Oasis of the Seas Review – Full Walkthrough – Cruise Ship Tour – Royal Caribbean

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This video is about a Full Walk Through tour on Royal Caribbean Oasis of the seas.
Oasis of the Seas Sailings

Allure of the Seas Sailings


Josephine Recososa says:


jessecj7 says:

how do I find information on wheelchair accessibility of cruise ships?

Geoffrey Stevens says:

March here we come!

Chris Ninja says:

At 9:43 that scared the poop out of me

Michael Victorian says:

Is everything free or are you only paying to get on the ship? Do you have to pay for food and rinks and such

The stars That shine up and down says:

Going on this in July

Jimmy Gigles says:

Fuck I wish I could go on this, Looks so peaceful and amazing.

Math GoPro says:

I went there! It was so nice! Go check my last video!

iKenzo says:

imagine this is a battleship

Massi Jovial says:

You should’ve include what restaurants are free and which ones are not on the tour.

Emmett Dziedzic says:

the doghouse was a donought shop

Daniel Gaskell says:

Will be there Sep 23!

jomar delatorre says:

My Couzin Is Work on that Ship

Gerald Araco says:

They should build a wall between johnny rockets and sabor

Franku Doge says:

Do you have agents in the UK?

The Oklahoma Photobooth Company, Inc. says:

Since no water park killed it for me

Guadalupe Montes says:

I really like ships it’s so interesting.

Manton Manton says:

harmony is the biggest lad not the oasis

Madison Hall says:

I took a sip every time you giggled and am now drunk… and booking a ticket

Sam Bowles says:

Going on this on March 🙂

Jack Brazda the dominant says:

I went on this cruise when I was 7 and I loved it so much I got lost at one point though

l h says:

i want to book

Martin Bowler says:

Nice review….will be booking with you soon

Melvin Mcarthy says:


Kasen Coleman says:

Big ship

l h says:

what cruise line is this?

Elder L says:

Going in 29 days.

Laila Baker says:

I went on the zip line and it’s a bit uncomfortable

Itz JACOB says:

Check out my Full Oasis of the Seas Cruise Ship Tour on my channel now!

kitten10333 says:

im going on this ship in may!!

turd fergurson says:

why is everyone obese?

Jarrod Flaig says:

I really hope you tour the Harmony soon

Caitlynn Tucker says:

Going in July !!!! & I love this guys voice !

JustAnthony says:

Is the food all inclusive? What is and what isn’t?

Leila RoseBL says:

Where do you have to travel to in order to get on this ship?? I live in the NYC area so i am wondering. It looks so fun and so nice.

Marie Dee says:

wow im going.

Ulices Torres says:

on the oasis of the seas do they have waterslides?

Capricious Capricorn says:

Not for me. I like views of the ocean, not an enclosed shopping mall

Hayden Peckitt Films says:

Going on this on december

Lil Liv says:

im going on this

David Gratien says:

going in 3 weeks

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