Top 11 Mediterranean Cruise Tips

Discover the 11 secrets and tips on having an incredible Mediterranean Cruise. Drawing on my experiences from cruising the Mediterranean, these are the 11 essential and important things you need to know before you book and go. I explore topics like best time to go, main itineraries, best ports to sail in and out of, cruises lines and ships to consider, excursions, currency and getting the most of your time in the Mediterranean region. It is a gorgeous and interesting part of the world and the second biggest cruising destination in the world (after the Caribbean).

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Rita Freeman says:

To Peter Frisian about Malta, the cruise port is very close to the beautiful city of Valletta its a short walk to the Barrakka lift and bang you are right in the middle of a beautiful historic city you will not be disappointed if you get tired take the lift back down to go back to the ship

Petr Frizen says:

Thank you very much for the info, Gary! Which amongst the Mediterranean cruise ports have the shortest and most trouble free distances to the major sightseeing attraction? Genoa? Athens?.. My impression from the views of the cruise ships in Malta and Venice was that they are not too far away, but not very close either to the main historic attractions… it would be quite problematic to walk back to the ship. What is the most visitors friendly port in the Med from this travelling pedestrian viewpoint? …Yalta and Sevastopol are wonderful in this respect, but they are not in the Mediterranean, alas.

annemarie duggan says:

Great video thank you

Reina Jackson says:

Fantastic! We’re leaving in July for two weeks! Great timing!

Mary Elizabeth says:

Nice video Gary. Great tips to keep in mind.

Frank Demarco says:

Hello we are plaing a med cruse 14days or more Wifes retirement trip but my wife uses a HD scotter we like Princess very much which ports are scotter friendly it would be very helpful we plain to sail from the stats cruse the med and sail back to fl any ideas ? thanks

Victor Washington says:

Very informative

The Eastern Mediterranean cruise may be a consideration

starfiremale says:

Just wondering does your wife ever give her point of view on these cruises??

SkirtedFancy says:

Your videos are so helpful, thank you for the information! I’m taking my first cruise in October around the Mediterranean & Adriatic area and I’m soaking up as much information as possible!

Ryan Wallace says:

Great tips

Donna Manitu says:

Great tip about picking the right cruise line. We left out of Barcelona on the Harmony of the Seas for a 7 day cruise. Just about at every stop people were also starting and ending their cruise. Other people had signed on for a 3 or 4 day cruise which means almost the entire cruise had luggage in the hallways and people crowding to settle their accounts with the front desk.

I also agree on doing your research on the ports and how far the towns are from where the boats dock. On two of our stops we planned out our own day and had a relaxing time just exploring.

Susie Q says:

Hey Gary! Tha’t very helpful. I’m thinking about taking my parents to europe.They never been to europe before. Do you think Mediterranean Cruise is a better way to travel for us? Thank you a lot!

Chris McDonnell says:

Hi Gary, another great and informative vid. Can I ask that you put up some posts on Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. If you have experience in those regions.

Pamela Haukaas says:

Love your information. Could you please expand on the key differences between the Mediterranean cruise lines?

glamour1 says:

I really enjoy all your videos . What cruise line do you prefer to cruise the MED? Thank you!

Mary Elizabeth says:

Nice video once again Gary. You have such great tips to share. I really enjoy your videos.

Robert Barnier says:

Always the best advice

Francine nizienski says:

Gary, we are doing an Eastern Mediterranean cruise in May, staying in Rome before and after. Should we tip extra in US currency on the boat or hotels or in other currency

Chrisan Hunter says:

Great video, I’m thinking to go in September this year. I want to go on a 7-9 day cruise however I am not sure which cruise line to choose? I want one that is fun, great for young people and affordable. Any suggestions?

Shira Madden says:

Omg! I just found your channel few weeks ago and have been watching all of your past videos recently! And i really enjoy them they are very informational. YESTERDAY I booked a Mediterranean cruise through Norwegian and now you have a video out about it today lol that’s crazy!

Jay Samy says:

Excellent details… thank you sir!!

Tina Hitrec says:

I’m going on a mediterranean cruise in about 10 days and I’m really excited. we are visiting Barcelona as well as many other cities. But we are in Barcelona for only 5 hours 🙁 Do you know how can we make the most of it, what to visit?

the03630363 says:

Hope to see you smile more

tixximmi1 says:

Great Info. You brought up a lot of good points.

Michele Olson says:

The tip on the distance from the Port to the actually cities was very helpful. It was something I hadn’t taken into consideration. Thanks!

Ibislife says:

Hi, thanks for your video, I´m going on a Mediterranean cruise in Sept. this year, and I’m wondering if shore excursions are worth it, for example Santorini, where does the ship (RCCL Rhapsody) anchor up? Is it close to the picturesque city of Oia? Is it worth spending around $100 per person on a shore excursion here, or can one do this town on our own?

Robert Ellis says:

Typically a great video, thanks, a ton of info to take in. Keep up this great work, wife an I have seen almost all of yours. Thank you sir.

Paul Keay says:

Another great video. One tip for the Med I would add is consider cruises with Gibraltar, Kotor, Guernsey, or Ceuta as ports of call (or the Canary Islands) these ports are outside the European VAT zone and therefore all your purchases on board the ship FOR THE DURATION OF THE CRUISE will be VAT free (Sometimes only applies whilst at sea). Some of the Central Med Cruises don’t ever leave the European VAT Zone and sometimes people are surprised that most of their purchases on board (inc drinks) get about 20% added on at the till throughout the cruise …ouch

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