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Jacqueline Marr says:

In regards to drinks, what about water? Complimentary as well?

Megan Ollene says:
My experience of my first carnival cruise, great views, great experiences! Worth it. Check out my channel!

Connie Taunton says:

Information desk? Is that what’s called guest services now? This could probably use an update. Room service is not free anymore from 10 pm to 6 am. I cruise for the first time in about a week, had found out about (just about) everything but the free postcards! Just have to figure out where to buy postage & mail it in port =/

Preston Simon says:

Carnival Dream 36 days!

Fontes Deo says:

Thanks for the great video! My wife and I actually got married on the Carnival Breeze. We’ve cruise on Carnival three times and thought we had a good knowledge of how everything works. However your video has just taught us a few new tricks and we want to say thank you!

chad Thomas says:

Nice video. Very informative and useful. Well done!

Samiyo says:

Cool video, and very informative. I will be having my first cruise in December 2019. I am looking forward to it.



Michael Gonzalez says:

I like arriving early it’s not that bad .Carnival does a great job getting people on and off the ship .plus you wanna get to get to the lido deck to eat Lunch.

FreakyStar9119 Gamer says:

It’s actually Covfefe NOT coffee!

Ann Kopitzke says:

So most food is included, but drinks are not other than water juice and soda correct.

Kat Estrada says:

Nooo I went without watching :3 HEheee

Jake jack Russell says:

That’s why I Choose any time dining


I’ve been on a cruise before this video even came out so basically I already went too early get it? XD

ty hymel says:

Here’s something fun to do, stay in the elevator for about 30 minutes to and hour and talk to people you can make lots for friends

Anna42132 says:

Carnival is for clowns

Ronn Metcalf says:

Great video, i see this was published a year ago and I was wondering if anything on this list has changed or if you have any new tips. Im going on a cruise with a group of 4 in about 6 weeks. If you reply, i’ll subscribe hahah.

CruiseShip Crazy says:

Only 2 bottles of wine per cabin…sorry! Not well publicized but it’s a fact.

lordblazer says:

When I saw don’t arrive early. I assumed don’t get there 15 minutes early…..

Bailey Giles says:

I have been on to carnival cruise and I got extremely seasick the second time not the first time and I have no clue why. In fact, I just got back late last week from a carnival cruise.

Live Love Hannah Banana says:

Great video! Can you check out my latest Carnival cruise video on my channel LiveLoveHannahBanana? Thanks!

Melissa2217 says:

Do you have to pay for water on the cruise?

Judy Paul says:

Carnival Glory is the worst. We had toilet water come up in our shower from another room. They laughed and offered us a bottle of wine.

Peter Stawicki says:

Loved your video

Patrick EH says:

alcohol is about 1,000% marked up. I smuggle in my own. Enough to last the cruise.

moneybag shawty says:

Does the carnival cruise still do 24/7 Buffett?

Steven Smith says:

Wanted to smack him everytime he said “Sign and Sail”…It’s “Sail and Sign”

Dorismar Galarza says:

I went on carnival magic it was so much fun!

Davon Evans says:

Anyone have any suggestions pertaining to alcohol? Last cruise I went on we spent about 40-50 bucks a day on drinks for a 4 day cruise. Our next cruise is coming up and my roommates are contemplating on purchasing the cheers program. It is supposed to be $350 pp for 7 day cruise. Is this program worth it?

nathan mckenzie says:

34 carnival cruise days and planning my next one

Oml alexisss says:

Today is my birthday and I’m going on a carnival cruise!

Steve Henry says:

Be mindful of the type of people you go on the cruise with. They will either enhance your experience or make you wonder why your friends with them lol

Just For Fun says:

OK, STOP with the blow horn in between your points…lol!

Amanda Vicario says:

Did you just admit to doing some hanky panky on your balcony O_O well …. good to know im not alone lmfao

Mary Culshaw says:

You can only bring drink on if you live in the USA. It is not allowed in Australia it is confiscated until
you return to your port to take home with you. It happened to me.

Zac Warner says:

Wow that horn is annoying

Rigid_Roni Larbi says:

I took notes!

S. Dennis says:

Can you bring another type of alcohols besides champagne?

Ray Johnson says:

I have been on 3 cruises since 2012. Even did the 11 Day Hawaii Journeys cruise last year. I am booked on the Horizon next year. Looking forward to that one as it is the newest ship. I have not had a bad time on any of them. It is what you make of it.

mrzombiesbo says:

Can anyone verify the bit about each passenger bringing a 750 ml bottle of wine on board? Is that true?


Loved your vlog. We leave out on June 30 on the Vista and came across yours. Come check ours out. Thanks for sharing.

Bamn Moneta The Mixologist says:

Carnival Victory in 4 days for me ..woot woot. Great tips . I’ll Remember nothing is truly free that is good.. .lol..

Ms. C. says:

I’ve been to five carnival cruises …

Alicia Galat says:

Just got back from my vacation aboard Carnival Dream and I had a blast! Check out the vlogs on my page 🙂

S Winter says:

+1 Great Video. The tips were fantastic.

musicluv80 says:

Thanks for the educational video. I am confused on where to book for Carnival cruise because I heard that you can do it through the phone, their website and other websites as well. But not sure which is the best. Also I heard that you pay for the tip when booking but with room service, do you tip them again?

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