MSC Divina: Cruise Ship Review, Eastern Mediterranean Cruise – July / August 2012 (HD)

MSC Divina is a Fantasia-class cruise ship owned and operated by MSC Cruises. She entered service in May 2012. The ship is an enhanced version of her running mates, MSC Splendida and MSC Fantasia.

This video begins with the approach to Venice Port (Porto di Venezia) and ends with the disembarkation at the end of the cruise, the video is wholly concentrated on the ship itself rather than the cruise destinations features a thorough overview of the ship and her facilities as well as a 9th deck outside cabin with balcony review and reflections of the Eastern Mediterranean Cruise, which began and ended at Venice, and called en-route at Bari, Katakolon, Izmir, Istanbul and Dubrovnik.

All of the publicly accessible decks are featured within the video, and within them the following areas / locations / features: Cybercafe, Reception, Divina Bar, Black Crab Restaurant, Gala Dinner menu and sample dishes, Silver Lounge, Mini Mall, Excursions Desk, Pantheon Theatre, Casino Veneziano, Piaza Del Doge, Cigar Lounge, Caffe Italia, MSC Logo Shop, Sports Bar, Golden Jazz Bar, La Luna Piano Bar, Black and White Lounge, cocktails, Cruise Director Franco, entertainment, La Cantina Di Bacco, Sacramento Tex Mex Restaurant, Deck 7 promenade, Calumet Buffet, Manitou Buffet, MSC Aurea Spa, Le Sirene, Aqua Park, Garden Bar, Garden Pool, water slide, MSC Yacht Club members only areas, Galaxy Disco, Galaxy Bar, Library, MSC Arena, Solarium, and external views of the ship in port.

The video ends with some criticisms of the organisation of the Eastern Mediterranean Cruise, particularly at Bari and Dubrovnik, where poor management lead to a negative passenger experience. The disembarkation was also a negative experience. Having to be out of our cabins for 07:30, not being able to get breakfast, and then the chaos of finding our suitcases were quite off-putting experiences. MSC Cruises need to work on this.

Ultimately the MSC Divina is a beautiful ship, but the passenger experience needs to be improved, I would make the following recommendations: 1. Spend more time at the ports of call; 2. Better organisation of the shuttle buses at Bari; 3. Better organisation of the tender boat disembarkation at Dubrovnik; 4. Longer in cabin on the last day, allowing for staggered entry to the restaurants for breakfast; 5. A more efficient system of baggage collection at Venice.


Moss Travel Media says:

I don’t think it was. Check the MSC website.

Jason Victor says:

I would like to know how the Yachtt Club was.  I did not see any shots of the rooms. We are staying on the 15th floor or Yacht  Club 1.  How was the Butler service?

Moss Travel Media says:

I’m afraid I don’t know, but hopefully somebody reading your comment will.

Kenny Bridgman says:

Have through where showing deck by deck. I would ask when u show a restaurant plz show the menu on video and scroll slowly. We see its beautiful inside the restaurant but just asking to see what they serve. Thanks

nipster6 says:

great video though.

LarsPson says:

Great video, you really got a good feel for the whole ship! Specially when comparing design and layout with other cruise lines!

Jason Kolojeski says:

Never been on a cruise, nor really have much of an inclination, but this was oddly interesting.

nipster6 says:

how can you say that when in the beginning of the video he admits to having only been on one other ship?

Naddy3667 says:

Do many Europeans do this? Is this sort of more of an American thing?

Sarajevo1970 says:

I know him as “Enzo”, no clue what his last name is tho.

Jose António Olim says:

Exellent ship

Moss Travel Media says:

I didn’t, our muster drill was on our arrival day. there was another muster drill the day after for passengers boarding at Bari.

TheDalien says:

Thanks for this excellent insight view…
You`re right the calumet midnight buffet had no variety at all.

Amy Hunter says:

thanks so much! also, how are you able to use the cyber cafe, does it cost extra, and was there any USB slots?
Just I would like to contact family to let them know I’m on the ship safe, but do not want to bring my laptop!

Moss Travel Media says:

Hello Vajinder, yes I hope that MSC have improved their efficiency by then. Glad the video was useful, hope you have a good cruise.

Marc Cassidy says:

Excellent video and review. Thanks!

Moyez Khan says:

Is the cyber cafe free?

Lucy Hampton says:

very good thx xxxxxxxxxxxx

Moss Travel Media says:

…and thank you! : )

Warren Jewell says:

Hey i’m going on my first cruise in a few days I just found this video :/ I’m on the MSC Spledida do you have any idea of entertainment costs for things like the 4D cinema arcades and such?

Moss Travel Media says:


Moss Travel Media says:

Thanks for your comment, last week I had my 5th cruise on my 4th ship, and will be uploading another 1 hour extensive video review tomorrow, this was on the Costa Mediterranea….so watch this space!

Augusto Lugo says:

Thanks for such detailed video, wish you had more footage of the spa, saunas, steam rooms? Would you use MSC again? How was the food, I have heard that the food leaves a lot to be desired, what is your take?

Dimitar Tomov says:

Thank you for comprehensive video and comments. Very useful information

Kartonkönig says:

Is the First restaurant you Filmes Free or have i Pay for it?

Moss Travel Media says:

Do many Europeans do what? Can you explain what you mean more fully and I’ll attempt to give you a sensible(ish) answer.

Klairy Xrysostomou says:

Great video, very informative, we will be cruising with MSC Divina in September, our first ever cruise, hope it will be a good “first” experience.

Moss Travel Media says:

It is free and included in the cruise price.

JaskanFactor says:

Thanks for the vid, fantastic info at the end on critics, much appreciated

Josh Nesbitt says:

Which camera did you use please ? Fantastic video

Moss Travel Media says:

Great comment, thank you.

gumbeaux58 says:

Beautiful ship. Will probably be trashed after the three music theme cruises next year. I’m going to the Cruise to the Edge (Yes) which is the third. Appreciate the review. This is a new ship for the three theme cruises but still MSC. My experience with MSC was less than other cruise lines I’ve been on but we don’t go for the cruise experience but for the floating music festival.

LarsPson says:

Well compared to other ships I have been onto, and also compared to other cruise reviews on you tube. Usually somebody puts together short clips of their stateroom or some stills, and calls that a review. But not here. This review really covers the whole ship, state room, public areas etc.

William North says:

Going on the Divina in about 9 weeks, yacht club 2. I certainly hope the food is better than what I’m hearing about the general guest restaurant. If not, first and last cruise on MSC.

Moss Travel Media says:

Yes I believe there was.

Moss Travel Media says:

Technically incorrect, I had been on two other ships, Divina was my third, but my second cruise line.

Moss Travel Media says:

Thanks for the comment, it is a Canon Legria HFS 200

Moss Travel Media says:

I think you just pay at reception to use the internet cafe terminals.

Chrisell says:

The MSC Divina is named such because Sophia Loren wanted a ship named for her, originally it was to be christened the MSC Fantastica. It has a Sophia Loren suite on board that is rumored to be hers and hers alone and anyone wishing to stay there must get permission from Sophia herself.

Moss Travel Media says:

Hi Warren, I’m afraid I don’t know, but if you go to the Cruise Critic message board, the folks on there most likely will. Just Google Cruise critic, register and then look for ‘community’ on their homepage.

nipster6 says:

shame on you for skipping out on the muster drill!

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