Cruise Review/Recap of Regal Princess

Hello everyone! In this video I’m sharing my overall thoughts on our recent cruise on Regal Princess. Be sure to watch my Cruise Vlog from this cruise linked below. Princess Cruises:
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Jill Olsen says:

I really appreciate and enjoy all your videos especially the cruise related ones. Didn’t know about,that app that allows you to text onboard. I wonder how you set it up so you don’t get charged for roaming or run the battery out. Our family went on a Princess cruise 2 years ago and that would have been a fantastic tool to have.

Sherry Meade says:

Just returned from Regal Princess Western Caribbean cruise. Your review was spot on with everything we experienced; except for the dining. We had traditional dining and our waiter was terrible. The food was good but not great except for the Princess Dinner night (where they wear the American vests). We had a “mini-suite” with tub and LOVED IT! I’ve won a seat in their grand finale slots tournament, so we will go back for a 10 day from New York to Fort Lauderdale with stops in St. Maarten (my fav!), Antigua and Bonaire. We did love the ship, so hopefully we’ll get that perfect waiter this time too! Great info!

prikljucak says:

cheapettone passangers or??

candy g says:

was the sea bar a extra charge.

Jenn Hedrick says:

Thanks for the review. I will have to go to your Regal videos. My family and I have only cruised on Disney. Even when my husband and I go alone we cruise Disney. My husband and I are wanting to go on another cruise line (to check it it) so we are thinking about the Regal Princess. This video was very helpful. Thank you.

Susan N says:

Always enjoy hearing about your cruise experiences! Question – when you are waiting for “my time dining” did you ask for a specific size of table (for two, four, six or more)?  Just wondered if the type of table you wanted, affected how quickly you were seated?  We’ve been on about 10 cruises so far and our favorite was the one to Alaska.  There is just something totally magical about sailing literally through floating bits of ice and seeing glaciers “calve”. A-MAZING! If you ever do go cruising to Alaska, make sure you look at one of the more “mid-size” type ships as not all are allowed to go into the relatively small area of Glacier Bay – which is where the most incredible scenery is.   Great vlog, really enjoyed it, Crystal!

Faith Rebecca says:

so happy i found your channel, your cruise videos are so helpful! we are going on the regal in march and im so excited : )

K Olds says:

As far as the dining you were talking about…my husband and I got married about a month ago and just took our first cruise with princess. we were on the coral princess in alaska and we had similar issues with the anytime dining but it wasnt as bad as you say it was on yours. i think we had to wait every night, but some nights wasn’t more than 5 minutes. part of the line was due to our itinerary…because the ports in alaska are open later there were large crowds some nights. we were never issued a pager though, and even on the nights the line was across the atrium, i don’t think we ever waited more than 15 minutes to get in. the dining room food was always fantastic though, we thought.

Corneleous Worthington says:

Hi- you are a natural at video blogging!  Thanks for your reviews!  I am wondering if you have any intention of reviewing a Carnival ship?

Thokko says:

It’s surprising that they charge extra for Afternoon Tea on Princess – I’ve only been on Holland America and their Afternoon Tea is free. How did you like the salads on Princess? I thought the salads on Holland America were amazing as there were always something different everyday, very fresh and tasty. Wonderful review on the Regal ship and the Princess brand. I will be travelling on the Star Princess in the Fall for a California Coastal cruise and it will be my first experience with Princess too.

Dianne23 says:

Have you seen the new ship set to debut as the most luxurious ship? Saw a post from USA Today. I think it’s called Seven Seas Explorer. Looks like a beautiful ship!

Marjorie P. says:

Sorry I am late to the party, great review Crystal we were on the Royal in December loved it had a few issues with the anytime dining as you guys did but never had to wait more than ten minutes. We are going on the Regal this Dec for a 2 week cruise and are def looking forward to it! I agree love the int. cafe as well! Great review!!

lego,ag,irishstep crazy says:

I recommend the celebrity summit leaving from cruise port Bayonne New Jersey to Bermuda. You won’t be disappointed. It is a smaller ship, but it is very well kept and has great food. Getting on and off is super easy. Plenty of stuff to keep you busy. You stay in Bermuda for 3 days!!!! Love you’re videos. I am subscribing.

xokferg894 says:

I’m really glad I found your channel(s) I subscribed to both! 🙂

Robb Evans says:

Hello Crystal.  Thank you for your very candid and straight-forward review of the Regal Princess, it was very informative.  I am in the initial stages of planning a 30th anniversary cruise fro Nov 2017.  We haven’t cruised a whole lot, the first cruise was on the Dawn Princess out of San Juan, Puerto Rico back in March 1998….and didn’t cruise again until 2013 with Royal Caribbean (Brilliance) also out of San Juan and our last cruise was aboard the Royal Caribbean “Freedom” April 0f 2015 out of Port Canaveral.  Listening to your excellent review, one thing stood out and I am hoping you found some solution to your issue with lack of outdoor under-cover seating/lounging.  We love the “overhangs” on each side of the Royal Caribbean ships where you get out of the sun if/when you need to and still feel the ocean breezes and watch the sea go by.  Were you ever able to find an area to get out of the sun on the upper decks?  Also, you mentioned briefly about the Promenade Deck (5th-7th level deck) that wraps around the ship.  From what I understand about the Regal, the deck doesn’t wrap all the way around the ship.  You talked a bit about the chairs/loungers on the Promenade Deck and I couldn’t quite tell if there are no chairs/loungers at all on this deck?  Overall, it looks like a most beautiful ship, and I really want to give it a try.  Thank you again for posting your most informative video

Corinne Delzer says:

Hi. I heard that the color fountain light show in the evening gets canceled due to wind issues. That seems like a huge design flaw to me being that cruising typically is windy. How many times during your trip did that show actually successfully run? Also, did you do the unlimited beverage package? Can you speak to that a bit? I am going on this ship in the near future.

Jesus Lemus says:

hay unas cosas que valoró de mi vida la vista mi oído el ser amable el ser generoso el ser único el contemplar a la naturaleza y disfrutar de un mundo hermoso las maravillas sólo las costrulle Dios y nadie mas

visualize2feel says:

Glad to hear your honest feedback about your experience with Princess cruises. I am traveling on star princess for the first time next week to Mexico.

maremacd says:

I’m a land lubber, but I’d like to try a cruise, maybe as a girls trip with my two sisters. The problem is one of my sisters (since her retirement) has sworn off formal or even business attire. 🙂 Are there cruise on which you can eat at the nicer restaurants in casual dress?

ElenaMarie says:

My husband and I noticed that the quality and variety of food on the Oasis wasn’t nearly as good as it was a year ago.  It was a bit disappointing.  We had anytime dining on the Oasis and never had a problem being seated.  The food in the dining room was fantastic.  We cruised on Princess back in 2000 and we loved it.  We’re talking about going on Princess again.  Thanks for the review!

gary greenstein says:

Lol must be nice to cruise every few months

Melissa55 says:

Terrific and very thorough information on this cruise, Crystal. I really respect your opinion and it was so interesting hearing you go through the pros and cons. Overall, it sounds like you could recommend this ship. Thank you for all you do sharing your experiences with everyone. You look gorgeous! Love, Melissa

Chelsey Gannon says:

Your videos are very helpful! I am researching our honeymoon in Feb 2016!

pmb5005 says:

Love your cruise videos.  Have you done a demo and review on Becca Powder?  Thanks Crystal!  Priscilla 🙂

Jesus Lemus says:

todo me encanta más creo que si hubiera música de violín por las tardes se alegra más la tarde

MissCrystal says:

+upschick712 Hi there! I know a lot of ships are charging up front for gratuities now. I know if you book anytime dining you pay upfront for it. I noticed on Princess, they took them out each day. We’re cruising with Royal again this fall on a limited sailing out of California. As of right now, we’d probably sail with Princess again over Celebrity. They remind me of each other but our last Celebrity cruise wasn’t good.

Debbie Reeves says:

Love hearing about your cruises. We’re just back from our 14th!!! xx

Giannad16 says:

do you know if the internet cafe is an up charge? because i know you have to pay for the wifi on the ship for personal devices.

apollobrooke says:

Ok, Crystal, It will be my first cruise and I don’t know where to start planning! What do you suggest for first timers? My husband and I are in our 40’s but we do love to have drinks and stay busy. We really are not too much down time type of people we love to do shows, shop, activities in general, anything that will keep us busy. Where are some of the places you still enjoy visiting while cruising even though you have been there before? Excited to hear your answers and thank you so much,

wendy smith says:

Loved your review, we have been on a few princess ships and never had to wait for any time dining and if we booked it was always ready. I would say that it was the ship and maybe cause there were only 2 dining rooms the princess ships i have been have 4 anytime dining rooms so if one had a line up we went to the next one , as they all serve the same food.

Gustavo Saito says:

Thanks so much for the review. Do you have any impressions about how appropriate this ship would be for small kids?

lego,ag,irishstep crazy says:

Also large buffet and many restaurant choices. Plenty of seating and many bars and such

Carrie D says:

Great review and some great pointers for people trying to decide on cruise companies and dining aboard ship, I truly believe that you can forgive bad food but bad staff attitude is unforgivable unless it is a one off occasion, I always love the late fixed dining it always works well if you have teenagers/children who did their own thing during the day , Thanks for sharing 🙂

Kathy Allen says:

ooo la la I love your blonde hair.
Thanks for sharing your cruise with us, I enjoyed it 🙂

BusyBeingJen says:

Excellent review, Crystal.  We love cruising, too, but have never tried Princess, so it was great to hear about it.  –Jennifer

Stephen Guy says:

try azamara

stylist1285 says:

Love hearing your cruise reviews! I have cruise fever!

mario conte says:

Avid Princess Cruiser They usually never disappointment. sometimes a few glitches but nothing they don’t seem to fix very quickly. Try them again

Keith Earnshaw says:

Hello, Crystal. We will be taking our first cruise on this ship transatlantic next year. It’s important for us to have reliable internet for work and I was wondering if you found the wifi to be reliable? Was the internet ever down for 1-2 days at a time? Thanks!

wolf spirit says:

is the pool heated I’m going in about 5 weeks

lego,ag,irishstep crazy says:

last comment. am doing 3rd on that ship

Dakota Hale says:

Do u ever get balcony suites

Selena Garland says:

We just got back from a cruise on Caribbean Princess.  I agree with you on the anytime dinning.  I loved everything about the boat but that part.  It was a wait for dinner every night.  I think next time we may just do the traditional dinning.  I love watching all your videos.  Thank you for sharing with us.

SteelyFlyer says:

Happy to her you have not cruised Norwegian. Do yourself a favor and stay away! Twice was enough. I gave them a second chance and it was the same sub par crap.

Giannad16 says:

This is an odd question but do u know if they provide hair dryers in the rooms?

Dylan Holmes says:

I have a question. Will a cruise in the baltics in Europe be good? Plus is the serenade of the seas (royal caribbean) ship good for 40-50 year olds and a 13 year old kid?

xoxofoodie says:

Wonderful review, I’ve been binge watching your cruise videos today and can’t wait to plan something soon.  One thing I did want to hear more from you about, the drink plans.  Which ones did you opt for, which cruises you felt offered better deals etc. Also about how much would you budget or suggest to someone to budget for on board purchases or restaurants (or bar drinks). Thanks for your help!

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