Mediterrean Cruise Review

A quick review of Viking Ocean Cruises’ Mediterranean Odyssey with pictures of my favorite things from Barcelona, Toulon, Monaco, Pisa, Rome, Naples, Corfu, Dubrovnik, Split and Venice.


Jodi Posner says:

I love all of your videos – You’ve given me some really useful packing tips. Looking forward to seeing many more !!!!

Sally Johnson says:

Thanks for sharing. I loved it.

Angela C says:

Love your videos! Did you take excursions or find your own way? We are cruising the med for the first time on a similar itinerary this summer and am nervous about Rome.

LLE2222 says:

Beautiful! Interesting!
Thank you for sharing, Missy.

Donna C says:

WooHooooo! What a great way to go! I loved your narrative, Missy, it made me feel like I was there 😉 You looked like you were in heaven and I’m glad you made it home safe and sound. Thank you for sharing with us. Take Care, Donna C.

Jay Brown says:

Always dressed so beautifully…

Gingerlakegirl says:

Girl…what a trip!!! Looks like you had a blast. Beautiful as always! Now I want to plan a trip there. What would you recommend or do different if you had it to do again? ❤

onedayatatimeu says:

Sounds like a wonderful cruise to take. Thanks for sharing. Your hubby is handsome! Beautiful match!

Mariana Braz says:

I love your videos!! Keep up with the good work girl!

Nikki B says:

i was just thinking yesterday i wonder how your cruise was and wham – today this video is up! great pics and review of your trip. made me think back to my mediterrenean cruise .

Catherine Garvin says:

I love pink.

Freeland Bass says:

I loved hearing about your fabulous cruise! I just returned from Paris and, like you, my most favorite part was coming upon the beautiful cathedrals and looking inside- they were truly awe-inspiring! And Venice is definitely on my bucket list!! Thanks for sharing.

sarahthegr8er says:

Thanks for the tips and insight. We’re going on a similar cruise in June. How was the weather and do you feel like you packed the right things?

Monica RS says:

Wonderful trip … Thanks for sharing !

Rachel M says:

Filmed so nicely!! Glad you had a wonderful time! God bless❤️

Giorgio Chiuso says:

my italy with you is more beautiful!!

Em Ar says:

We loved our two back to back cruises to the Mediterranean too but from Venice and Savona. Glad to reminisce our time there through your video ( Your voice is very soothing as I have said in another video of yours, I don’t mind watching over and over), cheers! ( We went to Milan as well, before our cruises.)

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