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Join us as we take you through a complete video tour of Regal Princess. This ship sailed out of Port Everglades on her inaugural voyage from the Florida port. Regal Princess is registered at 142,714 tons, is 1,082 feet long and 126 feet in breadth. She can carry 3,500 passengers and 1,378 crew members.

Click the link below to see our video tour of a balcony stateroom on Regal Princess.


dode alabdan says:

is the men spa separated from women spa?

cheryl canty-rashada says:

your tours of the ships a awesome John but, why don’t you include a tour of the cabins also with the tour of the ship?

wujek dobra rada says:

Everything is awesome, but if this huge “bathtub” overturn aside – this will be a hell…. Why they build those ships much higher than wider- IT IS NOT SAFE!!!

eagankyong says:

WARNING !!!!!!   boycott “HOLLAND – AMERICA”  line.  a 77 – year – old senior was brutally beaten, battery, assaulted by the “HOLLAND – AMERICA”  crew,  John Prince.   The “HOLLAND – AMERICA”  is NOT AFRAID TO KILL  PASSENGERS.   Florida Dr. said   the senior  almost DIED of injuries – bruises, bleeding  from head to toes – by the “HOLLAND – AMERICA” crews.Boycott HOLLAND – AMERICA line !!!

tom080955 says:

Well as a loyal Princess Cruises Capt Circle person and having never tried any othe…there was no need, perfection was apparent I report the following:
The Regal, disappointing. Its just another big ship with a lot of caveat emptor items attached.
This guy is showing you a lot of the pay for use areas and not the fine casual sites.
We did the inaugural transatlantic from Venice this Oct and found the ship not as exciting as expected. So we brought the ship across and this report is after us.
The Spa contractor must be paying Princess huge cash for the rent for use real-estate they have sucked Princess into. I did not find anyone to admit that they paid for the privacy crap they flogged. I found it amusing (in the elevators) listening to the complaint from those just out of the spa and similar to those that I had years ago. obviously no change.
I noted  also the  pay for dinner venues and them  just not as good as the “older fleet”. The Crooners Lounge and wheel house bar was more a restaurant than a lounge and the deck 6 disco was a hallway. 
The theatre is awesome and the pizza place is worth the visit for flat bread type pizza. We never met anyone who did the pay for meals ($25/head) dinners. Remember, the food comes from the same galleys and the head chef Sean is extremely quality conscious!
We did set dining times and found first seating the best choice. We did the buffet and had great meals there also.
The sea walk this guys is stating not also shows you awesome views of the ocean and side of ship, it also shows you the staterooms of those in its shadow. Over 20 staterooms, both sides of the ship! .I’d be seriously pissed off if privacy was the thing that I was looking for as you can easily have folk stare at you as you relax watching tv or your deck area.
The shopping areas are so so and not exciting…you become desperate for something to do and buy and this will be it.
The ship is designed for good weather, in other words, if its foul weather and lock down is in effect, the public areas cannot handle the mingling pax.
There’s a booze package that they flog…wait til you see the cost of that for your cruise.
What’s good…The food! The crew! The hot tubs and movies under the stars! The ships horns! The very cool Captain.
Sucks: The Spa areas; Dirk Brand, Princess’s useless hotel manager: the pay for use venues…I would go for the “older” series of ships, this ship must be a thought by the parent company, it is not the Princess way…quality.
ps/ this ship has made us think of other lines. We probably will stay Princess (we do love them) but avoid the new gen ships.

puffer1958 says:

Sabatini’s was crazy good. I was not even looking forward to it. I was very impressed. I was looking forward to the Crown Grill which was adequate but not the level of culinary excellence that I experienced at Sabatini’s.

oisin Horgan says:

Brilliant can’t wait to go on cruise love from helen.

Cindy Collins says:


Snake Spinner says:

Im going on this ship in a few days! Im so excited

neso galija says:

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Pamela Hicks says:

Has anyone been on a New England/Canada cruise on the Regal? Is it worth getting a balcony cabin for that cruise?

Jenny Crowner says:

I am going on my second cruise ship with Princess next year! I am so OCD about. I just love their cruises so much!

key West SUNSET says:

Excellent review. Thanks for posting!

Therese Callahan says:

I was a passenger on the Regal Princess last month, and it’s magnificent.

Cruising Diva says:

I loved this video. This is the best of seen of the Regal. We are going Nov 29th, 2015.

Eggy G says:

Do they have alcohol free piña coladas? I went on a different line before and the had very good piña coladas

flea sweep says:

A low tide and a high rock, caused my predicament.

Dylan Smith says:

awsome video i also went on the regal princess check my video out on my channel!

Rob Grant says:

Very well done tour guide. Would like to see the cabins though?

World Cruise Packages - Great Cruise Deals, Cruise Reviews and Critics says:

The Regal Princess is such a beautiful ship, even better than her sister the Royal Princess which we sailed on in July, 2013.

Jan Brady says:

Really groovy ship!

Jay Ritch says:

Like a city on the water.

Mur vaa says:

I’m going to be a passenger in November and I can’t wait!

Global Flyer777 says:

Great review. Really great attention to detail.

Greg Anderson says:

We’ll be on Regal Jan. 25th, 2015. Very good video. Much appreciate it!

fana406 says:

The brother ship!

Amara Francis says:

wars the incest

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