MSC Cruise, a mistake??

We’ve booked a new cruise on the MSC Meraviglia in November. We haven’t sailed with MSC before and after reading a few reviews we are wondering if we have made the right decision! Let us know your opinions!

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Suzanne Calleja says:

i am going in August departing from Malta can’t wait

Markus Hötzel says:

Don´t be afraid, i sailed 3 times with MSC (on Splendida; Fantasia and Orchestra). Every Time there were all very God:-).
On our second Cruise on the Fantasia we receive a upgrade to the Yacht Club that was amazing. And the Meraviglia is a great ship with very good Italian food and also the Italian coffee. I think you will love it.

אורי כץ says:

so so mistake!!

Ronan Ryan says:

Been on 2 cruises with MSC. Mediterranean for a week and only last month dubai for a week. We loved both cruises. We booked another msc cruise for Caribbean in January 18 for a week on the new ship seaside

Justine Mia says:

Hey guys.We cruised MSC Sinfonia twice.Had a fanatastic time.There is entertainment for all age groups,there’s activities,there’s kids club & list goes on.The staff on board were friendly,knowledgeable and very helpful.The food was good.The fotos were a bit expensive for my pocket.Overall I would score it 8/10….A wonderful experience,highly recommended….

Pinoy Sea Cruisers says:

Hey Ben & David. We will be on the exact same sailing as yours. The first time we sailed on MSC, we got hooked & we just loved​ the experience. Lovely ships, fantastic crew. We’ve never been on any other cruise lines before so I don’t have anything else to compare MSC with, but to us, this line suits to our taste – it’s kinda classic, not too party atmosphere. It’s elegant, so to speak. We are used to multinational atmosphere so we really don’t have any complaints about the MSC crowd. Apart from the Meraviglia, we have 2 more cruises lined up with them, i.e. on the Seaside out of Miami and on the Preziosa out of Copenhagen. We will also do our first RCI (Navigator) as a B2B cruise with the Seaside. Anyway we will surely look for you onboard the Meraviglia in a few months from now & will say hi! When you find the time, please do watch our music vlogs of MSC so that you somehow get a feel of the MSC experience that we always love.

Constança Torres says:

MSC has its ups and downs … on the smaller ships I travelled food was good but some plates were really terrible . The best part of MSC are the crew. You should look for a Bulgarian Bartender that works on Meraviglia * spells meravilha* and she makes the best drinks. she is the only Woman Bartender and I think that she works at chocolate and coffee bar but anyway look for her. BEST DRINKS FROM MSC ARE THE ONES SHE MAKES ( Lulu is her name) . havve fun

Ross Welsh says:

Been on two cruises with MSC and am booked on two more. Most of the negative comments I’ve found on Cruise Critic are from the USA, sailing on MSC Divina in the Caribbean. “Portion Sizes not big enough”, no ultra fatty food in the Buffet, waiters slow to refill the water glasses, rude fellow passengers, etc. etc.. We have enjoyed our cruise with MSC and would love to be able to try out that new unpronounceable ship!!

krzysztof kaliszczak says:

We are going on 23rd june taking off from Barcelona. Dont care about bad reviews as there are bad and good ones just cant wait and thrilled. Easy as if dont like it we wont go again. been working myself on po carribean princess so wil have some comparisions. When on board as a junior waiter said myslef i have to do this. so we are going yahooo. only concerns we have is sea sick as we going with kids and even I last time feel sick sea fishing.

James Dean Trepanier says:

My first cruise was a transatlantic 19 days…Barcelona to Miami….On DIVINA! Loved it!!!! SOLO!

Valerio Maffezzini says:

went in December MSC is AMAZING! you must go on the brand new ship ! food is nice if you go to the buffet at lunch and at the restaurant in the evening ! shows at the theatre aren’t very good but the services are very good !!

JoAnn Harrer says:

Hi Guys. Check out the reviews of MSC from “Chubby and Away”. Good insight to what you might experience.

N4LDG says:

So, a few years ago my wife and took a cruise on the MSC Divina, from Miami, Florida, for our wedding anniversary, during the month of December. Everything was great but we forgot or the wifey forgot she gets sea sick quite easily. Although there’s no winter in Miami, during those months the northern winds clash with the warm air of the Caribbean and makes for some not so smooth sailing. I can take the up and down, but wifey was no good for nothing. The food was okay, but the European passengers were a little annoying. If you were in the buffet line, they would cut off in front of you as if this were their last meal or the food was going to run out. Not even a pardon. Even for ice cream, they would trample over you if they could. On the last day of the voyage, we stopped about 200 meters off shore of a private island. The captain decided not to disembark because he considered it too choppy. Everyone looked out from the top deck, and it was not too choppy as he described. Two other cruise lines were also just off the island and they were shuttling passengers back and forth from their ships. Caribbean Cruise lines was one of the ships. We didn’t get any compensation or discount voucher for our next cruise. I think he wanted to get back to port early, and cut the trip short. We also booked a cruise on the MSC Meraviglia in November. I’m wondering how the Mediterranean Sea will be like during November? Will it be choppy as well? – Louis

Laura Bunts says:

I am American and have sailed MSC twice. One time I booked into the Fantastica package and the other the Yacht Club. I’ve been on 50 cruises over all from the bottom of the barrel to the QE2. MSC is our favorite so far. The ships are 5 star as is the entertainment. The food is authentic Italian and we found that the service was great however we go out of our way to engage the staff and I sincerely believe they will treat you as you treat them. The Buffet was a bit crowded on our ship (the Divina) but I believe that has been corrected on the Merriveglia and their newer ships. I too read negative reviews and in both instances, those I traveled with and myself were pleasantly surprised.

kyra vanwingerden says:

i have been on most cruiselines, including MSC and even Costa. MSC is fine…don’t worry. as already said, most negative critics are americans. They should just stay in the carribean and book carnival. They can’t handle european ships where there is no junk food for breakfast and where you have to think for yourself. I was on MSC last year and had a great time.

煮家男人 Bob's Your Uncle says:

We’ve booked the Meraviglia in July. I’ll let you know once we’ve been on 🙂

MJacobs873 says:

I’m an American and can only speak of the Divina here. We were on her last year and loved it.The food was very good, and had no problem with the buffet, which we ate at for breakfast and lunch. We are booked on the Seaside for March, 2018 in a fantastica balcony. Don’t believe everything you read on Cruise Critic, of which I’m a member. The nays on all the lines out post the yays. Some of the things they complain about boarder on the ridiculous. Go with an open mind and enjoy yourself.

Ann moloney-mckerrow says:

My husband and I have gone on 2 transatlantic cruises w/ MSC and loved both! Staff were friendly and helpful, ship was very clean (and staff were always cleaning something) and, food was superb, Although I am from the U.S. and my husband is from Canada we feel more European than North American. Some people from the U.S. told us they violently objected to announcements being made in many languages(!) even though they knew there were people from many countries on the ship. Others told us they had seen all the movies on their cabin’s movie channel; seems as if they mainly wanted to watch movies on the cruise!

The only negative comment I have is about a talent show by passengers in which one man was inappropriate w/ his comments during his “comedy” routine. (I also heard this same man been rude to a German man w/ a heavy accent when the polite German man spoke English.

Emma Le Teace says:

I’m travelling on the Meraviglia too in December! I’m really excited.

Love you channel, so glad it was suggested to me. You’ve gained a subscriber here! 🙂

Boat Lover says:

A couple things I have learned, people are more likely to post something after a perceived negative experience than a positive experience. As an American, I think the comment about them being Americans is likely true. Reading between the lines on some reviews and videos, I think Americans have a different expectation regarding service in places like dining establishments than Europeans. I think Americans want to be more pampered or looked after while eating. Someone said, not sure if it is true, that in Europe, wait staff stay away until called. I have read recently that MSC has made adjustments in the Caribbean market to address different expectations. At the end of the day, how can you have a bad day on the sea? The pizza looks awesome, I have never figured why this was so hard to do on other cruise lines. Make great pizza and save money on your food expenses!!

Werner Taljaard says:

Good – Excellent service on MSC Magnifica 2016, Had perfect 1ST cruise. Already booked for this year was upgraded to a balcony suite for free! (bella experience)

cruisetotravel says:

Hey David and Ben, It’s true MSC are different from other (US) cruise lines but don’t worry you’ll have a great time!

Joseph Dadey says:

Our first cruise was on MSC. We stayed in the Yacht Club on the MSC Divina. I’ve never had a group of people make me feel quite that special before. It was expensive, but less expensive than similar offerings on other cruise lines. The Meriviglia has Yacht club inside cabins, which may seem like a bit of a contradiction, but I would absolutely do. Have an amazing time on the Meriviglia, I’m insanely jealous. PLEASE make a “ship tour” video if you can. From what I’ve seen, the experience for the non-yacht club cruisers seemed to be a tiny bit below par, but in line with the pricing. The ship itself looks awesome!

Joan Jensen says:

Simply L♥ve MSC cruises, don’t you worried about that.
But if I were you, I’d worry about starting from the right departure port.
You’re talking about that your cruise start in Rome (Civitavecchia) and finish in Naples.
Well, according the cruise destinations you shows, the opposite are the facts.  This could quickly become an “interesting” trip for you…or not!!!

Valerio Maffezzini says:

Basta usare il dizionario online per sapere come pronunciare le parole ! 😉

Susan Clark says:

My mum and dad have cruised with MSC a few times and no problems whatsoever xx

Des Parry says:

MSC are fine as long as you don’t mind sharing the ship with 6 other nationality’s .
We’ve been with them 5 times, mainly because they’re usually cheap.

MustangShelby says:

MSC is amazing. I’ve been to the Caribbean on MSC Divina. it’s an amazing ship, the staff is so helpful and friendly and the food is great. I prefer MSC compared to Norwegian. I’ve been on the Breakeaway and thought the food was very poor compared to MSC. Nothing to fear by choosing MSC. It’s very European/Internationally minded, where as in my opinion Norwegian is very American minded. So it also has something to do with the type of person you are

Bjørn Chr Halvorsen says:

We have traveled with MSC many times. We would gladly recommend this shipping company, but do not choose Meraviglia. There is a volume of noise everywhere on the ship that is completely unbearable. We went 12 people, but we found nowhere to sit and talk, except the Sky lounge on deck 18. Terrible that they “spoil” the experience with this ship. Convert to another MSC ship. MSC Preziosa or MSC Fantastica

Bjørn in Norway

Andreia Abreu says:

And by the way as I said I’m going on Meraviglia in July, I can get in touch with you guys and give you some feedback

andreiVV says:

I ended on you video by chance… anyway..
I have cruised with MSC twice (last one last week),
I’ve been on board Musica and then Fantastica. Both really great and not the same. The staff was super nice, the food even better. The activities onboard are ok.
I’ll go on Meraviglia this June, on the first week, for a one day cruise just to see how’s the ship.

JannelleCT says:

pronounced “meravilia” – silent g

Patrick OHalloran says:

Partner and I now done 2 MSC cruises after being loyal to Royal for 10+ years (but felt standards had dropped). We have sailed on Splendida and Fantasia. Ships are beautiful. Staff and service are great. Organisation is a little haphazard at times. Lack of specialty dining was also an issue but that might not be the case on Meriviglia. Drink and wifi packages very reasonable. Am sure you will have a great time but you will notice subtle differences. Would be boring if all cruise lines were the same though.

Enzo Caparelli says:

Can you please do room tours for this boat (i will be going in the super family room with balcony

Jayne Knowles-Smith says:

Have been with MSC on quite a few cruises, The service is fantastic, the food is really good in the restaurants and the buffets, varied choice of food, Everywhere is clean and sparkling, The Entertainment is fabulous, I am going on the Meravigla on the 13th Nov from Naples, and looking forward to it,

xxJoshHD says:

Going on my first ever cruise on MSC Meraviglia, pronounced Mere-I-villa. In July!

xxJoshHD says:

Hey guys, just finished my cruise on the msc meraviglia last week. Absolutely fantastic! Highly recommend!

Theresa Hawkridge says:

Hi, you read my mind! i’m due to go on this ship next march and also worried , please let me know asap what your experience was like as obviously no reviews yet

Kay says:

Hi from Australia Guys !   We are booked on the same trip on the MSC Meraviglia in October from Messina !   Will love to stay on your blogs and hear all about the Meraviglia.  We are getting excited – this is our first cruise on an MSC ship especially one so new.  Thanks for this and thanks to all for their comments! 🙂

Ulysses2012 says:

You guys are absolute legends! Thank you SO much for posting this video. I was looking for an affordable cruise and couldn’t believe my eyes when I stumbled upon your vlog and saw the prices shown. I thought there had to be some kind of catch. It seemed too good to be true. So I quickly found the November cruise you mentioned and was able to book a Fantastica room on Deck 13 with a huge corner balcony, and for an absolute steal! We’ve cruised twice with NCL in the Caribbean and Meditteranean, but never with MSC. Fear not, it’s a reputable cruise line and friends who’ve been on the Divina and Preziosa have all had a great time. Thanks again. Ps. it’s pronounced (Chiv-it-a-vekia) and (Mera-villia) 😉

TheGodlyGoose says:

I’ve been on the MSC Divina. Amazing ship with possibly the best diversity of activities and cuisine on a ship. The Meravigila will be even larger than the ship I’ve been on, so expect well from it. The main con about the ship is the VERY few dining options. There are no casual dining options other than the buffet, and all there is to eat a meal is the main dining and 4 or 5 alternatives. Overall, I’d give it a 7.5 out of 10, however it is EXTREMELY cheap for quite good quality, so I would say it would be the number one value out there by far. Happy cruising!

Peter Stewart says:

Hi Guys. We have no problem with MSC. We found that – 1) if you want something to complain about, you’ll find it. 2) treat the Staff with dignity and they’ll treat you like Kings (or Queens lol) 3) Not all the food will be to your liking – no need to burst a vain – just order something else 4) Almost all the crits we read about MSC was unfounded.We are going on the Meraviglia (Pronounced ME RA VI JA) in June 2017 too. You’ll have a great time!!

Linda Parsons says:

Just booked seaside after being spoiled on Divina, Very lovely ship with high end. lots of live music and dancing. Not a fan of belly flop contests and dj that are on other ships. Entertainment every night that amazed us. Food and service is more mediterrian (love it too)

Scott Lowe says:

I’ve watched another Vlog and they were on the MSC Devina. They loved it, I think you guys will enjoy yourself no matter what ship your on.

Mamaci says:

MSC is good. If you go into it with proper expectations from your research and your fantastic relaxed mentality you will have fun. Most of the cheaper cruise lines have really let the quality of the food slip due to trying to keep lower costs.
I had fun on MSC. I also went on knowing if I wanted good 5 star worthy food I had to pay for it and if I just wanted to be fed while on vacation I was all set.
I look forward to your review after your cruise. I love how honest and non judgmental you guys are.

Andreia Abreu says:

Well I’ve been in MSC Preziosa and MSC Fantasia, and I’m also going on MSC Meraviglia in July, I couldn’t be more excited! MSC is really good, you have all types of the food, you can try meals that you haven’t try before, the rooms are incredible ( I always stay in a suite with a balcony but I’ve heard those with only a window are also great) , the staff is always there to help you, excursions are a bit expensive but they are worth the money, I’m sure you’ll have one of the best experiences of your life guys!

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