Norwegian Epic 2017 Tour & Review with The Legend

Join The Legend as he shows you all around the Norwegian Epic cruise ship and all the things there are to do on board. This shows off the ships restaurants, bars and lounges, pools and waterslides, stateroom, the buffet and much more.

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clara netts says:

Wow I really don’t like the bathroom situation. Can you image housekeeping walking in accidentally while you’re taking a shower? Nice tour of the ship. Thanks for sharing.

Riley Carter says:

We just booked the epic for our ten year anniversary. We’ll be headed out in January 18. Thank you for posting this video! It was extremely informative and gave me a pretty good idea of the ship. We too bought the unlimited drink package but now you got me worried about the ship and the drinks. We have been on a couple other cruises SEVERAL years ago and I just want something nice for my wife. Would you recommend this ship or go on this ship again? You’re the best man.

SubstanceD91 says:

Really not feeling the vibe of this ship. Looks almost tacky I guess? Can’t put my finger on it exactly but it kind of gives the same feeling as ’70s era Las Vegas. Just too over the top and it’s gonna age terribly.

Allison Boex says:

Hey, thanks for the video! One question: are the glass elevators and the quiet deck you show near the beginning open to the public? Am guessing so since it didn’t look like you were in a Haven (fancy, access to exclusive areas). Can you say more about how to find those glass elevators? Thanks again!

Mama San says:

lol so much! weird if you share with grandma and she dumps!!

Aye It's Chloe says:

We went on this cruise it is very fun

shane brown says:

cool ship

quikdrw63 says:

haha grandma dumps

Steve Roth says:

One thing regarding the shows and specialty dining; you can make you reservations for both online as much as 90 days ahead of your sailing date. NCL does in fact publish the times of the shows online, allowing you to coordinate your dining and entertainment well ahead of time.

Jenny Welch says:

I am sailing on the Epic next year and I am not planning on purchasing the beverage package. Can you please tell me if I can order a few drinks and bring them back to my room or will I have to consume them at the bar/restaurant where I purchase them? Thanks for your help!

John Watkins says:

going on a cruise next week on this ship wondering what there is for kids that adults can’t do thx!!

Jenna Fortier says:


goostador says:

Thank you for the great (and steady) video. My family and I got headaches watching other videos about this cruise ship. We’re going on this cruise in Europe this summer.

1. I think I like the bathroom layout. We’re a family of 4 and this can shave some time getting ready. As a courtesy, we never do #2 in the cabin. How did you feel about the bathroom with just the 2 of you? We’ll see how this works out this summer.

2. You are very thorough showing all the things available on the ship. I wanted to know if there was a daily paper showing what’s happening each day. The Disney cruise we went on had one delivered in the morning. Another cruise line had it on a tv channel. We have a 9 and 11 yo that we want them to join the kids events.

3. Sounds like the food in the specialty restaurants were just OK. I’m glad we didn’t opt to dine or make reservations as we like to keep our schedules pretty open.

4. How was the on/off boarding? I don’t mind waiting as long as it feels like things are moving.

5. You recommending a power strip. Some cruises don’t allow strips as to not overload the outlet. Are there any other tips to bring along?

Again, thanks for the video, I’m sub’ing you and can’t wait to watch more 🙂

KittyKat111 says:

I’m going on this cruise in october. I’ll be a week away from being 18, do you think I’ll get away with going into the club? Do they ask for ID?

Chris K says:

Great review thanks!
Were on this ship at the end of the month on the west med from Barca.
Great work.

TastingInk says:

Thanks for the review we are doing a 13 night trans Atlantic in the fall on this ship!

Samuel Family and Friends says:

your so lucky

Spenser Dart says:

Hi, great vlog however I found the drinks wonderful, just don’t go for the ready made drinks like margarita and frozen drinks. Use your favorite brand like Bacardi or crown royal whatever. If you don’t ask for it they will give you the cheap stuff.
It was are 1 st time on NCL epic and I loved it. Great ship!

uplateforconcerttickets 2003 says:

Does the bed split into 2 twin beds?

Syl NYC says:

Excellent review you guys. I went on the Epic in mid-May ’17 with my Mom (7-Day Western Mediterranean from Rome) and had pretty much similar experience as you guys. Nice staterooms – but not for sharing with your Grandma (or Mom!) Thanks for your hard work.

Ginger Lienhop says:

Did I hear correctly, you had a balcony room, drink and dining packages for $400?

Kevin Slingland says:

Just got off the EPIC april 1.2017. Ive been on alot of cruise ship this is my first Norwegian and was NOT IMPRESSED at all. First getting on and off the ship was probably the best part, very fast and organized 4500 people off the ship about an hour. As far as Service from the bars was little of NONE. On the pool deck if you can find someone to get you a drink you would be lucky. Mostly had to get your own drinks.. Even the casino if you can find somone you would be lucky.. we waited upwards to about an hour to get someone to come ask of we wanted a drink.. Main dinning room was OK. They really need to teach the waitors how to smile. NOT once did any of them every ask if we wanted something to drink other then water.. I DID not like sitting in the middle and having 2 decks above us looking down watching us eat. My wife asked for beer and its like it was chore for him to get her a drink. I asked for iced tea and took forever to get it… I think the FREE drink package was great but thats why i think no one wanted to service you since they were FREE.. The specialty resturants menus were not very impressive in our feelings.. I heard alot of compliants about them not being worth the money. The inside room cabin was a joke. There is NOT bathroom. the toliet was in a corner of the room with sliding glass door. the shower in the other corner with sliding door, all privacy was a curtain that devided the bath area from room. The bathrrom SINK is on the main room area under the mini bar.. I never been a cruise ship that DID NOT have a LOBSTER night. well guess what? NO Lobster night on this ship.. Seems to me the PREPAID Graturites might not be such a good idea. I think everyone know they MAY not get tips since people feel the prepaid for them why tip more??? We accually give our bar service guy a tip every time we got a drink and he took care of us when he was working.. Dont know if i ever will go Norwegian again. I guess if it was not the FREE Drink package we might not have gone in the first place,, NOT very many announcements during the day so seem not much information thoughout the day other then the daily Brochure they left in your room. Our Cabin Steward was Awesome great job… We met a couple the put a black mark on their sheets and found out they DID NOT change their sheets every night. They called house keeping and when they questioned the cabin steward he said they are working them like DOGS.. so wonder how many other did not get they sheets changed???

Amika Knight says:

Thanks for posting. The bathroom/toilet layout in the cabin and the drinks situation you mentioned has actually put me off booking an NCL cruise especially the Epic. I don’t know why they have to put the drinks in those containers? One of them looked like it contained dirty dish water…very off putting. Yours is the second vlog complaining about the pre-made drinks. Whoever designed these rooms wants shooting. Small, short beds and awkward shaped sofas doesn’t sounds like somewhere I would be comfortable on. By the way both Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, P&O and Cunard all have the rounded bed corners, it must be an industry wide thing. Thanks again.

Val Tom says:

Thank for the video. It was very helpful to learn about the ship before I go.

scott says:

Epic is great for Solo Travelors… Studio Lounge is almost perfect!! Slides are great but I would like them to update the green for what they have on the Escape (drop slide). Food is decent… but it’s free.. this ain’t the 1980s where you get a great meal that is free.. you have to go to Cagney’s, Moderno or La Bistro….Inside statesroom are too small and so is the pools.. but overall.. Studios, waterslides, Spice H20,Bliss,Haven(if you can afford it) and Entertainment make this 1 of the better ships!

Shelly Garcha says:

Loved the video. Great review. very helpful. we are going to the same cruise next month. thank you so so much:)

Jack Macartney says:


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