Viking Star – Hits and Misses: a cruise ship review

A review of a long list of things that Viking Ocean Cruises got right with their cruise ship, The Viking Star… plus a much shorter list of some things that they got significantly wrong.

The hits include a VERY uncrowded ship without any children onboard, lots of complementary extras that the other cruise lines would nickel and dime you for, and some delicious meals.

The misses include two way-too-deep swimming pools with no shallow end, hot and humid conditions around the mid-ship pool when the overhead dome is closed, and a lack of entertainment options in the evenings, compared to cruising on a Mega cruise ship.

Considering everything, this cruise does score a 9-out-of-10 for me, and only “The Haven” on Norwegian Cruise line seems to be in the same league as the luxury VIP experience I had during my 10 days on Viking Star.


Steve Heinemann says:

Glad to hear you were able to stay crocked for the entire cruise at no extra charge!

David Slinger says:

Found this very informative. Have never been on a cruise before.  Thanks

Isaiah Ayendy says:

That bigg ass mic all in the camera lol

Anyssa's World says:

I’m sure we will ,good cruising Jim .

Amanda Giles says:

i cant wait , negatives are all positives for me… feb cant come soon enough

Capricious Capricorn says:

Would love your take on other luxury lines too: Seaborn, Crystal, Silverseas, Cunard Grills. Love the comparison of the mega ships; the pros and cons.

cathey shaw says:

No smoking is a good thing

Tom Gauthier says:

Interesting–the “misses” are the very items that make us Viking cruisers. We spent 16 days on the Star and will have 8 days next April on the Sky. Also we’ve got two river trips in.  We agree on the entertainment … but since we live in Reno NV the stage stuff is ho-hum. Excursions? Ours in Europe have been excellent. Even the buses (river) are Viking. Hey–the 70 degree pool in the spa? That’s a Norwegian thing. You go into the Sauna/Steam room–then the snow room–then a dip in the tepid pool. If you want to paddle around with the kiddies there’s always Carnival. You mentioned specialty restaurants. Hope you tried the Italian… we went back three times. Fabulous. And the five course/wine Chef’s Table is world class. As a travel agent you had to balance, but I detect you realize the Viking experience is the best value experience afloat.

Lesley Allinson says:

A man who enjoys same drink as me Malabo and diet coke nothing better

Joe Ees says:

I prefer Seabourn, Crystal or Regent where all types of alcohol are included, all day and regardless of room type. Looks like you had Karl on. I miss having him on Seabourn.

Vacations says:

Very nice review. Thank you.

Daniel Ueblacker says:

First time viewing your review was nice and not out of order.

William Leeds says:

Very well done Jim,many thanks for covering so many things both positive and negative. I’ve been on over 100 cruises and the Viking river cruise ten years ago was by far the worst. Happy to see they are in the bigger ship category now and have scored good results.Keep the information flowing.Nicely done my friend.

C Davis says:

Excellent review! We’re sailing on Viking in less than an year. I have to admit, most of your”‘cons” are pros for us!!

Rodney Lychwick says:

Very detailed presentation & liked the comparisons. We’re booked for Oct & so happy to hear there are no children & no scooters. Most negatives are mostly positive, with the exception being the deep pools. We live in Vegas, so we’re not that interested in the shows on the ship, just the shore excursions , good food & relaxation.

Alon Grossmann says:

Great report! But just keep in mind: Viking is a European concept (e.g. the spa, pool restaurant). Not really fair to compare Viking and Norwegian. And thank God: NO SCOOTERS 😉 People still TRY to walk in Europe.

rockymntdan1 says:

do they have restaraunts? I don’t eat buffettes. good way to get sick and the food sucks (I know i can’t spell)

Theresa Garvin says:

Everything sounded so lovely until you said that they don’t allow mobility carts. My sister and I are both disabled (since birth) and have to use them to get around when we go abroad. I am really disappointed in Viking in this regards.

Bradley Kirkham says:

Great video and even better blog review. We are now looking at viking after reading it. Also I sent a link to the review to my Viking vacation planner. Who knows, maybe it will get passed up the food chain and they will invite you back for another cruise

michal03966 says:

16+? My kind of place.

Anyssa's World says:

hi Jim we have done river cruiseing with viking before and cannot fault them , we are going on the west indies explorer in march cannot wait , really enjoyed your honest review.

Boat Lover says:

We are looking at the Pearl April 3, supposed to be fresh out of drydock.

AuntieVeraCharles50 says:

I HIGHLY recommend Crystal Cruises to you. All your ‘beefs’ are non-existent on their ocean ships.

Sarah says:

older cruises are better as they don’t have the ratbag drunks on them and that’s what i like.. haven’t had any trouble with that on the rci cruises ive been on so that’s great too. as a physically disabled women , i have no prob with having a wheelchair instead of a scooter..good for exercising the muscles and better for you 🙂

HughJason says:

You sound as if you’re sick of it and want to go home!

Milton Rebelo says:

Viking cruise line, is the best in the world, I want to work with Viking cruise line

Wellard smith says:

You get what you pay for!
To be more balanced:… Viking is £££££ vs ££ for other lines.
People pay what they can afford.
Your right… Viking sounds great, so I maybe enjoy Viking when I’m your age and can afford it….

MrKiwispirit says:

wow this looks amazing

Garrett Fountain says:

It sounds like RCI would be more your speed, considering the evening entertainment.

pinkpoo007 says:

Awesome presentation. Thank you. I’m going on the Viking this year

Jean Braun says:

pretty much his “misses” are pluses in my book, except for the pool being too deep. My husband and I choose Viking since there are no children and no “big entertainment junk”. We are there to travel in luxury and visit the towns that the ship docks in.

Peter N says:

Nice video. Instead of saying some things are ‘free’ don’t you actually mean ‘complimentary’ or ‘no extra charge’, after all it’s included in the ticket price. You also mentioned that there was not much for evening entertainment but if the average age is 70+ then most of them are already in bed by 9pm.

Edward Kanitra says:

Enjoy the informative video, but I have a question for you. Did you pack that ginormous mic in you suitcase?

Jordan Iasenza says:

Your voice is so soothing

Renee DeGrand says:

Really liked this video!! I think all your “misses” are positive for me!! I don’t care about gambling and all the “bad” entertainment that some of the other lines have. So glad about the no smoking also. Sounds wonderful for me!!

Think Again says:

Sounds like most of the negatives are really a plus???

Looks much more sensible than those ugly, overcrowded, floating hotels.
If you want entertainment – go to Vegas.

Colleen Bradham says:

I have been watching so many of your cruise videos and LOVE them. My husband and I are big cruisers so your videos are influencing our next ship choices 🙂 Side note: I am an asst. manager of a recording studio in Clearwater FL and I listen to music, vocals and voiceover recordings daily. And I have to tell you that you have an incredible voice for radio or TV.. or doing exactly what you’re doing, youtube! Thank you for being so informative and awesome. I have subscribed!

Carol Smith says:

After watching this video I REALLY want to go on a Viking Cruise!

Andrea Tuckman says:

Wonderfully detailed, but now it’s time to check the cost. I’m wondering if this ship falls closer in line to the other “Luxury ” brands that also holds under a thousand passengers, like Silver Seas or Crystal Cruises. Instead of the cost friendly NCL or Royal Caribbean which you describe as crowded. Sometimes in order to cruise we must put up with some negativity. Still, if the prices are within my reach, I’d pick Viking if only because no splashing kids on board.

Jennifer Blane says:

It is pronounced Kwasants

Eric Kelly says:

Your so authentic !

Gordon Turner says:

The commentary speaks of several items as “free.” I think that it would be more accurate to say “included in the fare,” or “available at no additional cost.”

Diego Lebrón says:

Does Viking allow children on any ships?

kikky811 says:

This looks amazing! We are in our 30’s still (hubby will be 40 next year) so it sounds like we’d be on our own….Some of the things you mentioned remind me of our Disney Cruises we have taken. Service. Top notch and crew very happy. Towels are on the pool deck for everyone’s enjoyment, and also you are free to grab one in port. You are asked to bring it back, but nobody tracks them. We are trying our first Royal cruise this May on Anthem of the Seas and we are a bit worried they won’t live up to Disney’s standards. Love your videos!

Shin Diggio says:

Seems closer to Oceania Cruises to me.

Michele Pohl says:

Sounds like an ideal cruise!

Nikki B says:

Very informative video- looks like a classy ship but as you stated for a mature crowd.

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