10 things I wish I knew about Norwegian Cruise Line

10 things I wish I knew about Norwegian Cruise Line. Norwegian cruise line offers some very different activities than other lines and their price point is a little higher as well. Let’s take a look and see if it’s worth it or now when we go over the ten things I wish I knew about Norwegian Cruise Line before I sailed.

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Jennie Spooner says:

why do i keep watching this over and over ? ……I think the intro has got me lol

newattnow says:

Lol! Funny start.

Your Average Alex says:

oof donny boy you make a girl swoon

Olle Ahora says:

I’m a little lost. Is this a swingers Cruise?

Scott. MacDowell says:

How can gratuity be forced to pay? Thats not the definition of GRATUITY

Erin Rehn says:

@don’s_family_vacations I don’t know if it’s with every cruise line, but when I honeymooned on Norwegian I was able to opt out of automatic gratuity for the entire stay on the second day. That way I could tip individually based on the quality of service experience. I was told this by a lovely couple we met who are serial cruisers.

Silver Tr0uble says:

I’m booked on the Breakaway for June of ’19 thanks for the information 🙂

Francine nizienski says:

Don. We are going on NCL Spirit Eastern Mediterranean cruise in May. Do we take American cash or Euros.for extra tipping. No one ever tells you, just tip for extra service if you wish

Bellicious says:

I’d definitely do to that circus dinner show, it seems to be really unique. The Haven area looks fantastic, too.

PJ Gustafson says:

Hey Don, love all your videos and great recap of what to expect on NCL. I do feel I need to point out something though – at 8:42 you were talking about the Chef’s Table on NCL (which I didn’t know they had – that’ll be on my list for my next NCL cruise), but the food pictures you show are from the previous menu of Carnival’s Chef’s Table. My wife and I did that one on the Carnival Freedom in 2015, and it was a great experience. The menu changed in 2017, so when we did the Chef’s Table on the Carnival Breeze in 2018, it was a different menu. They also had the tables set up in the galley itself, which was really cool. Other than that, great job, and can’t wait for the next videos to come out! We’ve got the Disney Wonder booked in December – not sure if they have a Chef’s Table or not but we’ll probably try to book it if they do – then the Allure of the Seas for Spring Break 2019, where we’ve already made our Chef’s Table reservations!

Daniel Ockeloen says:

Keep in mind many of the europeans who book can/will fall under the new ‘all inclusive premium’ and then many (i would say nearly all) ‘hidden’ costs are gone. Including on the room, drink packages and tips. I still leave money for the room help but that is about it. So check out what you pay for if you use NCL. i did about 10 so far and over the years more and more became included.

J Starr2 says:

Norwegian is the best. They let you bring your own booze for a small fee

Derek Allyn says:

My wife and I will be on the NCL Getaway next July for our 20th anniversary. It’s a nine night Baltic Sea cruise and I can’t wait!

kelly ball says:

have you been on the Gem cruise? if so do you have a review

Eve Pat says:

Thanks Don.

Autobot Diva says:

funny intro!!

Steven Nolen says:

Don I’m on the princess Caribbean right now and I’m loving it

JoshGuessWho says:

These videos are great! I think you should do a “10 things I wish I knew” over celebrity x, msc, Viking, ect.! Great job don!

Michelle Lyon says:

Having cruised with another line for several trips, we loved our first cruise on the Breakaway. Scheduled to take the Escape March 2018, can’t wait! The ships are beautiful, the Waterfront is the bomb! We didn’t know about the Chef’s Table, so thank you so much and I’ll be checking into that for us – signed, Upstate NY Foodies 😉

ossie gl says:

That’s my number one cruise line

Brandythe Onetoomuch says:

Don my daughter now calls you my boyfriend because I’m always watching and she walked in when you were unbuttoning your shirt…. Lol thanks by the way when is the next group cruise?

Jim Zimmerlin says:

Don, that is so odd that you would use two different pictures of Carnival’s Havana area to illustrate your talking points about The Haven on Norwegian. You couldn’t download a couple of pictures of The Haven off of Norwegian’s web site? Even the thumbnail of your video about Norwegian shows a scene from Carnival.

Savlat Khalimov says:

biyeta kusashba keri xarrrrr tu haromiyaaaaaaaa

Thaifoodies Co says:

I don’t do cruises but like your channel. Good stuff!

Concrete K says:

So the buffets on NCL are not open 24 hours?

Steel City Interpreters says:

Wow. We freelance for a cruise line but obviously not all cruise lines are created equal.

Pamela Rising says:

If a person has a medical reason for smoking pot are they allowed to on a cruise? My friends and I have been debating this topic.

Filbert V says:

The Bliss got diverted to San Diego yesterday because of Hurricane Willa in Mexico. I felt sorry for all the passengers who had to endure my sleepy village instead of Puerto Vallarta, but it was awesome to see the largest cruise ship ever to dock at in in San Diego right downtown. It made the aircraft carriers across the bay in Coronado looks small! Never been on a cruise before, but here I am, watching Bliss videos 🙂

derek weatherspoon says:

Well how you get to the chef table and how many could come at a time

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