seabourn cruise line review

seabourn cruise line review. the seabourn cruise line is a luxury cruise line. it has a rating of six stars. does it deserve that rating? well in the review we will look at why the seabourn cruise line has such a high rating.

please enjoy my seabourn cruise line review.

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Phed Rob says:

I was on a Caribbean cruise with a different cruise line. At one port a Seabourn ship was also in. At a nearby beach I saw Seabourn passengers being served drinks and food from tables floating in the sea. Fantastic. My last cruise was with P and O; their standards have dropped incredibly since Carnival took them over. They just want “Bums on seats” and this is reflected in their lower prices, lower standards of service and, dare I say it, a lower standard of passenger.

Tony Carpio Vlogs says:

Your vids are the best

jason B says:

then and regent are top notch lines if you have the cash

pomfret and pommes frites says:

So, if you have to ask the price, you probably can’t afford it! Well, keeps the riff raff away lol

MrToryhere says:

SeaDream is even better and more upmarket than Seabourn. It is like travelling in an exclusive club where all the crew know your name and your preferences. It helps too that the passenger to crew ratio is almost one to one.

LVNCSR says:

Is the food and vegetables organic?

Evelyn Garcia says:

sound quality is aweful

Carolyn Gardner says:

Expensive, Expensive,

Bucket Jackson says:

What about kids

Diahann Chav says:

Can you do a video about this SeaDream?

Carolyn Gardner says:

Expenses, Expenses,

Dylan Loves cats says:

5. Celebrity
4. Carnival
3. Norwegian
2. Princess
1. Royal Caribbean

QualityChildcare1 says:

WOW 6 ⭐️’s I look forward to trying this cruise line too. I just gave back from MSC DIVINA I loved the Ship and the Activities. They don’t have much for children as I observed. The housekeeping is definitely top notch they service your room twice a day. The only 2 things I didn’t like was the food and the Spa staff is rude and not friendly at all.

James Bolger says:

How does Silversea compare to Seabourn?

Maxwell Smart_086 says:

..very many cruiseship travellers are very fat, ugly and simple. Too much food and drinks. Little culture, little manners. Fuck.

Michael Lee says:

Loved Seabourn. We went from Barcelona to Rome the summer 2018. Americans seemed to love The Grill (Thomas Keller’s Restaurant) but it seemed as if most Europeans felt it was too salty. People also said that they wouldn’t alter the menu (substitute one item for another) – maybe some agreement with TK. I will say The Restaurant was a good rival to The Grill. Caviar is produced on demand. It was nice not having to show your key every time you ordered a drink or a coffee – something you have to do on other cruises even with the drink package.

If you want it – ask for it. I’ve heard that people even asked for specialty dishes (give the kitchen 24 hours notice people say). We didn’t want dessert at The Grill (too full) so we had it sent to our room.

Donald Cant says:

We are booked on a Japan to Vancouver in May. First cruise where I have not been a guest entertainer. I have worked on all the six star lines and your posts have helped us make this decision. We enjoy your channel.

Disineyfreakz says:

that looks like a great cruise line

Clark Mitchell says:

Having been on 11 Seabourn cruises, I can unequivocally say that Seabourn is THE premier ultra-luxury cruise line. If you can’t afford it, don’t knock it. I must admit, however, that I am a professional travel advisor, and know my products. This is the line you want. If you need rock climbing walls, 6 story water slides, daily afternoon bingo, and huge buffets, don’t book Seabourn. And it is really not geared towards families with children under 16.

Gail Abert says:

Nice video, Don. I knew Seabourn was out of my league, but I was curious what they offered. Thank you!

pomfret and pommes frites says:

BTW I be the poster child for riff raff!

oscar llaudet herrera says:

I would be bored at the third day if I book one of these

michelle collins says:

A friend took seabourne for a Greek island cruise. After returning from shore, they went to a bar onboard for a drink, my friend asked if they had any hot chips (French fries) for a snack. The bartender responded that, no, they did not serve hot chips, but that he could provide her with caviar.

rarearthman says:

If the ships are smaller, are they stable on the ocean?  One thing about the bigger ships is that they are a lot more stable.  I came back from a Hawaiian cruise and felt like everything was swaying back and forth for a week afterwards, and this was on a medium sized ship! When I was on the Allure of the seas It didn’t seem like I was on the ocean at all!!

Olivia Southerland says:

Bucket list cruise!!

thumbun says:

Thomas Keller is not a French chef.

Sue loves cruises says:

wow I would love to cruise with them

Zach Dolce says:

Thank you so much


Now this is the kind of cruise I wouldn’t be video recording everything. Its worth just experiencing, as you said in your 100th tip.

Ottawa Homes says:

nice review vid

Tyson Phuong says:

Definitely six star cruise

Tyson Phuong says:

I feel this cruise line is run by Donald Trump

Joe Ees says:

Sea Dream also has their own marina that you can play off of while in certain ports. Windstar should have the same capabilities as they bought the original Seabourn triplets that also had marinas.

Runxi says:

Wow, this is beautiful. I wish I could go on a cruise with them. We’re going on Carnival this winter. Royal Caribbean is high-end for me.

Big Jay says:


Deb Car says:

Fantastic cruise line. I just looked at the prices. I wish I had known about them when I was working a few years ago. Glorious.

Nicole Summers says:

I found their entertainment very poor, certainly Not 6 star. While drinks are included and the ships clean. I felt their claim to six stars a little over the top. On par with Cunard though Cunard was better for opulence.

mattcolver1 says:

I wonder if it’s worth it if you’re a person who doesn’t drink?

Scott Krall says:

Lmao a cruise to the Bahamas for 7 days was $4,500…. I guess it could be worth it because you can basically live on the ship for extended months. And also you should do a review on these cruises that people actually do live on and for months at a time

Movieboys says:

what a great cruise line

Cruiser 21 says:

I went on a Seabourn cruise and they are six star by far

Evelyn Garcia says:

also your info is WRONG

Cat Chat Fever says:

I never knew about Seabourn Cruises! Thanx again Don…never disappointed here!

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