Viking River Cruise Europe Room Review

In December I took the Viking River Cruise ship called the Delling on the Romantic Danube tour down the Danube River from Nuremberg, Germany to Budapest, Hungary featuring many beautiful Christmas markets. Here is a a video review of all of the amenities and experiences onboard.

To learn more about my trip visit my site:

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Two for the Road says:

Looks like a great cruise! Love the balcony! And the food looks mighty tasty as well. Kudos on the gingerbread house 🙂 Cheers!

Dottie Mil says:

Was the air dry in your cabin? I wondered how they heat the ship. At home in the winter we use a humidifier at night. So I just wondered how the rooms on the ship felt.

Travel Gretl says:

Looks like a cute, small place! And they take good care of you 🙂

CuriousCalifornians says:

Looks like fun! The food looks so tasty.

InZane Travels says:

Looks great!

Bruce Courtney says:

So I guess you fly into Nuremberg and out of Budapest? What was your total cost, airfare and all?

thejokerspeaks says:

Not bad! I expected a more budget experience for the money, but I would do Viking in a heartbeat.

Iambisang 88 says:

What month did you go for your cruise?


Nice one. River ships are a great way to travel.

NIghtlight says:

Very nice! thank you for posting

Kristen Sarah says:

That’s pretty sweet! I’d love to go on one of these cruises

eagankyong says:

Do you have any  comments,  tips for the first time river cruiser?I have never been on river cruise;    only ocean cruise.

Joey Surls says:

This was super helpful. Helped me compare/contrast to what other cruises offer.

beentravelin says:

I have always considered taking a Viking River Cruise. This was very helpful. Thanks!

Nate Burke says:

I would love to go on the Norwegian version of this. How expensive is it, would you say? Affordable, or for a special occasion?

Ratboy1955 says:

Well done. I would love to take one of these cruises, but the single supplement usually stops enjoying these activities. Great job.

Just Call Me Annie says:

I’m going on their cruise next week & I plan to film it too! Loved watching your video!

Dejan Mesko says:

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Anywhere at Home says:

it seems like someone had a lot of fun! 🙂

Cedric Dubler says:

Loved the room tour! Would love to stay in a place like this!

Bob McIntyre says:

Good information, we really appreciate. thanks

TheMICRKR says:

Well no shit you don’t feel the wobble of a cruise ship!!! They are on a fucking slow moving river with less than a quarter the height…

Jem the reindeer says:

Viking River Cruises look really beautiful

The NerdyExplorer says:

Looks like you enjoyed that cruise 🙂

Carlos Almendárez says:

Booked. Looks Awesome.

Irena Pusnik says:

love your room tour , tnx for sharing

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