2017 Disney Magic Cruise Ship Tour & Review with The Legend

The Legend shows you all around the Disney Magic cruise ship from his voyage in January 2017. This tour of the ship includes the various pool areas and waterslides, kids clubs, restaurants, bars, theaters and the stateroom.

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Neke Williams says:

I thought these rooms had magic port holes?

Monya Irving says:

Great video ! I hope you really enjoyed yourself.

Parker VanBelleghem says:

How does this ship compare to the others? My only complaint for this video was that it was hard to hear you sometimes over the noise… but I can’t hold that against you too badly! It looks like a great time!

Kerry Warnaar says:

Speaking of pirates of the Caribbean, I’m seeing “dead men tell no tales” tonight

n1Pamperedgirl says:

I just found this video because I’m going on the Disney magic this year and I love this video! Your voice is very soothing by the way.

Antonio Ferraiolo says:

Great Video! Going on Disney Magic next month. BTW Carioca’s is a South American themed restaurant not Spanish.

Colette De Silva says:

This was an awesome review! You left no stone unturned! Great job!!

zain.alhashemi says:

This was a really helpful video! Thank you for filming, editing, taking your time, and posting this for us! It was really entertaining and just what I was looking for!

kkstar 12 says:

I want to go on a Disney cruise sooooo bad. But I don’t know if I have the money or the time. We’re already going to the beach and possibly to Chicago. Maybe next year I hope.

Lee Brodsky says:

Great review – What video camera are you using ?

Jose Perez says:


Danielle Jones says:

thank you for your video, i watched from the beginning to the end…

Amazing Grace says:

My sister works on it

Paige Mc Lear says:

I’m going April 1st!!!!!!!

Zach Stammen says:

So comparing the two different different Disney cruises what are some of the things you liked disliked from the two different cruises for example is does one ship have better dinning than the other ect.

Jose Perez says:


Kerry Warnaar says:

21:11 hidden Mickey

Harrison Leggo says:

I thought they were condoms not chocolate at first haha!

Abe Roman says:

Not a fan of cruises but this video was very entertaining to watch.

Aeja Lampley says:

Magic was our 1st and favorite ship. Lovely and no crowded lines.

LadyMeilin says:

Thank you so much for the video! Was so fun to watch!

Savage 6 says:

I’m Going Ton The Magic In Three Days

codysharp520 says:

I was on the sailing the week after! Loved hearing the familiar voices from the staff! Love this ship.

lavonna sanchez says:

what is Marvel’s Captian America doing on a DISNEY cruise Ship?

Nice Little cow says:


iHeartBratayley says:

Quick question: when the ship is at a port, are you aloud to go on the ship if you’re not a guest?

Sophie P says:

i went on the magic during Halloween and had an amazing experience. I think the Magic is the most accommodating ship and the staff on the magic is 10/10, they are so nice and you will definitely remember them forever

George B says:

It should be noted that most of the cabins on The Magic, have double bathrooms in all staterooms: a toilet room and a separate shower room.

Ashley Nestark says:

What are restaurants include with the cruise feed? Is there a pop card ?

Fat,Gay, and Tired! says:

This looks like a standard inside stateroom-is that correct?

Michel Gamache says:

Thanks a lot for this superbe video

Harrison Leggo says:

Unlimited donuts?! I’m sold!

Dylan Gamebot says:

I’M IN THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!

arleen moscato says:

my husband and i,are going in the magic April 9th, to Puert Rico,we have been on Carnival cruise, many many times,we are platinum so we are excited to go for first time in the magic,Disney Cruise.

coaster dude says:

Is there a age limit to the yello water slide

Dolfintale2005 says:

im going on my 16th disney cruise in january!

Kathleen Thornton says:

We were on the Magic July of last year, we had a deluxe inside stateroom cabin 7007 and we had a split bathroom which was very convenient having 2 teenage boys in the same cabin. I wish I could go again. Thanks for the wonderful walk down memory lane. 🙂

Savage 6 says:


Monika Bürk-Kreutzberger says:

Sorry my English is not very good, but I look very much forward for our transatlantic cruise in one week. How much do we have to calculate for drinks, like a beer or a longdrink? And are the snacks in the bar for free? And last question, where can I find the theme for the party?

Kathleen Thornton says:

Loved my time aboard the Disney Magic last July. Only thing was they didn’t do the Pirate Night, they did a Frozen night instead. There did have fireworks either. But I loved the cruise and wish I could do it all over again. Thanks for the video, it brought back a lot of wonderful memories.

tate mahar says:

i’m going on April 9th

Thomas Crawford says:

just got off the Magic great ship

efrat libi says:

Do you have to pay to meet princess

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