MSC Cruise Review – The Pros, Cons, & Everything You Need To Know

Here are the pros and cons that I found when I went on my 7 night MSC Cruises cruise in September of 2017 in the U.S. Caribbean

0:51 Pizza
0:58 Buffet selection
1:08 Food quality and taste
1:51 Camp counselors
2:10 Daily activities
2:26 Friendly people
2:32 Show’s performers and staff
2:37 Classy & clean ship
2:44 On and off boarding

3:21 Public trash cans
4:15 Official ship time
4:59 Long 7 language announcements
5:50 Same type of show each night
6:16 Small cups in the buffet
6:29 Ship’s layout
6:53 Dining waiter’s performance
7:11 Upselling & cross-selling attempts
7:40 Smaller rooms
7:54 Excursion website
8:07 Photo retrieval process

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Morgan Finlay says:

I am going on the MSC Seaside in April with my sister and grandma and my grandmother is Italian. I have watched all the other cruise critic videos and they’re all just so negative and directed towards old people. (no offense). Two summers ago I went on the Norwegein Gem and it was such an amazing exprience. Personally I could care less about the room and the nitty gritty things because you’re just there to have a good time, be outside and meet new people. But your video was more informing, enjoying to watch and overall better than the 30-minute videos saying everything they hate about the cruise. Some people need to realize people are broke and will enjoy whatever they can get!!!!

bradspicks says:

Get to it Derek, lets hear it lolol !!!

TheBestThings says:

We’ve been debating this line for awhile since it seems so inexpensive for now. Is the crowd skewed older?

EL L says:

Cool video Derek. Ever tried Norwegian ?

Rhonda Bare says:

We have taken one MSC Cruise (one Holland America, one Carnival and 13 Princess). MSC (Caribbean 14 day) was the worst cruise we have ever taken. It was the cruise from hell. I am a pretty happy person. I can usually find something good to say about anything. Not this!! We tendered every stop. They only used two tenders for every stop. It usually took up to three hours to get everyone off. The food was atrocious. The staff would not smile or talk to us. The entertainment was so-so. No bands or live music. When we docked in Fort Lauderdale we went to our lounge at 8 am to wait to be called. By 10:30 no one had been released so my husband and I decided to just leave. The immigration people wanted to know where everyone was. Never again.

Ian Armstrong says:

what a vile human being u are

Ian Armstrong says:

ah didums, your poor ears having to listen to all those different language options, my ears bleed for you

mrtlc5 says:

My experience on the MSC Divina was better than Royal and the Norwegian. I found trash cans with no problem the shows were great and I found clocks with no problem on the ship. The prices are way better than other Cruise Line. their service on the other cruise line did not add up to the price. I had a much better experience price and a much better experience with guest services on the MSC Divina. Everyone is different. I’m there to have a good time on my vacation. I work hard for my money and if I’m going to pay a for a trip I expect to get that service. On the Royal Caribbean didn’t or the Norwegian didn’t get it. I will never go with them again. I paid for a lot of money on both of those cruise ships and I didn’t get the service I should have gotten. On the MSC Divina I paid less and got double the service. And I found several other people with the same opinion on that ship.

Kevin O'Brien says:

We had an awful experience on the MSC Divina. We didn’t find the staff to be friendly at all. This was in 2016 and I guess a last cruise because of the ship going to a short dry dock. So maybe that was it. Bu it wasn’t impressed. I’ll wait to see some more reviews of the Seaside before I go on another MSC.

Dario Sanchez says:


Danny Dam says:

Great video. I love Royal Caribbean too, but our family will be sailing on the MSC Meraviglia for 12 days. The promenade that you are referring to on Royal Caribbean, this ship will have that. We cruise by destinations and since this ship will go from Genoa to Hamburg visiting 7 other ports in between, we figure why not give it a try.

Kevin Rietveld says:

Try NCL next they are great

Julie Stein says:

Yes the glasses are small. You need to bring a water bottle from home and fill up with ice and water or buy a case of bottled water to bring on the cruise, not sure if this line allows that, most lines don’t allow this any longer.

Thomas Korporaal says:

MSC prices are the best in the industry.

Brian Michaels says:

I normally don’t wear a watch but when I cruise I always wear one, PS buy a waterproof watch

RudeCustoms says:

I have to say your video was definitely more informative (and to the point) of the nitty gritty in what I would encounter on an MSC cruise. I especially like how you abstained from talking about the taste or quality of the food. The first 2 videos I saw from other U-Tubers emphasized on “bland taste” or “European-ish” type of food. I realized (after watching your video) that we all have different taste and approach to different kinds of food. So, it’s hard to say (until I try) that I may or may not like the food. I did hear from the others that the shows were repetitive and was really only one theme, which yeah, I guess can suck. But to tell you the truth, the point of this cruise is that we are doing this after 10 days at Disney World. So, this is really a vacation after “vacation.” We are doing our cruise this coming June on Seaside and the family we are traveling with convince me to do “Yacht Club,” so hopefully I can give some insight. Nice job on the Pros & Cons!

Kevin Dew says:

I love the entertainment on MSC. You are right that every night they use the very talented singers and dancers. I think that is great and is what I have been advocating for years. If I never see another washed up comedian, magician, or juggler, it will be too soon.

Nek I says:

How come this only got a few views and it was a great video
But those shitty 3 am challenge vidoes get people more than 3000$ per video in a month

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