MSC Seaside cruise ship review

MSC Seaside cruise ship review. MSC’s newest cruise ship is just around the corner so It’s time we do a review of the MSC Seaside. the MSC seaside is taking aim at the large cruise ship market and looking to appeal to a wider range of cruisers.

So let’s take a look at the MSC Seaside cruise ship review

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flintski says:

I’m sure they got it all engineered properly, but it looks like it could blow over in a stiff crosswind! I like the euro modern styling inside.

QualityChildcare1 says:

I like this Ship!

George Banik says:

I hope they tested and this design will withstand the storms

I Have Cancer says:

really unique

Billy Sanders says:

Really great video Don love your informational tips

Steve Sanders says:

Looks like it would tip over in the first serious storm. LOL! I like the design idea but, man oh man, that’s one ugly ship!


Looks like a cool ship. Thanks for the review.

cmtmj2006 says:

Booked two cabins for July.

Kath Linke says:

Nice looking ship

Awesome Mayhem says:

On it March 2018

Ginger Rogers says:

How does this ship not tip over?

Disineyfreakz says:

looks very cool

Shamrock 1693 says:

I cant wait to see Royal Caribbeans new Symphony of the seas. Curious to see where it route will be aswell.

lucontin says:

I´m going next January (2018) on this beautiful ship. I will spend two weeks on the Caribbean. The first one is in Harmony of The Seas, and the second in MSC Seaside. I love beeing sailing, i´ve already used Allure of The Seas, Anthem of the Seas, MSC Preziosa, MSC Splendida, MSC Musica, MSC Magnifica and Costa Fortuna, wich was my first cruise. Your videos are very good Don´s Family, congratulations and thanks for them.

Andre Normand says:

How is this compare to Princess

Carolyn Gardner says:

I be on this baby in December 2018.

ManufacturedLack says:

Which cruise is the drinking, smoking, gambling whore cruise? Is there a freedom cruise?

Kevin Pham says:

Really hope I can afford cruise with my family soon ,19 and a deadbeat …

Movieboys says:

will you be cruising on that ship soon?

Voice of reason says:

looks like It would rock from side to side because of the shape but I guess they tested it lol

KarrenK says:

that’s the first I’ve heard of that ship

Ottawa Homes says:

looks like a very nice addition for MSC

tigger1069 says:

I will be sailing in March 2018. I can’t wait to see what all they have to offer. Just wish that they would change their policy on drink packages.

jason B says:

I can’t wait to at least see this one in person

Justine Hietkamp says:

this seems really cool. May need to cut the royal carribean cord.

james hardman says:

Same deck space, you gain down below but lose on top,

Valerie Foster says:

This is why I watch your channel, I learn something new everyday. I’ve not heard of this cruise line. Who do they compare to in regards to cost and on board events? I’m at the age where most cruise lines have something appealing, not reallllly really old, but my thirties are a faint memory lol!

Sue loves cruises says:

strange design but I kind of like it

Jennie Spooner says:

wow !! this sounds sooooo cool !!!

Karen B says:

Just booked a cruise on this ship in March. I looked at the Haven on Norwegian but $6000 plus was just a little more than I wanted to spend. I booked a room with a private balcony and jacuzzi on my balcony and spa privileges like the haven for $2000 less!!

Andrew Coker says:

I hope the pool area at 4:09 isn’t the only one, because good luck competing with 5000+ guests for one of those deckchairs…

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