MSC Divina Review – The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly Pt 1

In this video we review the MSC Divina. We talk about all the things we thought they did really well! All good things! #MSCDivina

Cruise Critic Review:

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jere matthew johnson says:

hi , i have 595 days at sea why you guys consider the merchant marine like saylng freighter container break bulk than consider that you have been on a cruise ship than make a comparison

Elisa Scott says:

I love you videos, I just booked this cruise for November for my daughter and myself. Thanks for all the information cause I have been reading some reviews that have been negative.

hilstorm3 says:

Did you all book direct with the cruise line or with a travel agent?

Melvin Jacobs says:

I was on the Divina in 2015, and loved it. Will be on the Seaside next April.

Julesluvzslots says:

Just found you guys and absolutely love you videos! You need to send them to TLC!!! Get your own show.. 🙂

Dooku Sloth says:

I’m going on this ship on Saturday! (It’s Wednesday before I go) and I can’t wait and this video was very helpful. Thanks!

Román toledo oliver says:

estupendo cruceros muy buena atención y comida riquisima

Zach Ferg says:

Hey Guys! I really enjoy your vlogs! You should consider doing a group cruise, with your subscribers. It would be really fun!

paulrichard10 says:

What kind of camera are you using? The video has great quality. Also, the drone footage is awesome. Nice choice of interlude music, too!

Embarque Nessa says:

We loved the cruise and the islands we visited. All very good. Great video.

Bryan Davis says:

This helped immensely. We’re going on the Caribbean cruise next week. Found out things I didn’t know like the Cigars Under the stars, the chair massages and the food in the sports bar. One question. Did they have things to do during the day if you don’t want to be at the pool? Thanks again, really informative.

Catherine P says:

Hi guys, first I must tell you I loved your intro, very cute. Now, I’m a somewhat new travel agent with Expedia CruiseshipCenters and I’ve never sailed MSC. I sell mostly Carnival, NCL and RCCL. I received one of MSC emails and was shocked at the low prices so I decided to check YouTube for info on the ship and came across your video. Very informative. I’m going to check out some of your other videos before I fly down to Florida, I’m in NYC, to cruise on her. I appreciate your info, keep it up. Take care guys.

Tara Larson says:

Thanks for the review. I’ve always wondered about MSC cruises. I would love to try them out one day!

George B says:

There is a drink package that includes the Gelato & the in-cabin mini-bar.

Lisa La Croix says:

Hi thanks for your awesome review. One question though, what about the kids? Is it kid friendly? Are there any kids clubs?

MediaWatchDawg says:

I like to stop at the duty free shop. I like to stop at the duty free shop. I like to stop at the …

Chris Cooper says:

Great videos! My wife and I have watched all of your Divina cruise videos in preparation for our cruise this October. Are you guys going back on that ship this year? Btw, the camera work and production quality of your videos it awesome. It really adds to the viewing experience. Thanks for taking the time to do this vlog!

Alethea Vespa says:

go on a diet

Samuel Mullen says:

Thanks guys! We’re going on the eastern Caribbean cruise in August. Can’t wait to be on the sparkly ship!

Evang Houston says:

thanks for the info on MSC
My husband and I are planning to cruise on the seaside and i am very excited…
Keep up the good videos!
very informative

Sarah Ingle says:

Thank you so much for putting this together! We just booked an MSC cruise for this fall after watching your video. So helpful!

Works Hard 4 MK3 says:

The sports bar food was not free when we sailed. I never sampled the gelato

Sean Davis says:

Hey Chubby and Away, I’m actually thinking about making a booking and I must say that I’m even more excited to go now than before after watching your vids. How many restaurants does the Divina have on board? I’m also assuming that all the restaurants are covered under the cruise cost correct?
Also I am really grateful for your tip on the beverage package. This should be useful Thanks guys. Keep it up!

Vanessa Ferguson says:

Aw, you guys are great! Thanks for the review. My hubs and I are considering the Divina for our first cruise together. Thanks again guys. I’ll be looking for your future videos.

Jevita Grant-Stuart says:

Hi guys, i really love your videos 10 thumbs up!!!! Please advise how i can book this cruise. I live in South America and would love to go on the MSC Divina Cruise. Please advise

Maddison Stiner says:

You guys rock. Will you be on the Jesus Freak cruise?

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