just right.

Marisela Martinez says:

You were very helpful. I’m trying to make up my mind on inside or ocean view. First timer.

Yolanda Asencio says:

We love the balcony. When we have an early night my husband have our cocktail s on the balcony and stare at the beauty of a star lite sky or if it Stormy seeing lighting strikes on the horizons.

leemah beemah says:

In the inside cabin we leave the tv on and throw a towel over it, it gives a great night light affect. This is if you choose to do the ghetto version haaaa

Laurie Eheler says:

my ? is can you get one stateroom if you have two young children ages 7 and 4

Wayne Dejnak says:

Morgan, we like your humor and knowledge on cabins. We opted for the balcony only because we saw Titanic. Not really but getting up to go to the bathroom and then stepping out to the balcony at night to see the night skies is one of my main checklist items. Thanks for sharing.

leemah beemah says:

I can barely afford to get on the ship lol so inside is the only option I have. I will one day get a balcony a few more promotions and I will be there!!

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