What’s a Viking Rhine Cruise really like? (4K video review)

Our review tells you what the Viking Rhine Getaway Cruise from Basel to Amsterdam is really like. With video and drone footage of the boat, the food and the excursions, you’ll get the picture.

A review of the excursions on this cruise: https://youtu.be/mXcjn_RWDI4

Our trip was sponsored by Viking – we were part of a group of media creators and influencers invited by Viking. I have received no payment from Viking beyond this trip, We paid for our flights and many of the excursions. I have no affiliate relationship with Viking. They did not review this video’s content before posting – more details: https://youtu.be/QwXjC-GUhk4

Behind the scenes notes at http://maartech.com/rhinegetaway

More details on the cruise: https://goo.gl/gW3OSH

Portions of this video were recorded with the
DJI Mavic: https://bhpho.to/2rDhqsd
Olympus OM-D E-M1 mkII: https://bhpho.to/2shqzqL
Panasonic GH5: https://bhpho.to/2qjgF3p

Thanks to Lynne Harty and Ralph Grizzle (http://www.avidcruiser.com) who provided the footage of Ivan.
Ralph’s review: http://www.rivercruiseadvisor.com/2017/06/viking-hlin-video/

Producer and Host: Maarten Heilbron

WEBSITE/BLOG: http://maartech.com
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j g says:

Your voice sounds very familiar, I think from a travel show on PBS. Anyways, good video.

Matt Cernigliaro says:

Maarten, I’m planning to make the same trip, would I be able to use my drone as you did? I have the Mavic as well and want to bring it along but didn’t know if I would be allowed to use mine as you seem to have the freedom to use yours.
Any thoughts?

Philipp K says:

not really sure where to start… as an enthusiastic photographer I love and appreciate the insightful reviews and videos you make, there’s no YouTuber out there with the same fantastic style and detail. I truly enjoyed watching you with your loved one having a wonderful holiday, thanks so much for all of your work! beer in TO is on me!! all the best to you

John Kay says:

You sold me, I want to go! Fantastic footage as always.

Paul Marshman says:

Great review, Maarten. Since I was on the same cruise, I can say it’s a very accurate representation of the trip. I think this is a great resource for anyone thinking of taking a Viking river cruise. I can’t wait for my next one.

Kid Pyromania says:

Nicely done and informative. Even prior to getting a dslr, i watched your videos partly to get educated about the products but also to enjoy your no nonsense approach. One thing which is guaranteed: a Maarten Heilbron video is squared away from start to finish.

Peter Grey says:

Your video was a pleasure to watch. I did recognize some some bits of the Rhine banks with it’s vineyards and castles. I did not make the complete trip but a shorter one from Koblenz up river to Niederheimbach. It was great fun and I kept singing: ‘Ooh, zo’n reisje langs de Rijn Rijn Rijn…’ German television had some years ago this series about the river Rhine itself. From it’s sources in Switzerland to the delta Holland is, and finally Rotterdam. It’s interesting to realize what impact such a river has on the lives of the many people living nearby and/or depending on it. And-ehm… de nieuwe haring is er weer! Ze is vet en mollig, naar het schijnt, maar dat zeggen ze ieder jaar 🙂

Larry Green says:

I took that tour and it was fantastic. One piece of advice on river tours always get the down stream tour not up stream because going down river you have more time on shore . I made the mistake once . Viking is fantastic everything is first class and tour guides are very personal.

River Cruise Guru says:

Love your drone footage! Spectacular!

Yumpin Yiminy says:

I see the commercials for this river cruise line all the time. You did a nice job in your review. I was on the edge of doing this trip but it looks pretty sweat.

rpshipley says:

We are doing this very cruise the first week of May 2018. Thanks for some wonderful info.

Dianna M says:

Excellent video! Thank you.

Tom Allison says:

We did Amsterdam to Basel last year and enjoyed it. I recognized all of the places you filmed, I even recognized the woman at the “cheese farm”, where we sat in her living room and sampled cheese. A great trip all around, but my favorite was the city of Cologne.

The Post Color Blog says:

LOVELY overview. I am convinced I want to go now!

Adam McGrath says:

I have often described you as the Rick Steve of camera reviews. Now you are just giving Rick Steve a run for his money.

Have you ever done a video on how you keep your camera sensors clean?

Brad Mc says:

Another great video Maarten.

Omi Azad says:

Your tip was sponsored, but how much does it cost? 🙂
(sorry, didn’t google)

Enrique Mora says:

Are the all the drinks included

Simon-Unterwegs.de says:

Great video! You have a unique style and I like that! Came here through Brandon van Son and will subscribe!

Krizette Devy says:

Amazing quality and great video, Sir! I love travelling as well, but can’t seem to get great footage like this since I tend to get overwhelmed with the awesome views hahaha!

Greg Borrow says:

great video, such wonderful reminder of our trip last October, which we went from Amsterdam to Basel. The extended stays in Amsterdam and Basel truly made this a trip never to be forgotten. We were also on the Hiln.

Blankbiplane says:

I always enjoy your reviews on cameras and gear, but this was your best yet. I have seen commercials for this cruise, but you made it real, but yet so artistic.
Thank you so much for posting this review. I needed this bad. Now I want to take this cruise.

mrtriathlonmachine1 says:

Amazing video!

J9cardstock says:

A very high quality video. I am very keen to take a river cruise over the next few years so I appreciate the information.

Dave Stroble says:

Well done video and very informative. Others on YouTube could take a lesson from you on how to create a concise, lovely, informative video. Thank-you.

Peter Ratsch says:

Another great video, always so calm and soothing in your delivery unlike the many others that push the intensity levels, this video made me sit back and relax. I felt as if I was experiencing your trip as if I was actually there. It now makes me want to consider this as a future cruise option for my family. The 4k and drone footage was an impressive visual experience. Well done.

Richardo Frankie says:

Much liked traveling Amtrak, many times east and west coast, what a way to see the country, and when I’m elderly I want to do it daily. Hence, my experience – elderly will chat ya up, and enjoy sharing their life experience, and want to know more about what you are all about. Many times feeling I was talking to my own Mom or Grandpa. I traveled single and loved dinner time to be seated with strangers, and meeting people from all walks of life. I will not fly again, train, boat or bus. You can meet those who love a great conversation and learn about a life – and watch the world go by slowly. That is life enriching, and kicking back and feeling America at it’s best. Full and exciting its people, and enjoying life at a different pace, in the boat, and train lane.

peter tuann says:

thank you, it was helpful, we have done 12 cruiseship cruises. I don’t care about beaches, there are way too many kids, too many obese Americans. Time to learn history in Europe.

Lynne Harty says:

Love it!

Katie Marie says:

Wow…I didn’t know about this Cruise. I really like it ! –Thanks for sharing ! 🙂

Finn Schenck says:

Great review. I suggest Cruisers have a backup plan ready, in case the river cruise line cancels the cruise mid way, and puts everyone ashore, as occurred on my cruise. I didn’t have a plan B. Big mistake!

David Enzel says:

Absolutely gorgeous video. With what camera did you record the video? I enjoyed the review. I doubt this sort of cruise is my cup of tea.

jaskiran singh says:

A story told like a poetry… Beautiful!

Poupon Crazy Cat says:

WE WERE HERE IN THIS past July.. Loved it

chrismas says:

Well done, this should be a show on the Travel channel or the Discovery channel.

Jack C says:

You’re Not Only A Great Cameras Reviewer, Also A Great Traveller Adviser. Thank you so much! Great Video. Cheers!

Robert Robinson says:

What a great holiday!!

Paul May says:

Maarten, We are planning one of these trips soon. Thanks so much for detailing your experience! We love to travel as well!

gsansoucie says:

My wife has been wanting to go on a Viking cruise for years. I’ve never been interested, until I watched this video (while watching some of your other gear reviews) and now I want to go.

snoo333 says:

Martin Scorsasee goes on the viking 🙂

Dennis Wesley says:

My wife and I took the same ship, on the same journey in December 2015 for the Christmas markets. The Hlin went into dry dock after our cruise for a retrofit. It looks even better now. Great video..!

Robert Klarquist says:

I went on a Viking cruise on the Rhine. First class all the way.

Jennifer Stith says:

Thanks for the memories. Hubby and I LOVED our Rhine getaway so much spring 2015, that we had to book another the next spring from Budapest to Nuremberg. We would have returned the past spring but our youngest was graduating high school and I felt it would be in poor taste to be out of the country. We have remedied the situation and are once again excitedly anticipating a Seine voyage from Paris to Normandy next year.

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