Crystal Cruise Vlog | EUROPE 2018 Part 1 of 2 | Marseille, Barcelona, Gibraltar and Lisbon

My family went took a Crystal Cruise on the Crystal Serenity from Marseille, France to Dover, UK. The trip was lovely! This is video 1 of 2. *WARNING* This video ends with a verbal recount of a major accident that happened to my mother in Lisbon, Portugal. ▼MORE INFO BELOW▼



PART 2 of this Video Series:

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Please send my mom healing vibes and prayers! We appreciate it so much!




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Janet Derwin says:

Healing thoughts for your Mom

Bootsie Sweettarts says:

OMG… absolutely terrifying. We do a lot of cruises and land travel having been to the same places as you. I often think how frightening it would be to get hurt or ill while away. Not speaking the language and not knowing your surroundings is an awful experience. We’ll be heading to the Med on another cruise in 6 weeks and at almost 71 years I am always thinking of that. One good thing about a cruise is that the ship’s crew is always amazing making something like this a bit less scary. I’m sure you all wanted to just get home with Mom. I got pick pocketed in Barcelona and even that was so stressful let alone getting injured. Mom was fortunate to have her gaggle around. Wow.

Maureen McD says:

Prayers for your Mom

Amanda Vang says:

OMG, was not expecting that. Sending your mom good vibes and thank you for sharing your experience with us.

MIAMI 4K says:

Hey Olivia quick question which patches do you recommend for motion sickness? I know about Airborne but it makes people drowsy a bit.

Mandy Viper says:

Hi Olivia’s mom sending immense prayers and thoughts of healing your way. I’m so sorry that happened to you and thankful that you made it home. I’ll have my grandma say a rosary for your healing ❤️

Colleen Barry says:

Olivia, I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. She is in my prayers. I hope she has a smooth recovery. ❤️

Beverly B says:

To Olivia’s Mom: Praying for fast healing, calm days ahead for you, and also prayers for your family so there is less anxiety for everyone. You are in the medical care will be at your beck and call!

Olivia the first part of your VLOG 2 thumbs up. The mosaics in Portugal were amazing. Your cabin room was Outstanding. What you filmed was wonderful. Looking forward to the second part. Your Mom’s health is your main concern now – so take a deep breath, go to yoga and try to relax. You all went through something traumatic – give yourself time to adjust. Don’t worry WE AREN’T GOING ANYWHERE – we can wait however long it takes for your next VLOG!! Be safe, carry on, and everyone heal.

Faith Nelson says:

what a cool family you have! i missed all of this. last time i saw you was when you were going away. youtube must’ve turned off notifications near then………….happy to see your smiling face [and sis’s] you girls are just great together. and i’m sure your elders are proud….hope mom is feeling great now. rotten luck to be hit like that, great that the circumstances later were so wonderful in which to recooperate.

spalitwo says:

I’m so glad your mom is ok! I’m sure the one thing she needed after medical attention was to have her kids close. Everything happens for a reason! Thoughts to you all!

MIAMI 4K says:


lm wils says:

Sending best wishes to your mum. Hope youre feeling better x x

erica giannantonio says:

I can’t even believe that!! Thank God she’s ok…must have been such a shock.
The pictures were amazing! Nice to see you all enjoying each other. Praying for mom!

Sandy McCollum says:

Wow!!!! Awesome trip and great stories.

Bridgett Wonder says:

Thank you so much for allowing us to vicariously live your vacation through media. I am so sorry about what happened to your mom. I can understand not only your worry about her, but the language barrier and the unfamiliarity with a foreign medical system. I am sure you were all terrified. I am so sorry that occurred the middle of this fabulous trip. I look forward to part 2 and hope the rest of the trip went well.

Elizabeth Hayes says:

Prayers for your Mom!!! Wow! So glad it wasn’t worse!!

Kilsyth324 says:

Thinking of your mom!! That’s so scary!

crafty little minx says:

Get well soon and please look after yourself Olivia’s mum x

Rebecca H says:

Thank you for sharing. I am so glad your mom is okay and I wish her a speedy recovery!

NaturesBestArt says:

Oh, so sorry Olivia & Olivia’s mom & all your family – you are in my prayers. Wonderful pictures, and thanks for sharing!! I will look forward to part 2 and hope to hear your mom is recovering well. It’s always such a shock when something like that happens to those we love and so dear to us. My cousin, who is like a sister to me recently broke her leg!

Ayesha Rodrigo says:

Loved watching this vlog, can’t wait for the next one!Hope your momma is feeling better now- sending her lots of love! 🙂

Linda's Commute says:

Enjoyed your vlog about this trip, I’ve been wondering about how it went.  It looks beautiful!  Will be keeping your mom and her healing in my prayers.

Ariel Ding says:

Wish your mom is doing better now!

luis marques says:

Sorry about the accident, Lisbon is awesome, different and definitely a highlight of any trip

krosettedesigns says:

So glad your mother is on the mend.

Cake Louise says:

So scary for you and your family. Your mom is in our thoughts and prayers.

CraftyMomster2112 says:

Squeee! A Crystal cruise! I’ve wanted to cruise on that line, but my son is a tad too young. He wants to do kid stuff like ziplining and rockclimbing on the ship.

Sara says:

Positive vibes for your mom! Your trip looked beautiful!

Quilter Caroline H says:

Hugs for your mum. Xxx

Pamela Benne says:

Hey Olivia’s Mom, We (Olivia’s) YT Subbies are sending you a lot of Prayers, Love and a HURRY UP GET Well SOON!!!!! Olivia Moms are tough cookies…..Sending Positive and Loving energy until she is well

Anne Hockenberry says:

Sounds like an amazing trip! So sorry about your mom. That’s so traumatic. I hope she has a speedy recovery!

B Stevenson says:

I’ve been to Gibraltar and a monkey rode on the window of our driver’s van for awhile. I must say at times they made me a bit nervous!! The huge plaza area was fun with the small restaurants and shops.

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